Dress Better in 10 Minutes
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Dress Better in 10 Minutes

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Learn how to dress better in 10 minutes. I will show you how to dress according to your body and complexion to develop your own style that'll get you compliments in no time!

Learn how to dress better in 10 minutes. I will show you how to dress according to your body and complexion to develop your own style that'll get you compliments in no time!

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  • 1. HOW TO DRESS BETTER in10 Minutes
  • 2. Table of Contents Introduction 3 Proportions 4 Colors 8 Wardrobe Essentials 18 About Li 20
  • 3. Introduction Style is learned. Despite what the media and fashion magazines might have you believe, being stylish is not an elusive state reserved for the rich and skinny. As long as you understand a few simple rules about what looks best on your body type and what colors bring out your complexion, you will be getting compliments on your style in no time. In this quick guide, I will show you how to dress to flaunt your assets and hide your insecurities, and why certain colors work on your skin better than any other in 10 minutes. Let’s get started! 3
  • 4. Proportions Dressing better is all about knowing your proportions. You don’t have to look like a model to dress like one. As long as you understand your body type and know a few tricks on how to make yourself look long and lean, you’ll be looking 10x better in 10 minutes. 4
  • 5. Top Small Boobs Big BoobsYou look best in high-necks such as halter You look great in any low cut tops. Vand sleeveless tops. They will make you necks, boat necks, and corsets are yourlook leaner and taller. Avoid low cut tops. best bet because you can pull them off ef- fortlessly. Avoid high neck tops and halter tops. 5
  • 6. Middle Flabby TummyWrap tops and shirt tail hems that Big Hipscover the front while rising on the sidesare the best for camouflage.Make sure Big hips are sexy but certain clothingthat your shirts end at the widest part brings them out better than others.of you so your middle looks smaller. Slash tees and more decorated topsNever buy clothing that is too tight--al- balance out your shoulder with yourways get clothes that comfortably skim hips for that elusive hourglass figure.over your figure. Add small belts for emphasis on your 6 waist.
  • 7. Bottom If you are a short girl, here are some style tips to make you look taller: » Match your shoe color to the color of your pants as close as possible to make your legs appear longer. » Layer your tops. They will make your legs appear longer by comparison. » Always shop at the petite’s section. Pro- portions on jackets and pants are difficult to get right in regular sizes. » Yes you will have to get certain clothing tailored, but when you get your clothes back, they will look fabulous on you. 7
  • 8. ColorsA huge part of dressing better is knowing what colors look beston you.I’ve included a color quiz based on Cindy Busch’s test that identi-fies your complexion based on season in the next page» 8
  • 9. The Color Quiz Which do you look better in? 1. Navy Blue Brown Natural Blonde2. Blonde Brunette Brunette RedheadSummer Winter 3. Dark Eyes Light Eyes Autumn Spring 9
  • 10. Winter»You have dark hair and your skin can rangeanywhere from very pale, to olive, to dark.»Your complexion is characterized by strongcontrasts and depth to your coloring.»Celebrities who are Winters:Penelope Cruz, Nicki Minaj, Lucy Liu, Cath-erine Zeta-Jones, Kajol 10
  • 11. Winter ColorsBest Colors:You will look great in power colors like black, white, gray, andany strong, saturated jewel tones. You can pull off crazy colorsand icy pastels.Worst Colors:Stay away from earth tones and subdued colors as they will makeyou look sallow. 11
  • 12. Spring»You are a natural golden blonde, strawberryblonde, redhead, or a fair skinned brunettewith very pale skin and light, clear eyes.»Your complexion is characterized by lightnessand clearness with warm, golden undertones.»Celebrities who are Springs:Nicole Kidman, Kate Hudson, Meg Ryan, theOlsen Twins, Naomi Watts 12
  • 13. Spring ColorsBest Colors:Look for colors that are vibrant and alive. Your best colors arebright greens, true reds, and soft pale colors.Worst Colors:Avoid pure black and white and very dark and muted colors asthey will drown you out. 13
  • 14. Summer»You are a natural blonde or a brunette withvery pale skin and blue eyes.»Your complexion is characterized by a low-level of contrast with cool undertones of pinkor blue.»Celebrities who are Summers:Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Anniston,ReeseWitherspoon 14
  • 15. Summer ColorsBest Colors:For your best look, choose soft and muted colors. Look for colorswith cool undertones to complement your delicate complexion.Worst Colors:Saturated and intense colors will look harsh on you, so steer clearfrom those colors. 15
  • 16. Autumn»Your hair can be anywhere from red to bru-nette, to black, and your skin tone can varyfrom pale to ruddy.»Your complexion is characterized by goldenundertones and depth to your coloring.»Celebrities who are Autumns:Angelina Jolie, Eva Mendez,ChristinaHendricks,Julia Roberts, Jennifer Lopez 16
  • 17. Autumn ColorsBest Colors:You can wear rich, warm colors and any muted and earthy col-ors. You can rock anything in brown or tan.Worst Colors:Avoid pure black and white as well as clear bright colors andpure pastels. 17
  • 18. Wardrobe Essentials 1. Dark jeans 2. Black/Dark T-shirts 3. White/Cream Button Down 4. Little Black Dress or Equivalent 5. An Amazing Jacket 18
  • 19. Further ReadingI would know nothing about style without reading the books and websites below. Theauthors have gone in depth about what looks good and what doesn’t and I owe every-thing I know to them. Everything below is highly recommended:1. What Not to Wear by Trinny and SusannahThis was the first book I read on how to dress better, and my wardrobe is better for it.Trinny and Susannah have divided each page and its opposite to what looks bad vs.what looks good, and each picture tells way more than a thousand words. If there’sonly one book you read on style, this would be it.2. The Pocket Stylist by Kendall FarrMs. Farr is a professional stylist with years of experience. This is an encyclopedia ofstyle that details everything you need to know about looking great.3. Ask Andy About Clotheshttp://www.askandyaboutclothes.com/Tutorials/CindyBuschColorAnalysis.htmIronically an eBook about women’s wear has a color section that is mostly based on thiswebsite above. This site goes IN DEPTH about color. 19
  • 20. About Li I’m Li and I design eBooks Yes I am a Winter You can visit me at createdbyli.com or follow @ThisJustLin Thanks for reading! 20