TotaraLMS & Mahara ePortfolios Integration for UK Apprenticeships Delivery


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This is a presentation I gave at the MaharaUK11 conference.

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TotaraLMS & Mahara ePortfolios Integration for UK Apprenticeships Delivery

  1. 1. Totara LMS & Mahara Integration Thomas Bell - @thomaswbell88 + Author of 10 Business Critical Areas - Open Courses + LSIS Sector Reference Group for Sustainability Member + LMS Programme Coordinator + ICT Professional Trainer Derrin Kent - @tdmderrin Managing Director of TDM Ltd. + Author of Mahara 1.2 ePortfolios: Beginners Guide + Credited Reviewer of both Moodle Administration and Moodle + LSIS IfL RDF Research Development Fellow 2010-2011
  2. 2. Presentation Warning!CamelCasing Things :( Sorry, habitPictures all over the place! Some irrelevant :0This isnt so much a demo of Totara or Mahara, its a demo of how (Therefore, you might not see all Totara LMS features.  Head over to to request a full demo or give us a ring: +44
  3. 3. Quick intro ... TDMThe Development Manager Ltd:
  4. 4. Training.. In Open Source Software Consultancies Business & Education focusDevelopment.. Of Open Source Software Bespoke Software developmentManagement.. Of Open Source Software Implementation Management for organisations Successful software deployment
  5. 5. First UK Totara Partner Managed Hosting DevelopmentMoodle Services company Implementations TrainingMahara Partner Authors of the Mahara book: Mahara 1.2: A beginners guide Mahara Certified Training Courses
  6. 6. Newly established, but with decades of training provision: Online Training Academy IT / ICT Apprenticeships Delivery Mentor Training Tutor Training Management Training High-stakes Industry Qualifications
  7. 7. Proud to be partnered/certified with:
  8. 8. TDM Linux Professional InstituteNext LPI Master Affiliate for the UK September 2011
  9. 9. What is ?Corporate Distro of Moodle Packaged up for quick and effective corporate learning deliver Based on the most stable Moodle code Support Services – 24/7 Support, guaranteed response times Added functionality – and the constant development of new fea Open Source Enterprise – following the same model as the m
  10. 10. What is ?Learner Management Systemin contrast to...Virtual Learning Environment /Course Management System
  11. 11. What is ?Competency Based LearningTeam/Cohort ManagementStaff / Hierarchy Management
  12. 12. What is ?Organisation/Department ManagementBooking ManagementExcellent Reporting & Progress trackingPathway specific training programmes Programme Management
  13. 13. Competency Based LearningCompetency Hierarchy Import e.g. IT User & ICT Professional Qualifications = 6000+ standards/competenciesImport from Register Ofqual DatabaseLearners evidence competence against given standards
  14. 14. Team / Cohort ManagementManager – Manages team of staff=Trainer / Assessor – Manages cohort of learners
  15. 15. Classroom Booking ManagementFace-to-Face Session booking.Calendared events tailored to learners individual plans
  16. 16. Pathway Programmes = Totara PositionsAssign learners to a pathwayAutomatically retrieve relevant competencies to Individual Development PlanSet aspirational position/pathway – Learner Engaging
  17. 17. Individual Learning Plans (ILP)If assigned a Position, the learner receives the relevant competenCompetencies – Gathered from: Learner Pathway (Position) OrganisationCourses – linked to competencies Automatically drawn in with the competencies 
  18. 18. Totara Reporting & Progress TrackingTotara Report Builder We built a set of reports for specific roles Learners see the stats they need to see Trainers see the stats they want to see Assessors... IV & EV etc
  19. 19. How do Mahara and Totara mix?Wyre Academy Totara = Structured Learning Delivery: Online Courses Tracking + Reporting Workshop Booking Webinar Booking
  20. 20. How do Mahara and Totara mix?Wyre Academy Mahara = Personalised Learning Professional Learning Community Reflective Journals Evidence gathering Evidence showcasing Assessment submission to Totara
  21. 21. Learner Journey In Totara/MaharaLearner Registration & InterviewDiagnostics AssessmentsSuccessful employment placementInduction training: Totara & MaharaTotara Position setting
  22. 22. Learner Journey In Totara/MaharaIndividual Learning Plan creation Auto assigned relevant competencies Auto enrolled on relevant courses Objectives setup with Assessor Timescales and due dates added to competencies
  23. 23. Learner Journey In Totara/MaharaLearner gathers evidence in MaharaLearners constructs their views/pages in Mahara: Screencasting Videos Audio Product evidence Witness testimonies
  24. 24. Learner Journey In Totara/MaharaFormative Assessment: Assessor Feedback attached to views Video/audio feedback Final submission & competency completion
  25. 25. Plans for the future..“Mahara Evidence – Totara Competency” Mapping“Mahara Assessor Overlay”: Point and click on Mahara blocks to grade/assess in Totara/Mo Get involved! If these sound interesting, contact us about join
  26. 26. Mahara ePortfolios for TDM and for WBLWeve been involved in the development of Mahara for over 3 years now and still inputting.Very happy for the continuing success and uptakeLooking to write the sequel to our successful Mahara 1.2: A Beginners Guide
  27. 27. ReferencesMahara 1.2: A Beginners Guide book