E government Interoperability Infrastructure Development


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Location: The 2nd APEC E-Commerce Business Alliance Forum, Qingdao, China /
Organization: Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)
Conference End Date: May 19, 2006 /
Conference Start Date: May 18, 2006

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E government Interoperability Infrastructure Development

  1. 1. E-Government Interoperability Infrastructure Development2nd APEC E-Commerce Business Alliance Forum, Qingdao, 18-19 May 2006 Mr. Thomas Lee 李猷達 Chief Technology Officer Center for E-Commerce Infrastructure Development The University of Hong Kong
  2. 2. InteroperabilitySeamless integration of heterogeneous systems Protocol interoperability: reliable data exchange across systems and organizations over network Information interoperability: same understanding of information across systems and organizationsE-Government interoperability Government-to-Government (G2G) Government-to-Business (G2B)Systems interoperate to perform cross-organization business process automatically 2
  3. 3. Weather Data Everywhere 3
  4. 4. System Retrieval of Weather Data300+ web sites, mass media, telecom operators retrieveweather data from HK ObservatoryPast: Download Hong Kong Observatory web pages Decode the HTML page and extract weather data Problem: a slight change to layout would cause problems to these usersNow: Use XML ~HK$3,000 annual charge for accessing XML weather data 4
  5. 5. System-to-system dangerous goods declarationShippingShippingAgentsAgents Paper submission 1 W eb su bm Marine 2 iss ion Dept Internet Hermes XML submission Hermes MSH 3 ebXML Message Service MSH over HTTPS on VPN 5
  6. 6. 2004 Digital 21 StrategyObjectives Improve customer interface and promote Customer Relations Management (CRM) Promote service integration with the aid of business process re- engineering Enhance accessibility to the Government and the transparency of process Leverage on the most appropriate technologies Improve the measurement of performance and the value of e- Government initiativesInitiatives E-Government Interoperability Framework E-Government Infrastructure Services 6
  7. 7. HKSARG Interoperability Framework (IF)Provide client-centric joined-up government services tothe public One-stop services and seamless information flowXML is a key componentProtocol interoperability: IF technical specifications Recommendation on use of open standards for different applicationsInformation Interoperability: XML Schema Design and Management Guide Central Data Registryhttp://www.ogcio.gov.hk/eng/infra/eif.htm 7
  8. 8. IF Technical Specifications *Analysis underpinning The HKSARG Interoperability Framework Recommendations Recommendations 8
  9. 9. XML Schema Design and Management GuideMethodology to design XML datainterfaces for G2G/G2B data exchange Based on international standardization methodologies, e.g. ebXML and UBLUsed to implement G2G/G2B services anddevelop data standards HKO weather data standard Notifiable infectious disease information messaging system Dangerous goods declarationRegarded as international best practices http://egovernment.xml.orgMacau SARG plans to adapt this guide tostandardize ‘address’ 9
  10. 10. Central Data Registry Published standardized Common XML Schemas E.g. HKID#, Person Name, Free Format Address, etc. www.xml.gov.hk 10
  11. 11. E-Government Infrastructure Services (EGIS)At present, B/Ds have to set up their ownenvironments to deliver e-services Substantial cost due to repetitive efforts of individual B/Ds Interoperability problem across different systemsEGIS as central technology platform to deployelectronic public services Based on interoperable open standards suggested by IF, e.g. Web Services, ebXML, PKI, etc. Content hosting, G2G/G2B messaging, e-payment… 11
  12. 12. G2G2B Services on EGISOGCIO Dept B Dept C e-Government Web Services Infrastructure Hermes / ebXML Service (EGIS)HKSARG OGCIORecruitment Issuance Shipping ClinicsAgents Companies Agents B2B Hermes Other products Connector (Hermes Linux Box) 12
  13. 13. eGovernment Technology R&DE-government service integration technology G2G and G2B application integration E-government modeling and standardizationOpen standards, open architecture, open sourceFrom R&D results to commercial productsHermes G2B and B2B messaging gateway Adopted in EGIS as G2B gatewayB2B Connector messaging appliance Adopted by companies to connect to EGISEnterprise Data Architect Data modeling software to set XML data standards based on IF methodology 13
  14. 14. Hermes to Support B2B EDI on the Internet EDI Private Network Order Doc EDI gateway EDI gateway (EDI)Buyer Seller Expensive !!With Hermes Internet Order Doc Hermes HermesBuyer (XML) Seller Cost effective, affordable by SMEs !! 14
  15. 15. Cost of Ownership EDI * HermesInitial cost US$40,000 – $80,000 (Unix FREE or Windows based) If running on Linux US$120,000 (mainframe)Programming cost US$40,000 - $120,000 US$3,000 (app development)Operational US$0.25 - $1 per document Internet subscriptionexpenses (flat fee for unlimited usage) * Source: “The Total Economic Impact of EDI” by Forrester Research 15
  16. 16. Global Market Penetration Using Open Source StrategyOpen-source e-commerce software downloadedby users from 80+ countriesFreebXML.org – international open-sourceinitiative to promote open-source e-commercesoftware 16
  17. 17. B2B ConnectorPlug-and-play B2B appliance (Hermes inside) All-in-one, low costSupports open standards: ebXML, AS2, Web ServicesNeeds no programming File exchange through shared foldersSupports data format conversionExtensible through plug-ins 17
  18. 18. Paperless TradingFax machine for electronic documents? System-to-system data exchange 01010101 01010101 10101010 10101010 Manual data entry and 01010101 01010101 checking saved Accurate data exchange Human errors avoided Round-the-clock operation 18
  19. 19. Hermes and B2B Connector Deployed in EGISOGCIO Dept B Dept C e-Government Web Services Infrastructure Hermes / ebXML Service (EGIS)HKSARG OGCIORecruitment Issuance Shipping ClinicsAgents Companies Agents B2B Hermes Other products Connector (Hermes Linux Box) 19
  20. 20. Awards Linux Linux Asia Pacific Asia Pacific 6th HKCS 6th HKCS ebXML Asia ebXML AsiaBusiness Award 2005Business Award 2005 ICT Awards 2004 ICT Awards 2004 IT Excellence Awards IT Excellence Awards Interoperability Certificate Interoperability Certificate 20
  21. 21. Center for E-Commerce Infrastructure DevelopmentHKU E-Commerce R&D Center established since 2002 To create an infrastructure and environment that To create an infrastructure and environment that allows e-commerce to pervade large and small businesses allows e-commerce to pervade large and small businesses through technology innovation, industry collaboration, through technology innovation, industry collaboration, and knowledge cultivation. and knowledge cultivation.HK$32.7M (US$4.2M) Innovation and Technology Fund Additional Industry ebXML Interoperability SOA Sponsorship HK$9.5M HK$14M HK$9.2M HK$4.2M (cash and software) 21
  22. 22. Sustainable R&D Model Primitive Technology Outsourcing Technology Standardization R&D Collab. Pilot With Industry Deployment R&D R&D ProvenConsulting Input Technology Mission Education and Vision Mass Technology Deployment Transfer Open Products Licenses Source Commercialization IT Community Software Services 22
  23. 23. ConclusionE-commerce capability enhances international competitiveness Key for Hong Kong to become a regional trade hubSoftware and standards are core e-transaction infrastructuretechnologyTechnology must be affordable, simple, and open for worldwideadoption Open source software and open standardsUniversity-industry partnership builds sustainable R&D modelGovernment leadership in e-commerce adoption is a critical successfactorInformation interoperability among Guangdong, Hong Kong, andMacao will be the next milestone 23
  24. 24. The EndURL: http://www.cecid.hku.hk Email: ytlee@cecid.hku.hk