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A Comprehensive Approach To A Social Marketing Strategy
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Sale Fish Social Media Service Offering


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Sale Fish Marketing works directly with small businesses to create and deploy Social Media Marketing Strategies

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Sale Fish Social Media Service Offering

  1. 1. Sale Fish Marketing – Services Offering A Comprehensive Approach To A Social Marketing Strategy Twitter - Set up Twitter accounts for the Company and Individual(s) - Install and setup Twitter tool(s) to simplify Twitter usage - Twitter 101 guide: review of Twitter terminology - Review Twittequite or best practice - Twitter ‘following’ strategies for business - How to use RSS news feeds for gathering Re-Tweet information (will set up Google news reader if needed) - Send a Tweet and Re-Tweet - Provide Twitter template for planning Tweets - Create message and outline artwork for a custom Twitter theme page for a more professional look - Create custom Auto Re-Tweet engine YouTube - Set up YouTube channel - Define Tag Strategy - How to upload content - Optimum file size and times for videos - Best video format and how to convert DVD and .AVI to .FLV - How to integrate YouTube in to your Social Media strategy * Work with a number of Videographers that specialize in YouTube Video Production packages Social Media for Business - Conduct survey audit of existing marketing assets - Developing a Social Marketing strategy from Social Media - LinkedIn - Twitter - Face Book - Blogs - Creating a on-line Social Media brand - Pull Marketing versus traditional Push Marketing - Leveraging existing Marketing and Webpage assets programs - Understanding Social Media traps for business Workshop Twitter Blog (WordPress) - Create a WordPress account - Review Blog template and blog structure - Understand differences between Category and Tags - Define Content Strategy - Create a blog from existing company collateral - Post a Blog - Best Blog practices - Create a customer auto-Blog ( FaceBook / Fan Page - Set up a FaceBook account (if required) - Set up a Fan Page for the company - Review differences of a FaceBook account versus a Fan Page - How to navigate FaceBook and Fan Pages - Understand how to use FaceBook applications - Integrate Twitter and Blog page - Search for and follow target companies - Create a custom Welcome Tab , with Artwork and FBML code to hyper link visitors to company webpage FaceBook Blog YouTube LinkedIn Profile - Understanding how LinkedIn works - Improving LinkedIn rankings and search results - Methodology for identifying ‘key skill words’ - Structuring an effective LinkedIn profile - Creating effective LinkedIn ‘Headline’ and ‘Titles’ for each participant - Using LinkedIn applications to promote business and improve search rankings - Integrate Twitter and Blog page - How to use Advanced Search window - How to target and reach out to clients - How to create and manage Groups LinkedIn Sale Fish Marketing - Thomas Jackson 972.740.7367
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