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The demands regarding websites are rising drastically. Modern websites are becoming applications, integrating content and functions. Infopark Cloud Express is a PaaS offering for running WebCMS- and CRM-backed Web-Sites. It allowes Ruby on Rails Developers to create application-driven, scalable personalized Web-Sites without worrying about infrastructure.If you are building Web-Sites using Ruby on Rails on AWS, this talk is for you.

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Next-Generation Websites on Demand

  1. 1. Thomas Witt, Director Product DevelopmentAWS Summit 2013 | Berlin, 2013-05-02Infopark:Next-Generation Websiteson Demand
  2. 2. @thomas_witt
  3. 3. Infopark powers great websites.Founded 1994 in Berlin70 EmployeesCloud Software Vendor
  4. 4. Some awards
  5. 5. Some references
  6. 6. What is Infopark?• And why did we build itHow did we do it?• And what did we learn about AWSHow can YOU do it?• Build professional websites in the cloudWhat did I forget?• Q&AWhat are we going to cover today …
  7. 7. Why?A little bit of history…
  8. 8. Infopark startedas a CMS vendor
  9. 9. Websitesare dynamicStatic is soooo 90‘ies
  10. 10. Websitesare applicationsDeveloped using a web frameworklike Ruby on Rails
  11. 11. Airport website traffic pattern
  12. 12. Requirementscontinue to riseAvailability, scalability,security, complex infrastructure
  13. 13. Modern websitesshould be runningin the cloud(You will be cloudified. Resistance is futile.)
  14. 14. The softwarehas to be designedfor the cloud(From the ground up)
  15. 15. There is nomultitenancyCMS cloud platform(= Professional Web Development isn‘t cloud ready)
  16. 16. Hosting != CloudMultitenancy, Pay-as-you-go,Scalability, Zero Installation,Multiple Data Centres, Automation, …?
  17. 17. There is nomultitenancyCMS cloud platform(= Professional Web Development isn‘t cloud ready)waswasn‘t
  18. 18. That‘s why webuilt Infopark(On AWS. Because somebody had to do the job …)
  19. 19. InfoparkWhat is it?
  20. 20. Cloud CMS & CRM… for developing web-sites using Ruby on Rails
  21. 21. You focus on developing.We‘ll do the rest!One-Stop-Shop solutionNo installationNo maintenancePay as you go – predictable costsInfopark: Cloud CMS and CRM - for Rails
  22. 22. Infopark Components: CMSBackend for bothwebsites and mobile appsDynamic page generationPersonalizationInplace editingUnlimited websitesPowerful search
  23. 23. Infopark Components: WebCRMCustomer DatabasePersonalization andmarketing automationMailing managementTicket systemEvent managementAnalytics and statistics
  24. 24. Infopark Components: PlatformDedicated EC2-ServersZero administrationSecurely provisioned via ChefAuto scalingConsole for easy deploymentNo AWS know-how required
  25. 25. Infopark Components: SDKsOpen Source SDKs for RubyInterface to our APIsFree code libraries/examplesOn GitHub & RubyGemsWe love pull requests
  26. 26. Cloud CMS & CRM… for developing web-sites using Ruby on Rails
  27. 27. ArchitectureHow did we do it?
  28. 28. Multitenancy Backend:Software-As-A-ServiceDedicated Front-End:Platform-As-A-Service
  29. 29. MultitenancyCMS and WebCRM Search usingElasticSearchDistributed Infrastructure,Auto Scaling
  30. 30. NoSQL DB on SSD,highly availableBinary data storage,source for CDNMailing Deliveryfor WebCRMAccess control,automatic key rotationBackground jobs formailings, mass ops, …Integrated monitoringof AWS components
  31. 31. Dedicated servers forcustomers‘ web appsDistributed infrastructure,Auto ScalingFast content deliverythrough S3 and CDN
  32. 32. Multitenancy Backend:Software-As-A-ServiceDedicated Front-End:Platform-As-A-Service
  33. 33. Lessons learned:Software has to be built for the cloudUse Availability ZonesUse DynamoDBElasticSearch – but complexUse Chef instead of imagesSWF for long running tasksIAM with instance profilesAutomate and monitorTesting can be tricky
  34. 34. Getting startedHow can you do it?
  35. 35. www.infopark.comDev Center:
  36. 36. Free planOne CMS, one CRM.
  37. 37. Paid planspay-as-you-use ratesor packagesstarting at € 3,99/day
  38. 38. Cloud CMS & CRM… for developing web-sites using Ruby on Rails
  39. 39. Try it!We love to hear your feedback.
  40. 40.
  41. 41. Infopark AG • Kitzingstraße 15 • D-12277 Berlin • • WittMeet Infopark:C 02, 1. FloorThank you!