Canela Events Presentation June 09


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Canela Events Presentation June 09

  1. 1. We know how to create an impression
  2. 2. Contents There’s nothing quite like an experience What is Canela Events? Why choose Canela Events?
  3. 3. There’s nothing quite like an experience…
  4. 4. How can an event help me? It is so much easier to impress an idea on a specific audience if you are able to immerse it in an experience. So, it’s no surprise that events can be a highly effective tool as part of a well managed Public Relations campaign. They can be used to:  Create an enjoyable, memorable experience for a client or target public  Generate opportunities for 1-to-1 or group-to-group contact  Make a client or specific public feel important or special  Create unique opportunities for press and media coverage  Generate impressive photo and video content for a website or blog
  5. 5. What is Canela Events?
  6. 6. Canela Events Department What is Canela Events?  Canela Events is a new department at Canela Public Relations dedicated specifically to event production and the promotion of their value as Communication strategies. Why has it been set up?  This department complements the existing public relations services offered by Canela PR with the objective of providing a full, professional event production service. What can it do for my company/brand?  With Canela Events you will have at your disposal services and tools dedicated exclusively at ensuring that your message is delivered personally to your clients via an experience that they will enjoy and remember. What will it cost me?  Of course, the price is dependent on the project but with Canela Events we think you will be pleasantly surprised.
  7. 7. Canela Events services  Company meetings  Presentations  Press conferences  Parties  Incentives  Launches
  8. 8. Why Canela Events?
  9. 9. For our proven experience… At Canela we have created a wide range of events for many different clients. In the past we have worked with:
  10. 10. For our facilities… The Canela Showroom is located at our Madrid offices in the wonderful Dos de Mayo area and is available for our customers to use. This highly dynamic space is available for: Meetings Presentations Parties Press conferences Product demonstrations or displays Castings Etc.
  11. 11. For the way we work… At Canela we understand that planning and organization are key to a successful event and so we have taken time to carefully develop tools and processes which ensure that everything runs according to plan.
  12. 12. Case study: Nike ID Challenge  To present Nike ID; Nike’s flagship online shoe design product to sponsored team members, opinion formers and press from the surfing and skateboard related sub-brands, Nike 6.0 and Nike SB.  To create an appropriate, comfortable ambience for these adrenaline sports and trainer fanatics.  To provide opportunities to hang-out and ‘live the Nike 6.0 and SB brands’. Response  Canela created a fantastic conceptual space: part showroom, part club-house.  Invitees were able to design their own Nike ID shoes online whilst drinking beer and eating pizza with sponsored Nike athletes from the BMX and surf teams.  Every visitor received the pair of the shoes that they designed online a few days after the event. Results  The event was attended by a range of press and bloggers from the worlds of extreme sports and trainers and was featured in Spain’s cult trainer blogs and extreme sport press.
  13. 13. Case study: Challenge  Create a party to promote, the fashion-based social networking site.  The party was to coincide with the Bread and Butter fashion trade fair in Barcelona.  It had to be sufficiently attractive to the target public to draw them away from the many other events taking place at the same time. Response  Canela created an open-air Mediterranean fashion extravaganza in Barcelona’s Forum.  The event featured catwalk shows from 9 international fashion designers, dance, visual presentations, live music and international DJs. Results  Increased awareness of among the target public as a direct result of the party, and it’s intensive promotion during Bread and Butter.  A highly enjoyable and memorable event attended by a wide range of fashion press and members of the general public.
  14. 14. Case study: HTC Touch Diamond Challenge  To launch the HTC Touch Diamond, a revolutionary 3D touch navigation device with Windows Mobile®, in the Spanish market  HTC had focused all their efforts in the HTC Touch Diamond as the star product for 2008  The HTC Touch Diamond had to be introduced to the Spanish media as the most innovative and full featured device of the market.  To position HTC as a leading brand of the mobile market and their spokespeople as key opinion leaders Response  Canela managed two events on the same day in La Bolsa de Madrid:  A press conference in the morning, targeting the technology press  An evening party, targeting the lifestyle press  Canela secured the attendance of the key target press, Directors and Editors of the main target press, and the briefings with the HTC spokespeople  Canela managed the Touch Diamond product review programme immediately after the event Results  95 journalists attended both events in total, 59 in the morning and 36 in the evening  4 of 6 Spanish national dailies were present at the event as well as the 2 main business newspapers  4 TV channels, such as CNN+ and RTVE, attended the press conference and interviewed HTC European Marketing Manager, Rui Antunes, and HTC Country Manager for Spain and Portugal, Pedro Abad  10 interviews with the HTC spokespeople were held by online, printed and broadcast media just after the press conference  20 HTC Touch Diamond samples were sent to journalists as part of the review programme
  15. 15. To sum up Canela Events offers...  A creative combination of specific event, planning skills with Public Relations and communications know-how.  The ability to create events that really transmit our client’s message directly to the target audience.  A Department specialised in the creation and production of memorable events.  A broad arsenal of tools to help you to achieve your event objectives.  Solutions that fit the budget of each client.  Experience with clients from different sectors and different profiles.  IMAGINATION, PASSION and ENTHUSIASM.
  16. 16. For more information or to arrange a meeting, please contact: Thomas Dorman Tel: +34 93 269 09 93