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General laberynth

  1. 1. The General in HisLabyrinthChapter 6
  2. 2. IntroductionThe General is currently in Turbaco, waiting forhis passport to leave.The men with him were, Jose Palacios, GeneralMontilla, and his military men.
  3. 3. Waiting in TurbacoIn June 16th, the general received his pension forlife. And he said “We are Rich". This is ironicalbecause the great Liberator is living from a littleamount of money given by the government.June 22nd , finally receives his passport, “We arefree,” said Bolivar, again ironical because he isfree from the country he liberated.
  4. 4. Going to CartagenaHe immediately leaves from Turbaco toCartagena, and left without advice.He did not stop or talk during the whole trip,contrary to order trips were he stopped and talkto the people.
  5. 5. CartagenaCartagena was full of pilgrims, because theseasons of prayers.There was panic in the city, because of a dog withrabies were biting people.A party was waiting for the General at Cartagenaorganized by Montilla.All the people gathered around to receive theGeneral entrance to Cartagena, and he could notstop thinking about the great entrance he did inCaracas in August in 1813 when he was namedthe Liberator.
  6. 6. CartagenaCartagena de Indias one of the most beautifuland rich cities of Colombia was now destroyedbecause of the independence war, and he felt thesame, from glory to worthless.“What a price we’ve had for an independencethat’s not worth shit!,” said the angry General.Many Grenadiers did not liked Bolivar andMontilla anymore.
  7. 7. CartagenaMontilla did not want the General to leave, hewas sure that the General would die because ofhis health during the long trip.He would create excuses to the General, forexample, he would tell him that the captain ofthe ship was not going to leaf, because theywere too many women that were going to boardthe ship.
  8. 8. Cartagena His Deliriums The bad health of the General made him have deliriums His deliriums:He woke up and said to Montilla tofree a man in prison of justifiedhomicide.The barks of the dogs that were beenkilled in the street, made him sad,because he loved dogs, and heremembered Nevado. And Montillapromised he would not kill more dogs,but they still kill the dogs.
  9. 9. CartagenaMontilla begs the General not to leaveCartagena, and to convince him, he revealed hima secret. The General Rafael Urdaneta,Bolivarist, is preparing a coup in Santa Fé deBogotá.The General heard him, even interested about it,so he told him to talk to Sucre. The General toldhim that he should not waste time talking to thisold man.The General made his choice, he commanded toload the boat, and he will leave.
  10. 10. CartagenaMany people gather to farewell, and Montillaprepared a military party. The house was full withpeople.The General curiously went closer to Camille andflirted with her. He talked about the party and thepeople.Camille accepted him with graceSuddenly, no one knows why, The General decidedto stay! Every one notice this, because he would saythat what would he do with all the women in a boatwith the state of health he has.Palacio said, “Only my master knows what mymaster is thinking.”
  11. 11. La Popa Hill Montilla wanted a better climate for the General, so he rented a simple house in La Popa Hill, a suburb near Cartagena The General liked the house, the house’s colorful walls, the roof, and the backyard filled with fruit trees attracted his attention.The climate was lesshumid, so it was better forhis health.
  12. 12. PaintingsHe only went to Cartagena three times to pose forAntonio Meucci for a portrait.Jose Maria Espinoza the New Granadian artistpainted the General before his assassination attempt,in this portrait the General look very old and wastedHis oldest painting was made in Madrid when he was16, and another 2 were painted in Haiti when he was32.Many painters idealized the General in his days ofglory.
  13. 13. PaintingsThis is a This wascontrasts of painted Josepaintings by two Maria Espinozaartists, and at the for July 1830:same time, whichcan be covered sick and dying!by BoultonFoundation inPlaza Pantheonof Caracas: TheDecrepit Bolivaror Bolivar They saw andEspinoza Meucci painted forGallardo. The Antonio Meuccidifference is, July 1830:when Bolivar Arrogant andposed for Meucci, Lofty!while Spinozadrew
  14. 14. Strange GirlOne night, the General woke up an there was abeautiful woman in the room.He ask the mysterious girl, what the people thoughtof him? And she answered that the people thoughtyou are not sick.To prove he was ill he took his shirt off to show herhow skinny he was.“The only thing lacking is for me to die,” said theGeneral.She left as well as all of the other girls.The General never had a strong relation ship with awoman.
  15. 15. IturbideIturbide was one of his soldiersHe ask Iturbide, what are theysaying in Mexico? “I don’t haveanyone there,” “I am in exile,” saidIturbide. The General replied “All ofus are in exile.”The war of independenceeliminated the bonds betweenSpain, and for a while the peoplefelt they did not have identity.Iturbide wanted to feel the battles,but they were all over. The Generalreminded him that the only warswere the civil war, were the samepeople kill each other.
  16. 16. Antonio José de SucreThe general received thenews from General Machadothat a group of militaryopposition of anti-separatists,who wanted the General to bethe head of the groupThe General was not exited,and he ask were was Sucre,and he was told that he wentby land to Quito.That same night, the Generalreceived the horrible new thaton June 4th the Marshal Sucrehad been ambushed andkilled.
  17. 17. The General´s MourningThe General had the feeling that something bad willhappen to Sucre, and he was correct.He damns Sucre´s death, and his soul did not foundcomfort, and he imagined him on his horse before he die.That night he vomited blood.That same night, the General pondered about how old hehad become.To deal with his grief, he talk to his soldiers about the sametopic again and again: Santander, the separation,Panama’s congress, he had to be a dictator and decreethe death sentence to create order, spend all his money onwar, he divided his lands among his slaves, he reject1,000,000 that the Peruvian government gave him, and hewas frustrated that nothing worked out.
  18. 18. The General´s MourningNothing seem to take the General out of his sorrow,they were his worst days.Not even the integration movements would take himout.He only received as a visit of the Colonel MiecieslawNapierski.The General told him, “There is nothing left, you hadcome too late there is nothing here.”Everyone was trying to protect the General from morebad news.
  19. 19. More EventsManuela Saenz did a revolt in Santa Fé de Bogota.Her sister wrote him to come back to Venezuela to putorder.The congress of Venezuela decreed the fullyseparation from the Gran Colombia.His birth day came, he became 47, this was a specialage for all the bad things that had happened. “Forty-seven years old, damn it,” he murmured. “And I´m stillalive!” With his his small inner strength, he told his soldiers ifthey wanted to fight for Venezuela go ahead.Laorencio Silva, Iturbide, Fernando, and Andres Ibarrastayed.The General said good bye to the rest of them, with the