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E marketing- for young people in vietnam, where teens & technology meet
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E marketing- for young people in vietnam, where teens & technology meet


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Published in: Business
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  • 1. E-Marketing- for Young People in Vietnam,Where Teens & Technology Meet 8, Nov, 2012In the new trendy developments of technology and information explosion; E-Marketing isbecoming an innovative strategies and powerful digital solutions for any smart advertisers incomplexity of business environment. 1
  • 2. Currently, the marketing is one of the "hot" jobs that are most dynamic and favorite for young people byits own creative and liberal characters. A special type of marketing work, it is suiting for teenagers, wholove social activity and technology, which is E-Marketing (electronic marketing).Accompanied by the rapidly development of technology and the information explosion, E-Marketing is awisely and preferred option of their competitively advertisement tool in everyday business. The maintool used in the E-Marketing campaign is a social network, website and forum communication such as:Facebook, Twitter and YouTube... that is the "area", through such sites, tweens and teens are betterable to make new friends, or real -time information sharing quickly and efficiently. Therefore, for onlinemarketing job and recruitment, the corporation usually prefers to the candidate, who have ability ofexploring and trying the new challenging, technology enthusiast and loving the regularly updatedinformation on social network sites. These criteria almost does not exist in the formal curriculum ofevery universities and it’s hard to study and achieve, but these mainly driven from the hobby, leisurehabits of young people and creativity, personality is of prime quality. So a first plus score for theattractive field is not too focusing on the education degree, professional qualifications. Everyone hasequal opportunity as long as they have the great enthusiasm and passion for social media. 2
  • 3. Job Requirements PR team – Marketing DivisionAppearance: - Boy, standard manly behavior or stylish Girl with similarities in physical appearance of both genders - Girl must to wear skirts, trousers is not encouraged. - Age: 18 +Job requirements: - Animals lover (especially fish, turtles) - love online, mobile, like check-in, Facebook ‘s addicting people (Instagram and Foursquare member is advantage) - Ability to creating Social Media and Content Marketing constantly, the ability of posting unlimited any creative advertising and PR topic. - Girl is commenting and Boy taking photography in anywhere and anytime. - Chit - chat, overheard and blah-blah quickly, especially setting up to any gathered event to for party is an advantage. - Ability to distinguishing between L and N for pronunciation. - Priority to the applicants who know how to play the game (at least Ninja fruit) - Degree: Meeting the above requirements, it’s mean that this request does not existing. Salary: Negotiable & Good compensation: Salary + Benefits (based on years of experience and creative abilities), that is proposed by the candidates themselves after applied their CV and invited cafe with marketing team as they are in a shortlist. Contact: Or for more detail information: attraction of E-Marketing for the modern young people is flexibility of the work, which seems todifference from the office workers, who is preferred standards, regulation and discipline. Thus, e-Marketing is the default for young people with sensitive mind, personality, and unlimited creativethinking.Previously, everyone thinks that the job announcements and recruitment of businesses look like a formof elegance template theme, to be completely professional and serious. In contrast, senses of humor 3
  • 4. using combined basing thoroughly internet marketing tools; the MCCorp Company’s hiring informationis "capturing" the teen hearts.MCCorp’s marketing representative revealed that: "right from the early days, since recruitment noticedin this special form, MCCorp’s HR division as" sinks "in the CV and applying e-mail , all of them camefrom almost young people and this is said that the teen’s interest for the E-Marketing is very huge. Inaddition, at present, e-Marketing courses are also widely held, attracting more young students to bemore joined in training in this area. Essentially, it could be said that E-Marketing has been moreprofessionalizing and replacing the traditional marketing methods in near future.Today, by bring a dynamic and friendly opportunity for expressing themselves - E-Marketing is becominga latest trend in the marketing industry. In addition, these factors influencing during career choicesdecision-making process of young people.(Source:htp:// 4