Statement of intent for double page spread


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Statement of intent for double page spread

  2. 2. WHAT layout will you be using for your Double Page and WHY?• My DPS would consist of three columns within the article as I found out that two of the magazines I have researched consists of that amount and again I would be using grids to organise my layout accurately. My first page would consist of an image which fills up the whole page to show who the article is about and would state who is responsible for the photography, there would also be a heading on the top of the first page which would be bold and visible and would notify you on what the article is based on.• The articles would sit on the second page of the DPS and would adopt much of the page and would have three columns and would be quite long so my target audience would automatically see the article is packed with information and would be intrigued to find out what it is all about since it is full of information. The minimum font size I’ll be using for my bodycopy is going to be between the font size 10- 14 so it could be easy to read.• On top of the article itself, I would include a sub-heading which explains a little of the article and it would include the byline of who the article is written by. The subheading would be bordered with two strips, one above the subheading and another below to separate it from the heading and the article.
  3. 3. WHAT principal components of a magazine layout will you be using in the construction of your Double Page Spread and WHY?• The principle components of a magazine layout I would be including to construct my double page spread would be a dropcap which would immediately attract the reader as it indicates where the article starts from which is a key convention of a double page spread and is what most magazines use to draw the readers attention. I will be using a headline on the first page marked “UNORTHODOX” (which is linked with main cover line on the front cover page) and this will be around four or more times larger than the bodycody which will appear in the article. I’m going to be using my headline to draw the readers attention and inform them of what follows in the article. I would place the subhead at the top of the second page to emphasise the need for the reader to continue reading since it isn’t beneath the headline which is conventionally done. A byline would also be used in constructing my DPS so that the person who wrote the article is credited and the same goes for the photo credit. The pull-out quote would also sit on the first page which will conserve space on the second page and show more of the article because usually the pull-out quote situated within the article which makes the article run on a little longer. The folio would sit on the bottom left of the page but will be quite large to use the free space applicable on the page. Example of a Drop Cap
  4. 4. WHAT type of images, graphics will you be using to make your Double Page Spread appeal your target audience and WHY?• I’m going to use one image on my DPS and this will appeal to my target audience as it will occupy the whole of the first page and act as the background. The image will be very large so would automatically attract the readers attention and because the artist is of a young hip-hop artist, my target audience who are teenagers and young adults would feel even more intrigued in reading the article based on the image since it is of someone who is of there age group and would feel as if the article relates to them. I want my image to tell the reader that the rapper is someone who is focused and determined to break the conventions of hip-hop which is going to be accompanied with the title of the DPS. The idea of me using one image on my DPS came from a magazine I was researching where the rapper Birdman was the main image.• The graphics I’ll be using to make the DPS appeal more to my target audience are the strokes and swatches which I will use on the headline of the article to lift the text off the background giving it a 3D effect which will come at the reader hence appealing to them even more An example of a DPS which has only one image which An example of a piece of text occupies the whole which is surrounded by of the first page strokes and swatches to give a 3D effect to the page
  5. 5. WHAT story/stories will you be including in your Double Page Spread and WHY will it/they be related to the image/images?• The story I’ll be including on the DPS is going to be called “UNORTHODOX” which will be accompanied with the subhead “They asked me to approach the game differently so I done it”. The subhead relates to the headline since the headline is representing something which is unique and unconventional. The subhead justifies the headline because the writer quotes a speech of what the rapper has stated which is based on how he approach the game differently. The story does not relate to the image I will be using since the reader would have to try and figure out what the image is representing as there would be nothing unique about the rappers appearance which shows how unorthodox he is. However, the rapper is unorthodox through his music and not the way he presents himself.
  6. 6. WHAT effect does the REPRESENTATION as portrayed by the image/images used for your Double Page Spread have on your intended target AUDIENCE?• The artist in my main image is of the working class background so he would be representing my intended target audience who would predominantly come from the working class background which will mean that my intended target audience would feel that the main image relates to them. The artist could also possibly come from the inner city areas which are slightly deprived so he could be representing the area or similar areas he came from which will influence the people who live around those areas to read the article based on him.
  7. 7. WHAT is the MODE OF ADDRESS of the major story on your Double Page Spread?• The story is going to be based on an interview between the rapper “Markz” and the writer Marcus Thomas. The rapper will speak in a slight colloquial form which will be aimed at my target audience who speaks in the same way that he does. From this, the reader will be encouraged to read the article since it relates to there social life and the people of their area. Typical examples of Londons colloquial language
  8. 8. WHAT main story will be included in your Double Page Spread and WHY?• The main story will be based on an interview between the rapper Markz and the interviewer whom is the writer Marcus Thomas. The interview will focus on the “unorthodox” approach the rapper has used to transgress the conventions of the hip-hop genre which we will find out why and how effective it is.
  9. 9. WHAT colour scheme (shades, tints and colours) will you be using and WHY?• The background colour I will be using for the second page of the DPS will be light grey and this will match the colour of the rapper’s coat in the main image. The text colour of the article will be black which will be easier for the reader to read as the light grey and black text match. The text of the byline and the subheading would be coloured white but would sit in a black box to separate them from the article which will be beneath it. The questions being asked in the article is going to be orange because it will attract the readers attention due to the bright colour used and they will know at first glance that the orange text is different to the answers in black. Orange would also be the same colour of the folio. The main headline is going to be dark grey with a white stroke and black swatch surrounding it to bring the text to life and will shoot towards the readers eyes so their attention will be grabbed. The speech marks of the pull-out quote is going to be orange with text being white with a thin stroke to support it only if the text isn’t visible due to the background of the main image. Colours which are going to be used in the DPS.
  10. 10. WHAT type of fonts and font sizes will you be using for your Double Page Spread and WHY?• The fonts I will be using for my main headline will be copperplate gothic bold since it is bold and could stand out at the with font type being able to reach out to my specific target audience. The font size will be very large so the readers would know that this is the headline. The subheading and the byline would be of the font size arial unicode because it is easy to read and is a universal font type. The font size of the subheading will be large but much smaller than the main headline so the reader would gather that it is less important. The font size for the article itself would be 10-14 since there would be a lot of information which will need to be crammed within three columns in on one page. The font style would also be arial unicode since it is clear and easy to read.