Creating live experiences with real and stuffed animals


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Creating live experiences with real and stuffed animals

  1. 1. UNIVERSITY OF GOTHENBURGLETStudio Creating live experiences with real and stuffed animals: The use of mobile technologies in museums Thomas Hillman, Department of Education, Communication & Learning, University of Gothenburg Alexandra Weilenmann, Department of Applied IT, University of Gothenburg Beata Jungselius, Department of Applied IT, University of Gothenburg
  2. 2. UNIVERSITY OF GOTHENBURGLETStudio Study background • Focus on how young people use mobile technology as part of visits to informal learning settings o Use of visitors’ own mobile technology • Documentation and sharing practices o Focus on photo and video
  3. 3. UNIVERSITY OF GOTHENBURGLETStudio Nature of interactivity & sociality in museums • Interactive exhibits & guide technologies o Interactive but often limit inter-visitor interaction  Myth of the individual user (headphones!)  My-turn-your-turn o Disrupt sociality? • Visitor owned interactive technologies o Reconfigure interactivity  Within exhibitions  Outside museum walls  Creative production o Enhance sociality?
  4. 4. UNIVERSITY OF GOTHENBURGLETStudio Universeum • Live animals o Indoor zoo o Aquarium • Science centre o Several exhibitions with hands-on exhibits
  5. 5. UNIVERSITY OF GOTHENBURGLETStudio Gothenburg Natural History Museum • Stuffed animals o Mounted zoological specimens o Dioramas • Little updating since 1950s o Museum of museums
  6. 6. UNIVERSITY OF GOTHENBURGLETStudio Data collection • Observation notes, photos & video o Extensive time spent within exhibitions • Following visitor produced content online o Primarily photos & videos on YouTube, Instagram, etc • Interviews o Informal in-situ with visitors o Semi-structured with museum staff
  7. 7. UNIVERSITY OF GOTHENBURGLETStudio Documenting and sharing Why were you recording videos with your phone?" I record a video to my family, my spanish family. I have visitors here, my sister and my brother in law and I want [that] they have [a] little perspective about the museum, know something special that is more about remembering the area than knowing the animal[s] in particular" Spanish speaking visitor with large family group - GNHM 120412)
  8. 8. UNIVERSITY OF GOTHENBURGLETStudio Documenting and sharing Do you plan to upload the pictures on the Internet?" I usually do that. Send them to their mother, so that she gets an update of whats happening. Its quite useful, like it gets her involved in a way." Father with 2 children - GNHM 120412)
  9. 9. UNIVERSITY OF GOTHENBURGLETStudio Sharing experiences through online video 3 - is that in cologne zooo? - Like the description says "Universeum in Gothenburg" its in Gothenburg, Sweden, at a place called Universeum, a hugde in-door rainforest place, totally awedome. 5 - The electric eel is the animal that is the closest to being "invincible!" The have been known to kill caimans anacondas and just about anything that gets too close to it! (Universeum 110606) 2 - shut up 6 - never heard of them killing them, I have seen them kill eels but ot
  10. 10. UNIVERSITY OF GOTHENBURGLETStudio Communicating experiences through photo choices (GNHM 120503)
  11. 11. UNIVERSITY OF GOTHENBURGLETStudio Communicating experiences through photo choices • Many visitors manipulate their media before sharing it o Filters o Frames o Graphical elements • Of the 66 most recent photographs shared on Instagram from GNHM o Only five had been posted without first being manipulated with a filter to look vintage
  12. 12. UNIVERSITY OF GOTHENBURGLETStudio Conclusion • Museum visits are re-configured through digital documentation practices o Visitors experiences are not only recorded but also structured by the activity of documenting • The boundaries of museum experiences are expanded o Visitors take photos & video not just to document but also to include others in museum experiences • New tools offer expanded communicative possibilities o Visitors share their experiences through both photo content and manipulation choices
  13. 13. UNIVERSITY OF GOTHENBURGLETStudio Questions?