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Chi-Sparks. Designing public innovation
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Chi-Sparks. Designing public innovation


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  • 1. Designing public innovation Albert Kivits & Ohyoon Kwon 3 April 2014, CHI Sparks Conference, Den Haag
  • 2. Speakers: Ohyoon & Albert Ohyoon south korean designer friendly hacker Albert Dutch likes belgium beer social entrepreneur
  • 3. Homeless SMS is a social innovation project explores how basic mobile technology can be useful toolkits supporting homeless people. most of homeless people own mobile phones, often they have smartphones
  • 4. Homeless SMS is a network of collaborators giovanni @gixworks dick @waag society jonas ohyoon will albert vincenzo @commonground paul @BGV partner organisations pieter jan
  • 5. Evolution of Homeless SMS 2010 2011 2012 2013 started at social venture incubator in London achieved a proof of concept. test the service with 20 homeless people in London development partnership in eindhoven
  • 6. How to Create a collaborative environment for experiments in the public domain? How can design contribute to innovation in the public domain? What we want to talk about today...
  • 7. A few basic facts about the problem...
  • 8. How many people are affected? 27,000 The Netherlands 113,260 England 1.6 : 1,000 2.1 : 1,000
  • 9. family breakdowns mental health addiction to drugs, alcohol & gambling debt ... The causes of homelessness
  • 10. €486 million Estimation of the annual costs Dutch government spends for supporting homeless people (calculated based on UK data) Cost includes appointments with GP, shelter, housing supports, running day centers...
  • 11. 2 years 30% drop-outs Getting back to the society is a slow process however it’s not always successful
  • 12. Homeless people remain isolated from relationships, inspirations and opportunities
  • 13. Are government and public services solving the problem? Are they a part of the problem? The public domain is under transformation already.
  • 14. City of Eindhoven received 40% extra welfare budget from national government (300M euro per year). However this amount is smaller than that was used to spend by the national government. Local governments get more responsibilities with a smaller budget welfare responsibilities budget cut
  • 15. How local governments can handle this challenge with less budget?
  • 16. Citizens can select providers of welfare services via open tenders. Therefore newcomers can enter the welfare domain. Public tenders
  • 17. All kinds of organisations and institutions are working together with citizens as a multi-disciplinary team on a neighborhood level. WIJ Eindhoven
  • 18. Local governments welfare organisations citizens newcomers All parties need to find new roles and new ways of working.
  • 19. The Culture of Eindhoven no natural resources and geographical advantages a strong culture of cooperation, openness for new ideas and new people adaptive for new ideas invite homeless sms in eindhoven
  • 20. from London to Eindhoven
  • 21. Establish the development partnership with 4 organisations in Eindhoven lead partner/ Service design Software development 3 organiSations providing services for homeless young people + innovation network of active and healthy aging with 80+ companies
  • 22. 2 jaarex-dakloosthuisloos support van hulpverleners gemeente psycholoog drug- en alcohol support persoonlijk begeleider support van hulpverleners sociaal netwerk in maatschappij 2 jaar winst voor (ex)dakloze EN organisaties ex-dakloosthuisloos Value proposition 1 Support a smoother and faster re-socialisation
  • 23. Measured 'outcomes' Cost saving €119.070 € 51.840 1 : 3.98 Operational costs €13.000 Bridging assumptions Cost assumptions Value proposition 2 Reduce missed appointments
  • 24. Managing the complexity of the partnership itself is a big task. *minimum duration to make an appointment with different stakeholders 1 days = clients 5 days = service workers 1 month = the steering group 2+ months = org directors
  • 25. Making storyboards with end users
  • 26. End users act out the scenes and build up the future story.
  • 27. Staff and clients find themselves in the story already Very useful way to build up a conversation with stakeholders and develop a common language for future scenarios
  • 28. Pitching the project together with staff members
  • 29. =Signing up the partnership contract... phase 1 basic service & pilot phase 2 further development & scale-up phase 3 testing & problem fixes 12wks, 21K 16wks, 30-40k 24wks, 10-20k
  • 30. Product functionalities
  • 31. Start small, release early and learn from users’ feedback 1. CORE SETTING UP AN ESSENTIAL ‘SPINE’ OF THE PROJECT. 2. ROLL-OUT growing users through ITERATIONS, testing propositions, DISCOVERIES AND learning from FAILUREs. 3. REFINING consolidate WHAT WORKED. 2 3
  • 32. core Setup a “design team” A small and engaged group of staff and clients giving feedback on service development
  • 33. core Gebruik jij SMS, WhatsApp of Facebook? Probeer dan de gratis ThumbsApp en haal meer uit je telefoon voor jezelf. ThumbsApp! Wekelijkse updates: sport, nieuwe baantjes & activiteiten; Plan herinneringen & vergeet de belangrijke dingen niet; Berichtjes van je begeleider over jouw krachten & doelen; ... en nieuwe functies op basis van jouw behoeften. Doe mee met de gratis proef in mei & juni SMS JOIN naar 06 3455 2827 voor smartphone & simpele telefoon! geen internet of beltegoed nodig pilorfase ThumbsApp Service kits
  • 34. The weekly prototyping plan core
  • 35. roll-out Staff & client introduction
  • 36. roll-out Message workshop with young people
  • 37. roll-out Kracht SMS workshop
  • 38. Heb je zin in iets fruitigs? Maar vind je het prijzig? Scoor bij Jumbo een galia meloen voor maar 1 euro! Fijn weekeind! - ThumbsApp 19/7 17:00 role prototype Young people contribute to running the service ✔ WORKED!
  • 39. Value proposition test 1 Weekly information messages Heb je zin in iets fruitigs? Maar vind je het prijzig? Scoor bij Jumbo een galia meloen voor maar 1 euro! Fijn weekeind! - ThumbsApp 19/7 17:00 “I really laugh about this message. Because I know it is written by Sandra” - emma Emma went to a supermarket and bought a mellon “I like to recieve something fun messages. Not all SMS needs to be serious and businesslike. I love this message particularly!” - Mourad ✔ WORKED!
  • 40. Value proposition test 2 Group message: staff can send one message to many clients Hallo Allemaal, Vandaag 29 Juli moeten de grijze bakken buiten gezet worden! Fijne avond! Team Changes 29/7 18:15 “it was great to see garbage bags on the street after cindy send out messages. previously i never have seen that” - trudy young people took out the garbagebags outside ✔ WORKED!
  • 41. Value proposition test 3 Hoi Carlos, tot zo om 13.00 uur bij DUO. Denk je aan je identiteitskaart? Groetjes Inge 1/8 9:45 Hallo Kies, ik zie je vanmiddag om 13.00 uur bij jou thuis. Heb je al het aanvraagformulier van moeder gekregen? Groeten Inge 25/7 10:00 “missed call does not deliver any information. But I can say something via SMS and clients do read it” - inge Appointment reminders “I know how important going to appointment is. However I have a lot of appointments every week and I am often too chaotic” - Joris ✔ WORKED!
  • 42. Value proposition test 4 Free SMS for young people X didn’t work!
  • 43. Mourad Fijn dit is een sms via Tumpsapp, start met mijn naam en je kan een sms via Thumpsapp sturen. Ik ben aan het oeffenen. Trudy 1/8 10:46 Mourad hoi yassine, niet erg. De afspraak is om 10uur. Groeten inge (Inge) 15/8 7:52 you can message young people before they come. If you prepare them, they already know there will be a conversation. - trudy new discovery SMS is used as a conversation starter ✔ WORKED!
  • 44. Takeaways for organisation directors, managers, frontline staff, service users & entrepreneurs working with them people involved in public innovation
  • 45. Innovation cannot be supplied by consultants. Give your people mandate and time in innovation. 1. for organisation directors
  • 46. Invite your partners in decision making processes. 2. for managers and team leaders
  • 47. 3. for frontline staff Find yourself if you’re early adopters, followers or last movers. Adoption is the matter of time.
  • 48. 4. for end users (citizens) Think about your interests and what you’re good at. You may be invited to use them for others.
  • 49. Role of designers
  • 50. Stay in touch, Homeless SMS is spinning off. We’re developing a public innovation company helping cities recycle proven and open source solutions. Thank you. @albertkivits @ohyoonkwn