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SAP Extended ECM by OpenText 10.5 - What's New?
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SAP Extended ECM by OpenText 10.5 - What's New?


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Many business processes, in both commercial and government organizations, span the worlds of transactional data and business content. OpenText Extended ECM (sold by SAP as SAP Extended ECM by …

Many business processes, in both commercial and government organizations, span the worlds of transactional data and business content. OpenText Extended ECM (sold by SAP as SAP Extended ECM by OpenText) extends the transactional process management capabilities of SAP ERP with comprehensive Enterprise Content Management (ECM) capabilities, including document management, records management and collaboration. With OpenText Extended ECM, you can unite the worlds of ERP and ECM in a single solution, reducing the risks and costs of records mismanagement, increasing information worker productivity and enhancing your ability to comply with regulations.

This presentation shows how the new version 10.5 of SAP Extended ECM improves the efficiency of selected business processes.

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. SAP Extended ECM 10.5 What’s New Thomas Demmler, Director Product Management April, 2014
  • 2. OpenText ©2013 All Rights Reserved. 2 1 SAP Extended ECM Overview and Architecture 2 Content Suite Platform 10.5 3 Deep Integration 10.5 4 Blueprints 10.x 5 Summary Agenda
  • 3. OpenText ©2013 All Rights Reserved. 3 SAP Extended ECM Key Benefits: • Improve Business Process Efficiency by Connecting Content to Process • Improve Regulatory Compliance by Managing Content Through Its Lifecycle  Document Management  Collaboration  Capture  Workflow  Content Access  Records Management  Archiving  Deep connection with SAP Data structures  Seamless integration with various SAP UIs  Workspaces developed to natively extend SAP processes with ECM  SAP and ECM always “in-sync”  Project Management  Procurement  Customer Relationship Mgmt.  Enterprise Asset Management  Production Management  Quality Management  Contract Management  And Many Others! ECM Business Suite + Complete Content Lifecycle Management Deep Integration with SAP Unique Capability to ‘Content Enrich’ SAP Business Processes =
  • 4. OpenText ©2013 All Rights Reserved. 4 SAP Extended ECM SAP Document Access SAP Archiving Archive Imaging Enterprise Records Management SAP Extended ECM DocuLink ArchiveLink PLUS ECM inside Business Processes
  • 5. OpenText ©2013 All Rights Reserved. 5 SAP Extended ECM 10.5 SAP Business Suite SAP NetWeaver Business Client, SAP CRM UI, SAP GUI, SAP HTML UI OpenText Enterprise Library Archive Server Document Pipelines Legend: SAPOpenText ArchiveLink ILM SAP ERP, CRM, SRM, Retail, … Imaging Enterprise Scan Viewers Web Viewer Services Content Server ECMLink DocuLink SAP NetWeaver Portal DocuLink Web in iView ArchiveLink Services WebDAV (ILM) Services ECMLink Services Enterprise Lib. Services CMIS Business Workspaces Records Management Document Management Directory Services Microsoft Office DesktopLink, NotesLink, ExchangeLink Enterprise Connect Web DocuLink Web Web User Interface Content Web Services Search Portal Connect iViews
  • 6. Content Suite Platform 10.5 Complete Content Lifecycle Management
  • 7. OpenText ©2013 All Rights Reserved. 7 Content Suite Platform 10.5  Engaging User Experiences  Tailored to Business  Flexible, Efficient Processes  Delight Developers  Rapid Application Development Extendable  Simple Administration  Flexible Deployment  Comprehensive Information Governance AdaptableExtendableDependable Compliance/IT Developer End User/Business
  • 8. OpenText ©2013 All Rights Reserved. 8  Simplifies deployment of patches  Minimizes maintenance window duration  Helps manage installed patches Patch CS2 CS3CS1 CSMaster Content Server Simple Administration Dependable Cluster Administration (Patch Installer)
  • 9. OpenText ©2013 All Rights Reserved. 9 Improve the process of moving objects and configuration along the flow from a development system ultimately to production. New Transport System in Content Server (List of supported configurations will be continuously increased) + Elimination of “Node-Ids” in solution configuration on SAP side development test acceptance production Content Server Simple Administration Dependable Content Server 10.5 Transport
  • 10. OpenText ©2013 All Rights Reserved. 10 Content Server Simple Administration Dependable Performance and Scalability Gains 2.6 x more responsive when under load than CS10
  • 11. OpenText ©2013 All Rights Reserved. 11  High ingestion: 2 Million emails, 1 Server  9 million objects, 1 search partition  4x CPU/RAM efficiency on large search grids  3x improvement in memory use  5x improvement in search result collection  In place upgrades Content Server Simple Administration Dependable Search Scalability and Efficiency
  • 12. OpenText ©2013 All Rights Reserved. 12 Content Server Rapid Application Development Extendable New Eclipse-Based IDE
  • 13. OpenText ©2013 All Rights Reserved. 13 Content Server Engaging User Experiences Adaptable HTML5 Drag and Drop Upload
  • 14. OpenText ©2013 All Rights Reserved. 14 Content Server Engaging User Experiences Adaptable Document Thumbnails
  • 15. OpenText ©2013 All Rights Reserved. 15 Content Server Flexible, Efficient Processes Adaptable Simplified Workflow Design Environment • Easy BPMN 2.0 Designer • Works with all existing workflows in Content Suite
  • 16. OpenText ©2013 All Rights Reserved. 16 Content Suite Simple Administration Enterprise Connect  Office Editor – seamless instant editing for all types of content  Offline content add, edit, synchronize  Preview Content Server document using the powerful Outlook viewer Improving Desktop User Experience Adaptable
  • 17. OpenText ©2013 All Rights Reserved. 17 Records Management Flexible, Efficient Processes Adaptable Disposition Review & Approval Process
  • 18. OpenText ©2013 All Rights Reserved. 18  Improved usability  Full support for PDF Import  Improved support for Citrix and Terminal Server  Improved documentation and capabilities for scripting Enterprise Scan Efficient Capture Adaptable
  • 19. OpenText ©2013 All Rights Reserved. 19  Web Viewer  Simplified Installation  New Web Viewer administration console  New version of rendering engine for support of Office formats  Windows Viewer  Side by side viewing  Windows 8 and Windows server 2012 : 64-bit support  Internet Explorer 10 Support Viewers Easy Viewing Adaptable
  • 20. OpenText ©2013 All Rights Reserved. 20  Simplified deployment  Improved Single File Backup  Configuration of Storage Systems  Mobile Clients for Monitoring, Statistics, and Threat Detection Archive Server Secure Long Term Storage Adaptable
  • 21. Deep Integration 10.5 Enterprise Applications, MS SharePoint, SAP Portal
  • 22. OpenText ©2013 All Rights Reserved. 22 OpenText Extended ECM … Prima- vera E-Busi- ness Suite Ariba P2P SAP EHS SAP CRM SAP PPM SAP Real Estate SAP SD SAP MM SAP SRM SAP PM Dy- namics CRM Great Plains Maximo … Service Provider Interfaces (SPIs) OpenText Extended ECM Enterprise Applications Integration Application Programming Interface (API)  OpenText provides integrations as Products  SAP Business Suite, Oracle E-Business Suite  Blueprints for dedicated Business Applications  Custom Integrations into arbitrary Enterprise Applications
  • 23. OpenText ©2013 All Rights Reserved. 23  Managing ERP and ECM content, metadata, permissions in a consolidated view  Work within or outside of Oracle EBS Suite  Content enrich Oracle EBS business processes  Combine SAP Extended ECM and Extended ECM for Oracle EBS OpenText Extended ECM Extended ECM for Oracle E-Business Suite
  • 24. OpenText ©2013 All Rights Reserved. 25 OpenText Extended ECM – new Extensions SharePoint Services & Portal Connect MS SharePoint SAP ECC SAP Portal ECM Web MS Windows E-mail & MS Office Mobile Devices SAP CRM / SRM
  • 25. OpenText ©2013 All Rights Reserved. 26 OpenText Extended ECM Portal Connect for Extended ECM Business Workspace content displayed iView Business Workspace functionality:  Calling SAP GUI  Business Relationships  Recent Changes displayed as iView Dynamic Tree Navigation Also available for SAP NetWeaver Portal on Device
  • 26. OpenText ©2013 All Rights Reserved. 27 OpenText Extended ECM SharePoint Services for Extended ECM Business Workspace content displayed as web part Business Workspace functionality:  Calling SAP GUI  Business Relationships  Recent Changes displayed as web part Business Workspace attributes displayed as web part Also available for SharePoint Online
  • 27. OpenText ©2013 All Rights Reserved. 28 OpenText Extended ECM UI Widget Framework Widgets  Browse Widget  Attributes Widget  Add Item Widget  Create Object Widget  Action Toolbar Widget  Multifile Action Widget  Audit History Widget  Edit Properties Widget  Custom View Search Widget  Search Results Widget  Business Workspace Sidebar Widget  Business Workspace Widget  … xECM 10.5 SPx
  • 28. OpenText ©2013 All Rights Reserved. 29 OpenText Extended ECM UI Widgets in Enterprise Applications
  • 29. OpenText ©2013 All Rights Reserved. 30 OpenText Extended ECM UI Widget in SAP CRM Business Workspace based on the new UI Widgets
  • 30. Blueprints 10.x ‘Content Enrich’ SAP Business Processes
  • 31. OpenText ©2013 All Rights Reserved. 33 ‘Content Enrich’ SAP Business Processes SAP Extended ECM - Blueprints The purpose of a blueprint is to provide a best practice for an implementation of SAP Extended ECM in a specific business context. A blueprint consists of documentation and a sample implementation. It is not part of the product and is therefore not covered by product maintenance.  Information Technology Excellence  Human Resources Excellence  Customer Excellence  Financial Excellence  Procurement Excellence  Production & Operation Excellence
  • 32. OpenText ©2013 All Rights Reserved. 34 ECM for Enterprise Asset Management Blueprints
  • 33. OpenText ©2013 All Rights Reserved. 35 ECM for Enterprise Asset Management Blueprint: SAP Plant Maintenance Extended ECM provides Business Workspaces for key business objects in plant maintenance. Plan and Design Procure and Build Commission Operate Maintain Decommission Asset Lifecycle Functional Location Equipment Material SupplierProject Maintenance Notification Maintenance Order Task List
  • 34. OpenText ©2013 All Rights Reserved. 36 ECM for SAP Plant Maintenance - Management of Technical Objects Functional Locations & Equipment Related Functional Locations Related Maintenance Orders Related Maintenance Notifications SAP Functional Location: R01-U-REF Reformer Content Key Functional Location Information Activity Feeds Relationships Content Filters
  • 35. OpenText ©2013 All Rights Reserved. 37 ECM for SAP Plant Maintenance - Corrective Maintenance Maintenance Notifications Related Equipment Related Functional Location Related Maintenance Order SAP Maintenance Notification: 10001950 Strange noise in motor Content
  • 36. OpenText ©2013 All Rights Reserved. 38 ECM for SAP Plant Maintenance - Preventive Maintenance Maintenance Task Lists & Orders SAP Maintenance Task List: ASM_LOCO 06 Content Drag & Drop Operations
  • 37. OpenText ©2013 All Rights Reserved. 39 ECM for SAP Plant Maintenance Work Order Printing SAP Maintenance Order: 818981 M17-002 motor maintenance Work Order Print Preview • Data + selected documents • Origins from work order, notification, equipment, functional location, material • Huge flexibility
  • 38. OpenText ©2013 All Rights Reserved. 40  SAP Plant Maintenance (PM) 1.0  SAP Portfolio- and Project Management (PPM) 1.0  SAP CRM Email Integration 1.0  Permission Management Based on User Assignment 1.0  SAP Plant Maintenance (PM) Update 1  SAP Environment, Health & Safety (EHSM) 1.0  SAP ILM Blueprint 1.0  Work Order Printing in SAP PM (based on OT DP) SAP Extended ECM Released SAP Extended ECM Blueprints Delivered Blueprints can be used together with SAP Extended ECM 10 SP2 and SAP Extended ECM 10.5
  • 39. OpenText ©2013 All Rights Reserved. 41 1 SAP Extended ECM Overview and Architecture 2 Content Suite Platform 10.5 3 Deep Integration 10.5 4 Blueprints 10.x 5 Summary Agenda
  • 40. OpenText ©2013 All Rights Reserved. 42 SAP Extended ECM Release 10.5 - What you will get  Extended ECM Best Practice Blueprints  Content Suite Platform 10.5 Enhancements  Simplified Administration with Transport System and Cluster Management  Increased Performance of Content Server and Workflow  Improved User Experience, e.g. Thumbnails  …  New Extensions for seamless Experience  SharePoint Services for Extended ECM  Portal Connect for Extended ECM  Enterprise Applications Integration with open APIs and HTML5 UI Widgets  Extended ECM for Oracle  … Q3 2013 Q4 2013 Q1 2014 Q2 2014 Q3 2014 Q4 2014
  • 41. OpenText ©2013 All Rights Reserved. 43 OpenText Extended ECM If you are interested in more information have a look at SAP Extended ECM ( Thomas Demmler Director Product Management SAP Solutions Group Email: Blog: LinkedIn: Slideshare: Twitter: @thomasdemmler Join the SAP xECM by OpenText professionals group at LinkedIn.Feel free to contact me.