Setting the stage for PS Engage 2012


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Slides to support my keynote. Watch the video here

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  • Thank you all for being here. The only constants no mater where you live on the planet arechange and death, Outcare.Jeff Ashcroft – The guy that started it all with a post on the PS Leader blog, and his muse at the time Suesan DaneshMention Mike Coleman – zylog the Mention Delta – Geoff ShaddtReference Minister’s talk“Challenge the status quo and innovate”Looking forward to results of #PSE2012
  • The systems and institutions we have build are at the breaking point. The status quo is not sustainable. Thinks need to change. Certainty is a trap. No more certainty!
  • This is my career in a picture. Seriously though, its ok to have some fun while you pursue outcomes. It’s a fact that problem solving improves when people are happy.
  • We have permission, this year it is Minister Clement, it could just as easily be the Clerk of the Privy Council. Our leaders are calling for innovation. “So I want this effort to renew and rethink government to be ours — yours and mine. “ Challenge but in a non-threatening way. Look to see how your behaviours could change. Encourage and support others in their growth. Become emotionally intelligent.
  • This is a detail from a tapestry that Jennifer did of a talk at the CIO Bootcamp that was part of GTEC. I think it came from Accenture’s Warren Tomlin's talk where he was sharing some insights from a European government conference. Warren Tomlin, Global Managing Director/Partner – Digital/ e Government, Accenture
  • The world is changing and so must our institutionsThe public service is important and I want it to be betterTo make it better we must innovateTo innovate we must connect people and ideasTo make a differenceWithin a sphere of influence
  • A system designed by men to maximize efficiency in repetitive work. Most of that type of work is now automated. The tasks we ask people do have changed but not the org.
  • Top Left image three things – she is working mobile, the sign in the back says cloud, and she is a she. Bookreference - The Starfish and the Spider: The Unstoppable Power of Leaderless Organizations is a 2006 book by OriBrafman I got from David eaves, in one of his “what I am reading posts”. David is a public policy entrepreneur, who I connected with via social media and being open telling the GCPEDIA Story. Check him out at www.Eaves.caPeople photos acquired via google image search Female from
  • Working together is how relationships form. How we work together shapes the relationship. If we want an open culture we need to change the way we work together.
  • A model of a quantum-dot transistor etched into a graphene sheet. Graphene is a sheet of one-atom thick carbon atoms in a hexagonal arrangement.An electrical conductor and physically extremely strong with interesting quantum effects, it is the subject of significant scientific research. Small islands of graphene conduct electricity differently to strips of graphene, an effect which can be exploited to create transistors which are both smaller and switch more quickly than conventional silicon transistors.
  • In a world where we can sabotogue high speed centrifugres via software and where unknown parties can poke around private hard drives and databases. Identity and data integrity are things we need to continually protect. There are threats and we they must be accounted for, but they are not a reason not to move forward.
  • Fortunately we call all do something. We all have a sphere of influence. Reference covey “sphere of influence” We all have one, no mater how small. Do you influence your sphere to be open? Do you share freely and without reservation? I would like you to think about how you influence your sphere today and the values you might want to demonstrate.
  • Our personal spheres of influence may be small, but I can’t help wondering what would happen if we connected them all. I have faith that if we connect a bunch of smart and dedicated people, something really good would happen.
  • The PS Family of activities is one attempt to facilitate these connections. This is the Proposed PS Leader Brand. Our vision is to connect the emerging communities of people that care about various parts of the Public Service, regardless of what role they play. All jurisdictions, all disciplines, all governments. If you think you could help build some part of it, please connect.
  • Original title for this slide was RulesGoal is to create a safe place for full-some discussionFocus on inside the PS
  • It works best when it is open
  • Discussion vsDialogueIn his ground breaking book, The Fifth Discipline: The Art & Practice of the Learning Organization MIT professor, Peter M. Senge, provides two rules for effective conversation.1. Be hard on the issue, and soft on the person.2. Have a dialogue rather than a discussion.Discussion: same root as percussion and concussion. It's like a Ping-Pong game where a ball is hit back and forth with the purpose to win. In this case, winning means to have one's views accepted by the group. Dialogue: comes from the Greek dialogos. Dia means through. Logos means the word or meaning. In essence, dialogue is a free flow of meaning between people. The purpose of a dialogue is not to win, but to go beyond any one individual's understanding.Three rules for Dialogue: 1. All participants must suspend their assumptions.2. All participants must regard one another as colleagues. 3. All participants must have a spirit of inquiry.
  • Be tolerant of others.What is mildly offensive to you, is perfectly natural to others. If I seem to be pissing on your ideas please don’t take it personally.
  • We are here to work together.Conversations, Prediction market, - shout out to Geordie and Mawi from PublivateContinue the conversation today with Facilitate Pro brought to us by Intersol. Scope is inside the public service
  • Setting the stage for PS Engage 2012

    1. 1. Setting the stage
    2. 2. Introduction • The only constants • Shout outs • Why are we here • Some thoughts 28/09/2013 2
    3. 3. The status quo is not an option. We must be agile and willing to try new approaches. 28/09/2013 3
    4. 4. Ducks in the enterprise 28/09/2013 4
    5. 5. Some common purpose • Learn & get better at what we do • Serve Canadians • Serve the Government of the day 28/09/2013 5
    6. 6. “Challenge the status quo and innovate.” The GCPEDIA Pirate Duck 28/09/2013 6
    7. 7. Crisis, what crisis? 28/09/2013 7
    8. 8. Why are we here? 28/09/2013 8
    9. 9. We need to move from this… 28/09/2013 9
    10. 10. …to this Note: Potentially illegal use of images. 28/09/2013 10
    11. 11. Working together 28/09/2013 11
    12. 12. Building something new 28/09/2013 12
    13. 13. While dealing with threats 28/09/2013 13
    14. 14. We all have our “sphere of influence” 28/09/2013 14
    15. 15. What if we come together? 28/09/2013 15
    16. 16. People that care about PS Renewal Get on the list at or follow @psleader. Brand designed by: 28/09/2013 16
    17. 17. Thoughts for the day 28/09/2013 17
    18. 18. A mind is like a parachute 28/09/2013 18
    19. 19. Constructive dialogue please 28/09/2013 19
    20. 20. No offense intended 28/09/2013 20
    21. 21. Issues not ideology Things we might talk about today: • Practicing Collaborative Leadership • Creating Horizontal Governance • Operationalizing Open Dialogue • Accessing Social Knowledge Based on conversations and prediction market at 2012. 28/09/2013 21
    22. 22. 28/09/2013 22Enjoy the journey