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The construction industry has substantial socio-economic impact, both nationally and internationally. Yet, given the obvious importance of the industry, it is surprising that the general view of our industry is one that is resistant to change, inefficient and lagging behind most industries in terms of technology implementation. This is largely due to the nature of how our industry operates, and the relatively low awareness of technology capability among industry players. With globalization happening at such an immense pace, operational costs on the rise, and increasing demand for more quality and sophisticated buildings, we need better ways of doing business now. As already proven in other industries, technology can help small companies to act "big", and help big companies to act "small". Small construction firms can leverage on technologies to acquire some of the capabilities and market access of larger organizations, while large construction firms can use technologies to achieve some of the agility and responsiveness of small organizations.

This presentation will give you a great eye-opener to some cutting edge technologies for the construction industry. You will learn of various specialist technologies that can help you to design and construct buildings with good quality, on schedule, and within budget. We will share with you some tips on choosing the right technology, and various implementation strategies to ensure you get the most out of technology in your business process.

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Building The Smarter Way

  1. 1. w w w . p r o c t o . b i z Thomas Cheah Independent Software Consultant 29-Jan-15 Building the Smarter Way A guide to technology for the building industry
  2. 2. w w w . p r o c t o . b i z Construction Industry Productivity 29-Jan-15 Labor productivity index for US construction industry and all non-farm industries from 1964 through 2003.
  3. 3. w w w . p r o c t o . b i z Why we lag behind technology? • We are physical-based industry rather than information- based • Our fragmented specialization hinders whole process improvement. • Not sure what and how technologies can help us? • Don’t know how to choose the right technology? • Don’t understand the best way to make full use the technology. • Too short term focused. Overlook long term vision. 29-Jan-15
  4. 4. w w w . p r o c t o . b i z Why use technology? • Reduces operational cost. • Increases profit margin. • Better control of project budget. • Accelerates project time. • Enhance communication between stakeholders. • Saves time on administrative project work. • Increases overall quality of project. • Greater customer satisfaction. 29-Jan-15
  5. 5. w w w . p r o c t o . b i z When to use technology? 29-Jan-15 Concept Design Design Development Construction Cost/Effect Time Project Cost Potential Effect on Cost, Schedule, Quality, and Performance
  6. 6. w w w . p r o c t o . b i z For Owners, Developers and Architects 29-Jan-15
  7. 7. w w w . p r o c t o . b i z Requirements Management 29-Jan-15 Keeps all your requirement data in a centralized, secured, and structured location over the web. This improves communication and collaboration between project stakeholders.
  8. 8. w w w . p r o c t o . b i z Quick 3D Sketching 29-Jan-15 Provides quick generation of schematic design and rendering. This helps you in communicating and presenting proposed building space and layout.
  9. 9. w w w . p r o c t o . b i z Building Rapid Prototyping 29-Jan-15 Conceptualizes your building design rapidly, tells you instantly the total and breakdown cost, and analyzes the design for correctness. This accelerates feasibility studies to create a lean design that fits your budget and design requirements.
  10. 10. w w w . p r o c t o . b i z For Architects and Engineers 29-Jan-15
  11. 11. w w w . p r o c t o . b i z Design Validation and Analysis 29-Jan-15 Checks design against program requirements to conform to design intent, building codes and regulations. This greatly saves time over the tedious job of manual checking and improves the overall quality of a building.
  12. 12. w w w . p r o c t o . b i z Civil Analysis and Design 29-Jan-15 Performs analysis on your civil design such as water network, storm water network, drain network, sewerage network, and earthworks. This automates the computation of civil works that greatly improves your design accuracy and reliability.
  13. 13. w w w . p r o c t o . b i z Environmental Analysis 29-Jan-15 Provides insight into behaviors associated with a design and provides assessment of gross energy, lighting use, as and estimated operating costs. This improves overall building performance and quality in terms of energy efficiency.
  14. 14. w w w . p r o c t o . b i z For Contractors, Sub- contractors, and Builders 29-Jan-15
  15. 15. w w w . p r o c t o . b i z Pre-Tender Cost Estimation 29-Jan-15 Automates calculation of construction costs to get reliable and accurate cost estimates through automatic quantity take- off. It also evaluates and compares prices of sub-contractors side-by-side to choose the most competitive tender.
  16. 16. w w w . p r o c t o . b i z Construction Simulator 29-Jan-15 Integrates design, cost and scheduling data to simulate and visualize construction process. This helps you to discover potential site problems through automatic clash detection, forecast cash flow, and plan ahead for material procurement.
  17. 17. w w w . p r o c t o . b i z Budget Performance Analysis 29-Jan-15 Quick analysis of your current running costs against the initial budget to ensure that the project costs are still under control. This provides you the opportunities to rectify any budget overrun early in the project to bring them back on track.
  18. 18. w w w . p r o c t o . b i z Sub-Contractors Billing 29-Jan-15 Facilitates progress billing with all your sub-contractors to ensure all project progress claims to be monitored and released on a timely basis.
  19. 19. w w w . p r o c t o . b i z For Owners and Facility Managers 29-Jan-15
  20. 20. w w w . p r o c t o . b i z Land Information Modeling 29-Jan-15 Consolidates information from various sources into an intuitive 3D user interface to improve information flow and consistency between personnel and departments. This eliminates information redundancies and improves organization of information.
  21. 21. w w w . p r o c t o . b i z Maintenance Management 29-Jan-15 Plans maintenance schedules, defines and executes work-order to create, assign, and manage recurring maintenance tasks efficiently. This ensures your facility is well maintained to reduce capital costs and increase its value over time.
  22. 22. w w w . p r o c t o . b i z Virtual Facility Management 29-Jan-15 Visualizes complete facility information in 2D and 3D model that provides you up-to-date information of your facility, including the physical structure, mechanical and electrical systems, furnishings, furniture and equipment.
  23. 23. w w w . p r o c t o . b i z Visual Facility Assessment 29-Jan-15 Generates color coded view of building that shows the condition assessment of facilities indicated by different colors changing over time. It can also provide quick visualization of spaces by type and department.
  24. 24. w w w . p r o c t o . b i z Critical Technology Attributes 29-Jan-15 3D model + data Centralized data model Coordinated data Supports project team collaboration Supports distributed work process
  25. 25. w w w . p r o c t o . b i z Technology Adoption Strategy 29-Jan-15 Successful Technology Adoption Clear Business Goals Evaluation Metrics Pilot Project Prototype Dry Run
  26. 26. w w w . p r o c t o . b i z What To Do Next? 29-Jan-15 Identify business vision, strategy, and milestones. Talk your trusted technology consultant on your requirements. Look at process automation opportunities or pilot project. Evaluate and choose the right solution. Participate in technology seminar, workshop, and tradeshow.
  27. 27. w w w . p r o c t o . b i z Feel free to contact me at 29-Jan-15 Thank You!