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  1. 1. Innovation Sales Deck“A person who walks in another man’s track leaves no footprint”
  2. 2. Agenda 1. The importance of innovation to your organization 2. Helping you to boost your innovation capabilities 3. Why The House of Marketing?Presentation1 2
  3. 3. Innovation remains a major challenge for Belgian marketers in 2012 4 out of 10 marketers indicate innovation as a Top challenge for 2012 What are your main challenges for 2012? Making products and services more relevant for customers 45.0% Creating a dialogue with customers 41.1% Innovating to create new markets and get the attention of customers 38.2% Do more with less due to budget constraints 37.7% Differentiating from competition 37.0% Proving the added value of the marketing efforts (ROI) 29.3% Better integrating online and offline communication 28.2% Improve your customer insights through the use of data 28.0% Tightening the collaboration with other departments 12.3% Other 3.2%N = 436 % indicating this challenge as one of their top 3 challenges Source: 2012 Yearly Marketing Survey performed by The House of MarketingPresentation1 3
  4. 4. Some industry leaders confirming the importance of innovation to your company’s success “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” “Innovation is not the product of logical thought, although the result is tied to logical structure.” Henry Ford “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” Albert Einstein “Innovation is the central issue in economic prosperity” Steve Jobs Michael PorterPresentation1 4
  5. 5. Few companies sustain their competitive edge as they lack innovation capabilities Most companies aspire sustainable and But find it hard to keep their competitive profitable growth edge over competition In order to maximize shareholder value and No less than 37 NASDAQ100 companies from create sustainable and profitable December 2007 are no longer listed in the growth, companies aspire to NASDAQ100 index. • Increase their market share; This means that 37% of leading companies cannot • Increase the customer lifetime; sustain their competitive position for more than 5 • Increase their share of wallet of a customer. years Lifetime • Undetected changes in market dynamics • Failure to recognize emerging trends • Complacant attitude after a disruptive innovation • Slow translation of insights in innovations • Lack of proper screening of innovative ideas Lifetime Value Profitability Number of customersPresentation1 5 5
  6. 6. While companies who embrace innovation outperform their competitors in the long run Customer centric innovation requires you to ‘think consumer’ • Customer centric innovation requires the same activities to be performed by your marketing department • Identifying latent customer needs • Understanding the potential impact of emerging trends • Scanning of technological evolutions • … • True innovative companies are capable to translate these findings in relevant innovations to the consumer • This requires state-of-the art customer insights and understanding of market dynamicsPresentation1 6
  7. 7. Yet despite the importance of innovation, it is often only considered after a market disruption • new players enter the market who Bargaining power of change the „rules of the game‟ customers • low margins put a burden on the Competitive required investments in future Bargaining Threat of power of rivalry substitute growth suppliers within an products industry • there is a lack of growth perspectives in the existing Threat of Bargaining product/market portfolio new power of new entrants entrantsPresentation1 7
  8. 8. A lot of companies face difficulties in effectively managing their innovation efforts Frequently encountered innovation deficiencies Lack of customer insights and Slow or inefficient innovation market understanding processes • The pace is determined by looking at • Many new ideas, but few new competitors businesses • Focus of innovation is limited to • Caught in a trade-off between speed product specifications and new and quality, leading to miss innovation Symptoms of services windows underdeveloped innovation • innovation is regarded as applying a • Inappropriate evaluation resulting in new technology killing many ideas too early capabilities • organizations are caught in a trade-off • Slow innovation process due to between speed and quality, leading unclear attribution of roles & to miss innovation windows responsibilities • Product/service innovations irrelevant to consumers after launch 1 2 3 THoM’s answer to Voice of the 5 lenses (Re-)defintion of your innovation overcome your customer methodology roadmap challenges analysisPresentation1 8 8
  9. 9. So what’s in it for you??? “For every year that we’ve tracked the most innovative companies, they have outperformed their regional peers in the stock market somewhere north of 200 basis points year after year.” Source: Bloomberg BusinessWeek/Boston Consulting Group 2010Presentation1 9
  10. 10. Agenda 1. The importance of innovation to your organization 2. Helping you to boost your innovation capabilities 3. Why The House of Marketing?Presentation1 10
  11. 11. Our current innovation offering 1 2 (Re-)definition of your roadmapping Voice of the customer analysis process Gain Customer Insights Improving innovation capabilities & increasing succes rate • Identify current and future needs and satisfaction of product/service introductions Objectives drivers, especially unmet needs. Understand value and • Shortening the innovation cycle pain points of current offering • Improving integration of market needs in innovation • Identify the target / ideal customer profile and quantify processes Willingness To Pay (WTP) • Ensuring alignment of innovation resources with business objectives VOC through qualitative research Defining roles & responsibilities : • Understand current & future customer needs and • Interviews documenting all tasks satisfaction drivers, especially unmet needs • Training with all stakeholders to consolidate all tasks • Identify key and non key product features & benefits • List all day-to-day operations (RACI) • Understand value of current offering • Refreshment workshop Activities • Identify the target / ideal customer profile • Established „good‟ practice time spending on day-to- • Calculate expected value and growth of the new day PM tasks offerings Developing the optimized processes in a 4 step approach • Analyze AS-IS (desk research & int.) • Workshops to describe the AS-IS & identify improvement area‟s • Workshops defining & validating TO-BE processes • Clear understanding of value to the customer • Documented custom and optimized roadmap process • Shortlist of consumer driven innovations • Clear RACI attribution Benefits • Supporting templates & documents • Improved customer orientationPresentation1 11
  12. 12. Agenda 1. The importance of innovation to your organization 2. Helping you to boost your innovation capabilities a. Voice of the Customer Analysis b. 5 lenses methodology c. (Re-)defining your roadmap process 3. Why The House of Marketing?Presentation1 12
  13. 13. A Voice of the Customer analysis is a tool that boosts your innovation funnel with new projects Without innovation your competitive edge is Idea gathering is the first step of every eroded by constant competitive pressure innovation funnel Focus of Voice of Customer analysis Idea gatheringCompetitiveadvantage Concept development Time since market launch Product / Service development Product Competitive Innovative competitive edge pressure capability G2M Post launch A Voice of the Customer analysis is aimed at boosting your innovation funnel sufficiently to generate value adding innovations that allow you to counter commoditizing market dynamicsPresentation1 13
  14. 14. The VoC methodology should boost your innovation funnel with viable NPD projects 1 2 3 Preparation & Set-up Voice of the Customer Analysis Agreeing on scope & objectives Performing VOC Analysis • Workshop/meeting to define Product- • Execution of in-depth interviews • Desk-research complementing the Market Combinations (PMC) and scope • Fine-tuning of sample composition ifo customer insights generated by VOC maturity of the generated findings • In-depth analysis of the interviews Preparation of interview guides • Workshop with your marketing team to • Understanding your business and Intermediate reporting & discussion sanity check main findings customers through desk research and • Detailed documentation of all interviews internal interviews • Workshops: debriefing of interviews on Reporting and recommendations • Drafting interview guides in function of regular intervals to maximize in-depth • Detailed report providing deep insight in your business question understanding of customer feedback the value drivers and latent customer • Initial testing of the interview guides • Adapt interview guides and/or sample to needs • Intermediary of the interview guides test the first VOC findings • Recommendations Planning of interviews • Internal communication in your M&S department and obtain buy-in for interviews • Validation of contact list, sample size and composition 2 weeks 3 weeks 1 week • Agreement on scope and objectives • All interviews performed • Validated interview guide per PMC • Completed debriefing document per • Interview scheduling in-depth interview • Documented initial VOC findingsPresentation1 14
  15. 15. A typical qualitative Voice of the Customer analysis requires 6 weeks Week Key Activities Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6Phase 1: Preparation• Briefing on projects by PM• Project scope & timing validation• Prepare and finalize int. guides• Delivery of qualified contact list• Conduct desk/internal analysisPhase 2: External analysis• Plan interviews• Conduct external interviewsPhase 3: Analysis• Interview output analysis and preparation of report Final reportKey Meetings Status Status Status Status Kick-Off Meeting Meeting Meeting MeetingPresentation1 15
  16. 16. VOC Sample output The interview guides will help to capture needs and drivers from a qualitative perspective Introduction & Purchasing process & Needs identification Interview conclusion icebrakers CompetitionPresentation1 16
  17. 17. VOC Sample output Key insights will be reported through a grid format allowing for actionable follow-throughPresentation1 17
  18. 18. VOC Sample output Customer profiling and needs assessment allows prioritization, segmentation & focus of NPD efforts Customer profiling and needs assessment Prioritisation of NPD effortsPresentation1 18
  19. 19. Agenda 1. The importance of innovation to your organization 2. Helping you to boost your innovation capabilities a. Voice of the Customer Analysis b. 5 lenses methodology c. (Re-)defining your roadmap process 3. Why The House of Marketing?Presentation1 19
  20. 20. Agenda 1. The importance of innovation to your organization 2. Helping you to boost your innovation capabilities a. Voice of the Customer Analysis b. 5 lenses methodology c. (Re-)defining your roadmap process 3. Why The House of Marketing?Presentation1 20
  21. 21. Our process to reshape your roadmapping process 1 2 3 4 Workshops to define Align process with Workshop to validate & Prepare “Roadmap the AS-IS & TO-BE EREA, individual stakeholders implement the workshop” STEPS “Roadmap Process” & document processes Roadmap process • Collect all existing Workshop to align with all • Align defined TO-BE process with • Present final roadmap information concerning involved parties on the EREA business line to verify process to involved the Roadmap process • AS-IS roadmap process feasibility of defined process & stakeholders with defined • Perform focused F2F • Define TO-BE process templates templates, timelines, roles expert interviews to get • Perform conference call with & tasks • Input/output TASKS input for workshop templates sales country mgrs & Senior PM‟s • Incorporate final • Desk research & analysis to discuss defined to-be feedback into the • Timelines templates to incorporate customer documentation • Roles & Tasks • Discuss defined to-be templates dimension • Prepare & deliver process • Refine defined TO-BE with involved stakeholders: 3 results to MT • Document AS-IS & process steps after sessions: PM/R&D/Sales proposals for TO-BE • Organize implementation workshop • Fine-tune documented defined process as input for kick (WS) off WS TO-BE process TIME 4 weeks 1-3 days 1 week 2 weeksPresentation1 21
  22. 22. The workshops will focus on reshaping your roadmap process by concentrating on 4 steps 1 2 FOCUS ON THE AS-IS ROADMAP PROCESSES IDENTIFY STRENGHTS/WEAKNESSES 4 3 DESCRIBE TO-BE ROADMAP DESCRIBE IMPROVEMENTS PROCESSESPresentation1 22
  23. 23. Evaluation of your current roadmapping process RACI analysis documenting roles & RACI analysis documenting roles & responsibilities of all internal stakeholders responsibilities of all internal stakeholders Strengths Strengths Weaknesses Weaknesses Strengths Weaknesses • Alignment on roles and responsibilities • Identify missing activities • Identify missing links • Identify strengths & weaknesses of AS-IS processPresentation1 23
  24. 24. The evaluation of the AS-IS roadmap process will be input to streamline the process Evaluation AS-IS roadmap process Optimized roadmap process • Identify missing activities • Identify strengths & weaknesses of AS-IS processPresentation1 24
  25. 25. We will agree on an implementation plan that will close the gap after validation of the TO-BE process Validation of TO-BE process Implementation plan • Agree on implementation deadline • Overview of all necessary change mgt actions • Identify process owners per actionPresentation1 25
  26. 26. Agenda 1. The importance of innovation to your organization 2. Helping you to boost your innovation capabilities 3. Why The House of Marketing?Presentation1 26
  27. 27. What makes The House of Marketing different?Presentation1 27
  28. 28. We have a strong vision on marketing … Marketing is a mindset throughout the whole company, and only happens through uncompromising and ruthless focus on the total process of customer engagement. Marketing is a key contributor to achieve business objectives and to optimize shareholder value. Our guiding principles are Focus, Agility, Creativity, Tangibility and Sustainability.Presentation1 28
  29. 29. … and a clear view on how marketing must evolve • Simplicity • Strategic consistency • Leadership continuity • Prioritize & making choices • Consistent brand across all channels • Seek leadership in specific category • Customer centricity • Focused team • Detect trends & act • Early warning systems & processes • Agile & up to date organization • Built around customer engagement • Innovative company culture • Willingness to change • Diversity of profiles • Flexibility & Speed • Idea generation process • Idea valuation • Porosity & open-mindedness • KPI‟s & dashboards • Scenario analysis & ROMI • Connect with marketing intelligence • Analytical culture & skills • People: yours & every stakeholder • Planet: ACT on innovation, packaging, promotion... • Profit: business-minded marketersPresentation1 29
  30. 30. We are convinced that flexibility is a key asset for the future to bridge capacity gaps... Resource Demand Chart FTE (hours per month) Project 1 5,000 Project 2 Project 3 Project 4 4,000 Capacity 3,000 2,000 1,000 0 1/95 4/95 7/95 10/95 1/96 4/96Presentation1 30
  31. 31. …. and to bridge competence gaps Data cruncher Packaging E-commerce ……… Online specialist CPM specialist Performance management Project Management Shopper marketer CRM specialist Mobile marketer SocialMedia Strategist ……… Web masterPresentation1 31
  32. 32. Flexibility demands the right talent at the right place, & on going training The House of Marketing can help you develop and keep the right talents in your marketing department. Coaching on the job, one company or multi company program, more details Marketing Talent program available as from October 2012 Relevant Marketing training, from general to very specific & tailor made - product management Training - project management - communication (online, offline) - social media - email marketing -…… Personal coaching focused on marketing Coaching related skills and technical skillsPresentation1 32
  33. 33. We offer help adapted to the new business context In a economical environment where turbulence is the new norm, The House of Marketing provides marketing excellence at the right moment, exceeding clients expectations by delivering higher return on investment and by making the organization more agile. We achieve this by recruiting passionate marketers for whom we create an inspiring and nurturing environment.Presentation1 33
  34. 34. How do we work?Presentation1 34
  35. 35. We work on temporary assignments…. Mostly function based Broad FMCG experience B2B and B2C environments Coordination activities of Marketing plan, go-to-market specialists in strategy & production, sales, advertising, implementation, people Brand promotion, R&D, … Marketing management, business Managers Churn analysis, churn Managers intelligence reduction Coordination of Marketing Product placement activities optimization Strong analytical and Market & competitor negotiation skills analysis Channel & Enhancing retail partnerships Business Market assessment & Category by increasing category sales Analysts quantification and aiding in fact Clustering of customers Managers based/strategic selling E-strategy definition & roll- out Extended experience in SME E-Marketers Coordination, design & and large matrix organizations implementation of e- Alignment of organization & Social Process marketing actions towards similar goals Media Website Managers Clear roles & responsibilities Specialists management, email definition, organizational marketing, social design media, mobilePresentation1 35
  36. 36. … and on strategic marketing challenges Mostly project based Client challenges THoM expertise & solutions • Attract new customers • Customer intelligence: translate data into relevant insights Volume • Increase customer spending • Segmentation driven • Reduce customer churn • Business and marketing planning • Increase Innovation success rate • Innovation Management Program • Restore customer trust • Customer intelligence: translate data into relevant insights • Capture more customer value Margin • Category assessment • Margin management driven • Marketing performance management • Doing more with less resources (ROMI, CLTV, dashboards) • Tracking of ROI • Marketing audit • Define or redefine positioning • Consumer intelligence: translate data into • Changing customer experience from relevant insights product push to relational (customer- Positioning centric) • Customer (store) experience • Positioning on the sustainability dimension • Sustainability • Positioning towards current and potential • Employer branding employees Consumer analytics and insights are crucial for each of the three challengesPresentation1 36
  37. 37. We offer a unique combination of strategic excellence and operational pragmatism Strategic excellence Operational pragmatism • Proven track record in strategic • Track record in making things happen marketing advice within international and complex • Creating relevant insights in the companies business • Applying practical knowledge of • Identifying the true leverages for successful corporate sales and significant improvements marketing organizations • Turning opportunities into structured • Turning initiatives into tangible actions and prioritized business initiatives • Helping you to successfully implement strategic recommendations We help you in realizing more from your marketing strategies and building the marketing capabilities for systematic resultsPresentation1 37
  38. 38. We deliver tangible value by bridging the knowing doing gap… Strategic excellence Operational pragmatismPresentation1 38