Social! Transforming Online Connections into Offline Relationships


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‘Social! Transforming Online Connections into Offline Relationships.’ This session describes how you can convert meaningful connections into rewarding relationships (personal or business.) I’ve been using social media since 2005, and have built solid relationships around the world. I’ve been interviewed abroad, invited to participate in government education efforts, and blasted past the dreaded ‘gatekeepers’ by connecting with people in 140 characters or less. In this session I describe strategies, field questions, and leave you networking like a champ!

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Social! Transforming Online Connections into Offline Relationships

  1. 1. THOMAS J. FOX Western MA SOCIAL!Transforming Online Connections Into Offline Relationships
  2. 2. My ‘Social’ JourneyMy Social JourneyStarted on MySpace.Had #1 poetry blog.Released books.Promoted via radio tour;England.Invited to develop drugrehabilitation program forthe city of Leeds. Western MA
  3. 3. HelloooooHello TwitterTwitter!Connected with dozens ofWestern Massachusettspeople.Had my AH-HA momentCollaborated with peoplearound the world to developlocal projects.Connected with peoplewithin my industry, the newsmedia, and beyond. Western MA
  4. 4. Many people fail to understand theirprofile alone isn’t a marketing tool. Western MA
  5. 5. Social media allows you to connect with people you may otherwise never had the opportunity to meet. Western MA
  6. 6. Taking connections offline is where the tiremeets the road! Western MA
  7. 7. It’s amazing when you actually meetsomeone in person for the first time. Western MA
  8. 8. Having tons of followers is no different thanhaving a drawer full of business cards! Western MA
  9. 9. Relationship Building Is Valuable • The relationships you build through networking all have the possibility of evolving into opportunities – some professional, others personal. – The most important thing you need to know about networking is that it can be a slow process. • Relationships take time. – You have to build trust and allow people the opportunity to understand the value you represent. • Like planting a seed and watching it grow into a healthy tree.From the most-likely never to be released Surviving A Tough Economy by Thomas Fox and Nunzio Bruno. Western MA
  10. 10. Ain’t No Business… • Networking is just like any muscle in your body. – You have to work it out to get the most out of it. • You’re a brand. And like popular brands, you have to position yourself toward your audience. • Taking the time to simply talk with people is an invaluable investment that has far-reaching results. • Business has to take a back seat when building relationships. – Honest conversation and care is genuinely felt by others, and it is something not commonly experienced on a daily basis.From the most-likely never to be released Surviving A Tough Economy by Thomas Fox and Nunzio Bruno. Western MA
  11. 11. Engage! Western MA
  12. 12. Networking 101 Western MA
  13. 13. Get together! Western MA
  14. 14. WhatchaDoin’? Western MA
  15. 15. Help me,help you! Western MA
  16. 16. Questions? Western MA
  17. 17. Thank YouTHOMAS J. FOXPhone: 413-330-5254Email: thomfox@thomfox.comTwitter: @ThomasJFox