Hacey health initiative annual report 2010


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Hacey health initiative annual report 2010, for more please visit www.hacey.org or email info@hacey.org or call +2348131967570

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Hacey health initiative annual report 2010

  1. 1. Educating, Informing and Empowering Women and Young People in Nigeria 2010Annual report and account
  2. 2. Founded in 2007, HACEY’s Health Initiative also known as HACEY is a non-governmental organization committed to educating, informing and empoweringwomen and young people on health and environmental issues as it relates to them, andproviding human capacity development to achieve a healthy and sustainable society.HACEY has consistently dedicated its resources and efforts to developing aconsciousness for health and environmental protection in members of the society andempowering the underserved, disadvantaged individuals in the society. Over the years,HACEY has inspired and equipped its beneficiaries to lead healthier lives whileimplementing positive change efforts that transform their lives and communities;thereby sustaining livelihood and contributing to national development. To facilitatethe spread of education and empowerment, HACEY has produced books for various ageson health and environmental issues, and conducted seminars and programs to educateand inspire positive action towards personal and community development. To date,HACEY has reached over 100,000 individuals in states across the nation through its coreprogrammes and initiatives on HIV/AIDS prevention, combatting malaria, advocacy forenvironmental protection and capacity building for job creation and has inspiredthousands to be active participants in our society’s development process.
  3. 3. Our VisionTo create a healthy and sustainable society.Our MissionTo provide adequate health and environment service and opportunities for disadvantagedwomen in rural communities and young people accross the nation.To achieve a healthy and sustainable society by training and providing support for women andyoung people through capacity development programs to empower them with the skills andknowledge they need to be economically self-sufficient, and take health and environmentfriendly decisions. CORE VALUES Commitment At HACEY, we believe that only with commitment to our work can we achieve our goals, and we impart this value in everyone we work with. Growth As a natural part of life, HACEY encourages growth and development in all areas of our work, always working to be better. We therefore work towards the growth of our beneficiaries and the community. Accountability At HACEY, we are always accountable to our donors, stakeholders, beneficiaries and the public. Our principle is founded on integrity and we are consistently committed to producing quality results evident in all communities where we work - a healthier and sustainable society.
  4. 4. F TABLE OF CONTENT EXECUTIVE SUMMARY PROGRAMS  Pro-Health and Environment focus groups  Leadership Training  Women Empowerment  Children Future Initiative  End Malaria – Together we can  Special report o HACEY UN International Youth Year FINANCIAL STATEMENT APPRECIATION
  5. 5. EXECUTIVE SUMMARYSince her inception, HACEY’s Health Initiative has strived to create a better world foreveryone. Our programs are directed towards achieving specific objectives, which willbring to the actualization of our goal. HACEY’s reach to thousands of individuals instates across the nation through its core programmes and initiatives on HIV/AIDSprevention, combatting malaria, advocacy for environmental protection and capacitybuilding for job creation has inspired hundreds to be active participants in our society’sdevelopment process.From women empowerment, to children future initiative, our special programs andadvocating for youth-led development, reaching out to over one million people acrossthe nation, this year our journey to create a healthy and sustainable society has taken apositive leap forward.As our programmes continue to encourage and inspire young people, we appreciate thesupport of our donors and friends, who through their grants and donations have madeour initiatives realities.Rhoda RobinsonAdministrative Director
  6. 6. PROGRAMS  Pro-Health and Environment focus groups  Leadership Training  Women Empowerment  Children Future Initiative  End Malaria – Together we can  HACEY UN international Youth Year
  7. 7. PRO-HEALTH AND ENVIRONMENT FOCUS GROUPSHACEY launched Pro-Health and Environmental Protection focus groups in Ilorin, Kwara stateNigeria. These focus groups inform, educate and encourage young people in secondary andtertiary institutions to actively participate in health and environmental activities, and developtheir innate abilities. Peer education has been an important method in bringing different viewsand ideas together at the same time correcting wrong impressions and providing valuableinformation on various health issues. Members of these focus groups are encouraged to usevarious innovative methods such as drama, poetry, and music presentations in passing theirmessage across to the public. They actively participate in the process of informationdissemination and are also actively involved in the planning and implementation of variousactivities and programs organized.These focus groups concentrate on various health issues such as HIV/AIDS, malaria, climatechange, environmental sanitation and such. They benefit from leadership training, skillacquisition training organized to empower them. They are trained to be peer educators so thatthey too can impart this knowledge into their peers and re-create these groups wherever theyare, thereby increasing the spread of information and empowerment. To date, the Pro-Healthand Environmental Protection focus groups have branched out to schools in other statesin the country and more are being created. We have trained 50 peer education trainers,and over 1000 peer educators have been produced through these focus groups insecondary schools and tertiary institutions. The methods we use is the art displays (drama,music and poems) which also serves as talent development, so the whole process is all aboutlearning and fun. Among the peer educators are young students who are called anti-HIVadvocates, anti-malaria advocates and climate advocates.HACEY encourages the members of the focus groups to do more and be more creative in theirapproach. They are provided with every necessary information and tutored on best practisesand how to effect behavioural change in the members of the society. We organize programswhere they take full participation and are rewarded for their hard work with gifts to encouragethem. They are also given the opportunity to express themselves publicly and in anencouraging atmosphere.
  8. 8. These focus groups breed a sense of responsibility in the young people andencourage them to participate in development processes in their communities andschools. At present, products of these focus groups are currently championingyouth led development initiatives in different parts of the country. They are alsotaking active part in school leadership and activities – educational and recreational.The focus groups were active in our advocacy programs to religious leaders andawareness programs on HIV/AIDS in Zamfara state at the motor park, to students,on the streets. Through the creation of the focus groups, we involve the youngpeople in the generation of ideas and their implementation, creating empoweredfuture leaders with the right knowledge of health, environmental awareness andcommunity development responsibilities.
  9. 9. LEADERSHIPTRAININGHACEY conducted a leadership training program for 500 students from different schools in Lagosstate, during which they were taught leadership and life building skills, giving them an opportunityto show what they have learnt, and information that will help them to be socially responsibleindividuals. They participated in role playing games to give them better understanding ofleadership, and interactive games that taught the principles of teamwork and success. They werealso imparted with knowledge on how they can better cope with school work and making the rightcareer choices. These secondary school students were given the opportunity to express themselvesand see themselves as leaders. They were encouraged to be active and learn new things.Using the acronym ‘SMARTNESS’, HACEY empowers students to be social change agents and toapply themselves in everything. In Ilorin, over 3000 students have be imparted using this acronymand have become studious students in their disciplines.
  10. 10. WOMEN EMPOWERMENT ‘Empowering women is empowering the nation’ Empowerment for women creates a multiplier effect in their lives and that of their children as they are the major caregivers in the family setting. Therefore, teaching women basic health knowledge will in fact improve the health of the family and community. In training women to give them financial empowerment, HACEY partnered with the National Directorate of Employment in Zamfara state to train 50 women on how to make money from Interior decoration, and how to manage their business to ensure profit. After the training, the women were given money to start their own small scale business and monitored to ensure they had all the help and advice they needed. At present, some of these women have apprentices under them who they in turn train increasing the number of empowered women in Zamfara state. Integrated into the entrepreneurship training is health education – informing the women about healthy attitudes that will prevent avoidable illness and deaths for them and their children. They were taught how to recognise signs of illnesses and the steps to take in treating such. HACEY also held Health education programmes for women at Ilupeju - Ibafo community in Ogun state. SMS which teaches women about hygiene were sent to the phones of women in the community to provide information on how they can stay healthy.
  11. 11. CHILDREN FUTURE INITIATIVE The children are not left out of the plan as HACEY has an initiative in Ebonyi state Nigeria called the Children Future Initiative. The initiative is all about helping children live to their full potential by ensuring they have access to education. HACEY trains students in tertiary institution or graduates who serve as volunteer teachers to compliment the low teacher-student ratio. HACEY uses our book Adventure of Piggles, an illustrated children’s story book to teach the children about how they can be environment friendly We also teach them how to use computers and how to take care of themselves.
  12. 12. END MALARIA – TOGETHER WE CANTo combat the scourge of malaria in to use the nets whenvarious programs to educate infection on The youths were encouraged Nigeria, HACEY organize sleeping to reduce the the publicmalaria prevention and treatment. The use of long lasting insecticide-treated nets the fight against and transmission of malaria. Information on how they could join in is strongly encouragedduring these programs, and a campaign for maintaining malaria is clean environment age ways of the spread of malaria was also disseminated. As a healthy no respecter of as andpreventing the occurrence of malaria. HACEY organized forums in universities and colleges; to educate the affects both young and old, everyone was encouraged to use insecticide treated netsstudents and youths on ways through which the spread of malaria can be reduced such as the use of and taught how to use them to keep them effective and harmless to humans.insecticide treated nets, effective anti-malaria treatment, and the maintenance of a clean environment. Atthe end of the forum, 1000 students committed themselves to ensuring and living healthier lives tocombat malaria and to educate the public. HACEY developed the End Malaria – together we caninitiative as another means of spreading information about malaria and its treatment. End malaria –together we can has both a physical presence in programs carried out by the organization and an onlinepresence where everyone can have access to information concerning malaria including latestdevelopments in anti malaria drugs and treatment. The online group consistently educates and informyoung people on how they can actively combat malaria and gives everyone, at all times, the opportunity toget the information they need on malaria, and to give their opinions and suggestions on various mattersrelating to malaria. At present, there are over 1000 individuals who participate in this initiative, and thisnumber increases daily.HACEY has taken advantage of this mobile era by sending mobile SMS (short message service) to provideinformation to women in rural communities. We have provided relevant information to over 10,000women and young people in Gusau, Abakaliki and Ilorin on how they too can combat malaria.HACEY has distributed to women and young people in rural communities 200 Long Lasting Insecticide-treated nets to support the fight against malaria; we also corrected misconceptions on the use of these netand answered questions that the women and youths had concerning the Insecticide-treated nets.
  13. 13. SPECIAL REPORT HACEY UN INTERNATIONAL YOUTH YEAR (4TH – 12TH AUGUST 2011)In an effort to harness the energy, imagination andcreativity of the world’s youth in overcoming thechallenges facing humankind, from enhancing peace toboosting economic development, the United NationsGeneral Assembly proclaimed an International Year ofYouth 12th August 2010 – 11th August 2011.As such, HACEY organized a nine day program toencourage youths to take part in the race towards theachievement of the Millennium Development Goals withthe theme ‘YOUTH AND THE MDGs’. During the programthe MDGs were discussed in forums, classrooms, groups,public places, online, Television and Radio programs.Each goal was discussed, giving the youths theopportunity to give their opinions and suggestions onhow each goal can be achieved.Through television and radio broadcast, we were able toreach over one million of people across the nation. Weheld discussions in National Youth Service CorpsCommunity Development Service groups, and spoke withstudents in secondary schools. We distributedinformative and educative pamphlets around in overeight states of the nation to increase the reach of theinitiative.As a result, we have been able to draw youths togetherto give their views and give suggestions on what theybelieve the cause and solutions to the current problemsin our society. We have engaged youths in innovativethinking and discovery processes to motivate them intoproductive action and create an outlet through whichthey can have their ideas heard. This program has shownthe youths that they too can be actively involved in ourdevelopment process and help our nation achieve the
  14. 14. Through this program, we have been able to draw youths together to give their views andgive suggestions on what they believe the cause and solutions to the current problems inour society. We have engaged youths in innovative thinking and discovery processes tomotivate them into productive action and create an outlet through which they can havetheir ideas heard. This program has shown them that they too can be actively involved inour development process and help our nation achieve the Millennium DevelopmentGoals. With the mentality of the youths changed to this positive outlook, there is going tobe an increase in the number of youths involved in the development of their localcommunities and youth groups.By involving in the development of the society, youths are exposed to opportunities forpersonal development and a way in which they can give back to the society. Thegovernment will have an influx of ideas and possible solutions to the problems hinderingthe development of our society. With youth and the society working together towards acommon goal, there will be a reduction in conflicts arising from misunderstandingsbetween both parties, and a clearer view of what each party requires to succeed.
  15. 15. FINANCIAL STATEMENTThe Directors have the pleasure in presenting to the Organization, their report for the year endedDecember 31, 2010.PRINCIPAL ACTIVITYHACEY is a non-governmental organization committed to educating, informing and empoweringwomen and young people on health and environment issues as it relates to them, and providinghuman capacity development by providing the information and training required for personal,organizational and community transformation.RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORSThe Organizations Directors are responsible for the preparation of the financial statements, whichgives a true and fair view of the state of affairs of the Organization as at the end of its financialyear and of its cash flows for the year. These responsibilities include ensuring that:  Adequate internal control procedures are instituted to safeguard assets and prevent and detect fraud and other irregularities;  Proper accounting records are maintained;  Applicable accounting standards are followed;  Suitable accounting policies are used and consistently applied;
  16. 16. FINANCIAL STATEMENTThe following significant accounting policies are used by HACEY in the preparation of the financialstatement of the organization. All expenses incurred and income generated by HACEY Health Initiativeare converted to US Dollar ($) for the purpose of this statement.Basis of accountingThe financial statements are prepared under the historical cost basis.Fixed assetsFixed assets are stated at cost less accumulated depreciation.IncomeIncome comprises grants and donations. The organization reports gifts of cash received without anydonor restrictions as donations. Gifts of cash received with donor restrictions are reported as grants.GrantsGrants are typically restricted and unrestricted funds. Restricted funds are grants with donor imposedstipulations for execution of core programmes that must be met by the organization, otherwisereturned to the donor. Unrestricted funds are grants without donor imposed stipulations that can beutilised in funding any area of the organizations operations.Donated goods and servicesNumerous volunteers donate significant time to the organizations activities. Donated services thatneither create nor enhance non financial assets nor require specialized skills are not included in thefinancial statements.
  17. 17. FINANCIAL STATEMENTINCOME AMOUNT ($)Income brought forward 500GrantsRestricted -Unrestricted -Donations 6450Honorarium 550Dues 1000TOTAL 8500EXPENSE AMOUNT ($)PROGRAM AND GENERAL EXPENSERegistration 150Training 150Travel and entertainment 1230Telecommunication 720Utilities 190Supplies 650Website 160Media coverage 125Programs 1760Printing and production 975Repairs and maintenance 540Miscellaneous 350TOTAL 8450
  18. 18. APPRECIATIONWe would like to express our sincere gratitude to our members, benefactors and beneficiarieswho without which our work would not be possible.SPECIAL THANKS1. Lagos State Government Education District III2. National Directorate of Employment, Zamfara state3. O & A Consults4. Cool/wazobia fm, Lagos5. Inspiration fm, Lagos6. Murhi International Television, Lagos7. Lagos Television, Lagos8. Super screen Television, Lagos9. Television Continental, Lagos10. Legacy Comprehensive Secondary school, Lagos11. Supreme International School, Lagos12. National Youth Service Corps Community Development Service groups, Lagos13. Amalgamated Forum for Youth Development, Kano