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Ref Usa Cheat Sheet


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Quick how to reference for Ref USA.

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Ref Usa Cheat Sheet

  1. 1. SALE FISH MARKETING - Thomas Jackson 972.740.7367 Thomas Using ‘Reverse Look-Up’ to Target Focused Accounts - RefUSA 1) Reference USA is available for free from most state libraries with a state drivers license. 2) From the main page, click on the word ‘Search’ 7) The ‘Advanced Search’ screen provides a number of custom input fields and filters. Click on ‘Business Type’, then click on ‘Keywords/SIC/NAICS’. When the window opens select if using SIC or NAICS code, input SIC/NAICS code number in to the bottom box. 5) The next screen will be a complete Bio of the company in question. From the section titled ‘Company Profile’, write down the SIC and NAICS codes. If more that one SIC/NAICS code is present. Write down the one that best aligns to your needs. 6) Next, go back 2-screens or go to the ‘US Businesses Database’ screen and click on the ‘Advanced Search’ tab 4) The ‘Results’ screen list all companies that match the search. Click on the company name that is being searched for. 8) When you click on the green ‘View Results’ button a list of ALL companies of ALL sizes that are the similar (ie competitors) to the original company are listed. The list can be exported. By going back to the previous screen and using the various filters (size, revenue ,etc.). The list can be filtered down even further. Filter Key: 1) Search companies by name 2) Search on key exec names find what comp they are at 3) Search on SIC/NAIC or Business/Industry Key words 4) Filter on geography filters (state, zip, MSA) 5) Search by phone number 6) Filter on number of employees 7) Filter on Public vs Private companies 8) Filters on revenue ranges 9) Misc filters, like number of PCs 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 3) On the ‘Search’ screen. Type in the name of a company that represents your primary interest. It is a good idea to supply City and State to refine the search.
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