IDC: Apple nearly triples Vietnam tablet growth in Q2                                                                     ...
B. Vietnam mobile phone Q2 shipment falls amid weaker economySummary: Shipment of feature phones and smartphones in the co...
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Apple nearly triples vietnam tablet growth in q2


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Apple nearly triples vietnam tablet growth in q2

  1. 1. IDC: Apple nearly triples Vietnam tablet growth in Q2 08 Oct 2012Summary: About 8 in 10 bought an Apple device, driven by pent up demand for new iPadand a drop in iPad 2s price, which helped extend the Cupertino firms market share.A. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, October 8 2012 – According to IDCs Worldwide QuarterlyTablet Tracker, the Vietnam tablet market registered an astounding growth of 110% quarter-on-quarter (QoQ) in Q2. Pent-up demand for Apples new iPad 3 as well as a slight dip in the priceof the existing iPad 2 contributed to Apples impressive 170% QoQ jump. Samsung, Applesmain competitor in the market took a significant hit as consumers switched en masse topurchasing iPads instead of Galaxy Tabs in Q2."While Android vendors have the competitive edge in the local smartphone market, they areunable to compete with Apple in tablet segment as iPads are widely perceived to be in a leagueof their own" said Võ Lê Tâm Thanh, Senior Market Analyst, Client Devices Research at IDCVietnam. He continued, "Apple has grown from strength to strength, as it dominates with an all-time high of 78% of the Q2 tablet market. Its reputation as a premium device continues toexpand its loyal following in Vietnams brand-conscious consumer market."Android experienced mild growth in Vietnams tablet market this quarter although this trend willbe likely eclipsed by the iPads meteoric rise. The outlook for Android based tablets may befurther affected later this year if the rumours of Apples iPad mini prove to be true. 1
  2. 2. B. Vietnam mobile phone Q2 shipment falls amid weaker economySummary: Shipment of feature phones and smartphones in the country falls for secondquarter in a row sequentially, as inflation and recession in the economy hold back spending.Vietnams mobile phone market has continued to decline along with its economic problems, withinflation and recession creating a barrier to consumer spending, says IDC.According to the research firms Asia-Pacific quarterly mobile phone tracker released Thursday,the countrys mobile phone market experienced a decline of 18 percent in the second quarter of2012. However, year-on-year it grew 10.9 percent.The mobile phone shipments had fallen for two quarters, from close to 8 million units in thefourth quarter of 2011, to 7 million in the first quarter of 2012.Feature phone shipments too recorded a significant sequential decline of 20.3 percent whilesmartphone shipments fell 4.1 percent despite the continued migration to smartphones amongconsumers.The fall is due to the slowdown in consumer purchases in light of inflation and recession in thecountry, which has hindered disposable income in Vietnam, IDC said.Economic problems have created a barrier to consumer spending, but the downward trend shouldcome to a stop in the second half of 2012, Võ Lê Tâm Thanh, client devices research seniormarket analyst at IDC Vietnam observed in the statement."While economic uncertainties have dampened enthusiasm somewhat, we still expect thesmartphone market to bounce back strongly in the second of the year as local vendors introducemore affordable smartphones and carriers reduce prices of 3G data plans," Thanh said.According to a GfK Asia report in September, Vietnam had been one of the seven key markets inSoutheast Asia where smartphone volume sales had grown the fastest. The region also recordedthe fast increase in market share of smartphones as compared to feature phones. Source: IDG 2