preparing kids for facebook


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This slide presentation will teach learners on how to keep safe when they are on facebook

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preparing kids for facebook

  1. 1. Thobile Ntombizodwa Khoza 201214012
  2. 2. A way of meeting people.
  3. 3. What is social medianetworking  Social networking is the grouping of into a specific groups.  Its like an online community for internet users.  These group of individuals can have the same common interests , hobbies , religion or politics.  Social networking sites are designed for people from same community , university or workplace.
  4. 4. Different Social Networkingsites MySpace Friendster Flickr Twitter Facebook photobucket
  5. 5. Myspace  Myspace does not cater for a specific group.  Apart from offering user blogs and message boards , has a classified ad section where nonprofit organizations can place job listings and a space for upcoming events.  Minimum age 15 years.
  6. 6. Friendster  Friendster categorizes groups by subject matter.  It also has a designated section for nonprofit and philanthropic organizations.  Minimum age 16 years
  7. 7. Flicker  It is based around digital images.  It doesn’t offer individual user blog , but it allow to join groups.  Minimum age 13 years
  8. 8. Twitter  Twitter is a social networking site and micro blogging service , that allows you to answer questions such as “What are you doing”.  The short messages that you send are called “tweets”.  Minimum age 13 years.
  9. 9. Facebook  Facebook users create a profile page that shows their Friends , Network information , Status ,Photos , Notes , Groups ,And the wall.  Your friends can also inbox you.  Minimum age 13.
  10. 10. Photobucket  Photobucket is an image and video- sharing site that allows users to create profiles and portfolios to share.  Photobucket is one of premier photo sites in the web.
  11. 11. Advantages Of Social MediaNetworking Sites.  Connections - you are friends with someone who have other friends and so on.  Low costs - you advertise your products with a lower price.  Finding old friends - you find friends who you have lost contact with.  Meet new friends - people that you have never met , but you have a common interest.
  12. 12. Advantages cont… customer interaction - you get customer feedback and customer support. Management - they give you relationship management , reputation management. Easy communication – you can communicate with anyone and anywhere in a much timely fashion. Self esteem - it builds self esteem
  13. 13. The disadvantages Getting stalked - people stalked by people who they met on a social network. Lack of privacy – people may post private things about you. Information flow – there is small control of information flow. Decrease in physical interactions – people depend on the digital domain for interactions.
  14. 14. Disadvantages cont… Scams and harassment – people not what they say they are.
  15. 15. Advice for first time user  Think before you post anything.  Don’t post your personal information such as contact details , physical addresses.  Don’t neglect the important things in your life such as homework , household chores etc…  Don’t agree to go and meet someone you just met on a social network in a private place.  Just be careful because there are people who are cruel in these world.
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