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Psychiatrist In Los Angeles
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Psychiatrist In Los Angeles


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West Coast Life Center is a innovative, Compassionate Psychiatric Care Center.

West Coast Life Center is a innovative, Compassionate Psychiatric Care Center.

Published in: Healthcare

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  • 1. The Truth About Psychiatry and Mental Illnesses - Assist for Psychiatrists and the Mentally Ill Even though the intention of our psychiatrists is usually to remedy mental illnesses, unfortunately they may be not in a position to carry on their challenging mission without the need of recognizing the content material in the human brain. Thanks to Carl Jung's discoveries concerning the which means of dreams and their healing energy, and because of my discoveries soon after continuing his investigation, today we know that the largest part of your human brain belongs to our primitive conscience, the anti- conscience, that is entirely absurd. This means that the psychiatry of our historical time is not in a position to cope with such absurdity. Our psychiatrists require the guidance of the unconscious mind that produces our dreams. The absurdity with the anti-conscience can't be eliminated with blind attempts to handle the behavior of a mentally ill person. Chemical alterations cannot bring balance when we ignore what provokes abnormal behavior. Although the scientific community didn't accept my discoveries with joy and relief, the scientific strategy of dream interpretation represents the finish of human suffering mainly because it gives us a correct vision of the content material in the human brain. I had no intention to turn out to be a psychiatrist and psychologist. I accepted this mission because I had the moral obligation to turn into a medical doctor right after discovering the energy with the obedience for the unconscious guidance. Carl Jung was afraid to obey the unconscious mind, but I could perceive the unconscious sanctity. As a result, I saw the energy from the total obedience of your human being for the unconscious wisdom.
  • 2. I was a literature writer along with a philosopher. I had to come to be a scientist so as to continue the study of your psychiatrist and psychologist Carl Jung. I liked the scientific globe. I felt that I should turn into a scientist for the reason that science indicates true knowledge, which is based on facts. I studied numerous different scientific subjects that belonged to distinctive fields and I related many scientific discoveries, which proved that Carl Jung's method of dream interpretation seriously translates the which means of your dream language. His approach assists us understand the wise unconscious messages contained in all dream photos. The scientific discoveries I discovered just after producing a research also proved that human beings are violent and absurd primates, in addition to proving that we indispensably need to have a creator. The age of our planet cannot justify the accidental formation from the complex and perfectly organized nature of our planet. God's existence is often a reality. All dreams include important messages that try to guard our human conscience in the attacks of our anti-conscience, which is frequently wanting to destroy the human side of our conscience and manage our behavior. For this reason the anti-conscience generates mental illnesses within our human conscience. The anti-conscience tries to destroy our capacity to believe logically and entirely eliminate our sensitivity by imposing absurd concepts to our human conscience. By way of dream therapy we are able to totally eliminate our anti-conscience ahead of it manages to destroy a significant portion of our conscience. We are able to also save the mentally ill by assisting them recover their conscience, even if they suffer from a extreme mental illness.
  • 3. This means that the scientific strategy of dream interpretation gives us valuable expertise. Every person will have to study this approach and use the unconscious wisdom in order to solve their challenges. All specialists need to have this knowledge, not merely psychiatrists. The unconscious wisdom will place a definitive finish to terror on Earth due to the fact this wisdom is in a position to fully eradicate the craziness contained into our anti-conscience. For that reason, all psychiatrists, neurologists, psychologists and also other specialists will use dream interpretation in accordance with the scientific approach in order to solve their difficulties and in an effort to enable their individuals obtain sound mental wellness. Average individuals will study the meaning of the dream language the identical way. Now that I simplified Carl Jung's approach of dream interpretation even kids can quickly study the dream language in a brief time frame. Everyone will use the scientific technique of dream interpretation the identical way we make use of the net nowadays. Get more information about Psychiatrists In Los Angeles