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Playworks Final Presentation Playworks Final Presentation Presentation Transcript

  • Playworks create, laugh, work! project by Jaclyn Starker and Thomas Reynolds
  • What is play?
  • play spontaneousactivityas ameansofdeveloping [pley] physical,intellectual, emotional,socialand noun moralcapacities.
  • gross motor fine motor sensory social functional constructive object music dance imaginative dramatic rough and tumble sports
  • Why is play important?
  • Playisimportanttocreativity. Creativityisimportanttoeducation. Educationisimportanttodesign.
  • But, where is the fun afterpre-school?
  • office life
  • google
  • ideo
  • facebook
  • Why is play criticalinthe workplace?
  • Inarecentsurveyof60,000 workers,80%reportedthey werestressedatwork “sometimestoalways.” (Shepell fgi Health & Productivity Solutions)
  • How does a business benefitfromhappy employees?
  • Happy employees are the best salespeople. Happy employees work faster and more efficiently. Happy employees actually want to go to work. Happy employees have more ideas. Happy employees have more drive.
  • “I walk for an hour, run personal errands. ” “Read local blogs, irritate my co-workers, drink heavily. ” Breaks? “What lunch break?” “Sometimes I don't get one, depending on how busy the front is. I usually read, do personal internet things at our back computer or run errands. ”
  • “Managing crazy people. I eat them for dinner. ” “I usually clicka pen or throw paper clips at my desk or bend paper clips. ” “One piece of “I deal by taking walks, paper at a time. keepingperspective. ” Breathe. ” Stress? “Drink a lot of caffeine, keep myself centered so I don't take my frustration out on others, yoga after work, ceramics after work.... and a few alcoholic beverages here and there. ” “The internet, looking at cute cat videos, window shopping online, fashion blogs. ”
  • “Wish I had somethingtolookupat or a window to look out once in a while. ” “Could use some work as far as just being over cluttered, messy, and gross. ” Change? “I think that the lobby should have videoboards and interactivecenters.” “I would like to have my own personal area. ”
  • theidea: (bored) (tired)
  • Playworks is a system that integrates play into the lives of adults as they go about their workday. It is a series of design interventions that actively engages users in an environment providing them with an outlet to spontaneouslyplay, create, collaborate, inspireandinnovate. The ultimate goal of Playworks is to encourage a playful lifestyle and improve productivity by relieving daily stress.
  • Who are the stakeholders? employees bosses managers
  • laboratory
  • entrance
  • tic tac toe
  • save your change
  • tangram
  • silly string
  • “I work better in these kinds of atmospheres. Work SHOULD be fun.” -Stephanie
  • funny face
  • “Oh, this is going to be so much fun. Everybody is going to come over and put a mustache on me.” -Debbie
  • sodoku sodoku
  • “The creative pieces are intimidating to me. So, that’s why I like the sodoku.” -Mariann
  • carpet poetry
  • “These are great...lasers are awesome. You guys are smart” -Emily
  • special thanks to everyone at the Student Financial Services Office, Dr. Anna Beresin, and Caleb Marshall from KaBOOM!