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Thomasin Mc Laughlin e-portfolio
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Thomasin Mc Laughlin e-portfolio


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  • 1. My E-Portfolio
    By Thomasin McLaughlin
  • 2. These are mixed media pieces that I have creative produced using a lot of different medias and textures.
  • 3. I created a total of 4 pieces on the theme of summer.
  • 4. Throughout my art I like to experiment with a lot of different medias.
  • 5. The following are a series of fine art pieces.
  • 6. A series of paintings.
  • 7. The following piece is a silk painting which I machine and hand embroidered into.
  • 8. My Silk Painting
    For this Piece I used fabric paints with salts to give the scale effect.
  • 9. Architecture Mixed Media
    For this I used mdf board and a variety of different techniques, such as mod-roc and encaustic, charcoal and chalks.
  • 10. A series of drawing of Londonderry, my city, of culture.
  • 11. More fine art drawings and prints.
  • 12. Life Drawings.
  • 13. More life drawings.
  • 14. Drawing on the theme of parrots
  • 15.
  • 16. Mixed media pieces
  • 17. Skecthbook work
  • 18. Design Drawings.
  • 19. My Design Board
  • 20. My Headpiece
    I created this by burning metal cans and wire wearving.
  • 21. My Ceramic Work.
  • 22.
  • 23. More Sketchbook work
  • 24. Textile piece
  • 25. Summary.
    Throughout my portfolio I have included a range of work that has a wide variety of different medias. I love to experiment as you can see, and I like to try to vary my skills at different areas such as textiles, ceramics and fine art. My most recent brief is on the theme parrots, the reason I choose this was because parrots are so vibrant and unique animals and I could do a lot of different things with them when it comes to experimentation as shown in my sketchbooks and through out my work.
    I feel that I would excel in your very prestigious course, as I have experience in all areas, including fine art, ceramic, print, textiles, 3-D design and visual communications.
    I am an extremely hard working person who always strives to better myself, thank you for viewing my portfolio.