Virtual Government Network at PS Engage 2011


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Slides to support my talk at this public service renewal conference I produced with some friends. The video is here

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  • GCP
  • Make it easy to connect and shareFind others in the Public Service
  • Non-profit organization with broad representation to explore and propose. Connect interested parties in a safe and reliable way:Stimulate conversation and idea exchangeTry and create the conditions for synergistic emergence. Identify, capture and share/surface best practicesInterpretation and adoption of Standards across vendorsAssist in developing effective and value added uses for Open DataCharter defining role and methods for achievementHow transparent can we be? Strong governance model/decision process requiredShare responsibility (and credit)Reach out alwaysIterate, iterate, iterateInclusive and strategicTop down and bottom up
  • GamificationComplex adaptive system – Individuals using simple rules, acting for their own reasons create an adaptive system.Interactions, relationships within the context of the network result in dynamic knowledge sharing. (Robeson, 2009)Employ social technologies:Connect all health professionals in CanadaNo personal health dataOpen and closed groups of all typesMultiple layers of security and veracityMake it easy to join, easy to share Design for the six components of a complex adaptive system: Self organization Emergence RelationshipsFeedback Adaptability Non-Linearity
  • Virtual Government Network at PS Engage 2011

    1. 1. Virtual Government Network The Opportunity The Proposal Your Role
    2. 2. Short History 1980’s Advertising, Teaching & Learning 1990’s Clue train manifesto, Web 1.0 2000’s Change consulting, PS EX2 2010’s Gov 2.0, Everything is miscellaneous
    3. 3. Recent Projects Government of Canada  EX 2 @ TBS – CIOB GCPEDIA - Knowledge & People Consulting  Knowledge exchange networks  Information & collaboration support  Health, Agriculture, Social Services, Standards… Academic Papers  Complexity theory & social media for knowledge networks in Canadian Health  Virtual Government Network 2008 2011
    4. 4. THE OPPORTUNITY What if we could unleash the cognitive surplus of the entire Public Service?
    5. 5. Connect all jurisdictions across all levels and all disciplines? NWTYukon Nunavut PEILess than 1% pop Quebec Ontario23-40% pop Saskatchewan Newfoundland and Labrador Manitoba Nova Scotia New Brunswick 1-5 % pop British Columbia Alberta 10-15 % pop Federal Healthcare Partnership Less than 1% pop Health Canada PHAC Canadian Forces CIC RCMP Corrections VAC Federal Influence Infoway CIHI CIHR HC PHAC Federal, Provincial and Territorial Health Jurisdictions.
    6. 6. Learn from each other?
    8. 8. What now?
    9. 9. THE PROPOSAL 1. Create a non-profit organization with broad representation to explore & propose. 2. Connect interested parties:  Conversation and idea exchange  Design for synergistic emergence  What would be most valuable to share?  Explore standards across vendors  Value added uses for Open Data  Other…
    10. 10. THERE ARE LOTS OF NETWORKS This is not about building software.
    11. 11. WHAT DO YOU NEED? Open idea collection, sharing and ranking? Safe professional networking? Visualization of current multi-level government infrastructures/responsibilities? Standardized social engagement services? Input from citizens?
    12. 12. WHAT I KNOW
    13. 13. Size Matters.
    14. 14. Embrace complexity.
    15. 15. Think big, start small.
    16. 16. There will be vigorous discussion.
    17. 17. We can do amazing things when we believe in something.
    18. 18. YOUR ROLE 1. Make it happen by participating 2. Support with money, time and evangelism It won’t happen without you… 3. Change the future by intervening today.
    19. 19. Feedback Please @thomkearney