numero Executive Summary Update 2012 by Guy Colclough (CEO)


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numero is a world-class software solutions provider that helps world-class companies to deliver exceptional customer experiences over any channel of communication. Above all else, it is our approach that sets numero apart from others. In short, we help organisations to do the right thing by combining our engagement model (numero act), our delivery approach (numero pro) and our software platform (numero interactive) to create truly innovative solutions that challenge conventional thinking and revolutionise organisational performance.

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  • LIME is very interesting because their strategy is very similar to your ownWeb self serviceNotificationsWeb Service layer over old and new systemsCustomer segmentation
  • numero Executive Summary Update 2012 by Guy Colclough (CEO)

    1. 1. Quick numero updateThe numero solution from contact centretelephony to back office complaints to webself service Guy Colclough CEO© 2012 numero - Commercial In Confidence Page 1
    2. 2. thisisnumero.comAbout us:• Private and highly successful business• Core team worked together for 17 years• Established in 2001 as a consultancy business• Created class leading niche email solution• Attracted an enviable client base of leading brands• Proven investment in software IP, process and delivery• Focus and strategy driven solely by client demandToday:• Secured major long term contracts• Transitioned into a transformational solutions provider• Taken to market a unique Enterprise class, multi channel CIM solution• Verified by clients, consultants, technology providers, Forrester & Gartner• Underpinned by strong recurring revenues and long term multi phased client programs “2012 will be the most successful year• Trading style reflects relationship and results based in our history marking our coming of delivery age” – Guy Colclough (CEO)© 2012 numero - Commercial In Confidence Page 2
    3. 3. A brief history of numero Started as Consultancy business Business transformation provider Successfully launch Rebranded and Launch numero New Major project interactive into first client - repositioned as transformational implementations Beta at Lakeland Tower Publishing numero contract wins & Vertex2001 2003 2005 2007 2009 2012 Acquire assets from Solution scale Peak investments: SmartAgent, the Brand, reference Stratumsoft from increased to support engagement, delivery, first NLP based sites, solution and Aberdeen Murray more channels – brand, reference email management processes complete Johnstone telephony, SMS, sites and software solution documents and XML development numero has successfully delivered two business transformation applications to market in the last decade. These are relied upon by prestigious Blue Chip clients © 2012 numero - Commercial In Confidence Page 3
    4. 4. numero IP investmentInvestment From niche email application to enterprise-class solutions with no debt or private equity backing Development Act Pro Brand Time Entrepreneurial Reactive Proactive Scalable Systematic Narrow solution focused Extended problem Full problem solving Full problem solving with Complete customer on solving email solving (email &workflow) (multi-channel contacts ROI engagement and contact solutions for challenges with workflow & closed loop solutions transformational projects automation) delivery Innovators Early adopters Innovators Early adopters Majority 2007 2008 2009 2010-2011 2012+ © 2012 numero - Commercial In Confidence Page 4
    5. 5. What we do numero act numero interactive numero pro do the right thingEngagement Methodology Software Platform Delivery Approach ROI centric, business led Class leading, Enterprise Agile and results driven scale Engage Elaboration Study Construction What sets us apart is the Playback way we do things and this is encapsulated in our business philosophy Approval Transitio „do the right thing‟. n numero is fast moving, agile and quick thinking transformational solution provider that can revolutionise businesses in record time© 2012 numero - Commercial In Confidence Page 5
    6. 6. Our technology missionSolution purposeThrough a combination of self-service capabilities, processautomation and the streamlining of manual processes,numero dramatically reduces the time and effort associatedwith handling customer interactions, irrespective of whetherthey are simple enquiries or complex transactions.  Reduce costs through increased efficiency & first time resolution rates  Improve management information and control  Reduce contact centre work load through increased self-service and automation  Improve customer satisfaction, quality and consistency  Focus on customer service, not handle timesScopeIn a single robust, scalable, configurable and future-proofpackage, numero provides an innovative and seamless “Our platform is simply the mostcombination of all of the products, features and operationally effective CIM platform intechnologies required to streamline contact centre the market today”operation and management. – Lawrence Harding (Technical Director)© 2012 numero - Commercial In Confidence Page 6
    7. 7. Software platformBusiness Function Application Type Line of Business Email Complaints Documents Claims Management Front Office Telephony Text & Reserve Websuite Stores Management Business Transformation Back Office Webchat Human Resources Call Me Back Supply Chain Online Facebook Case Management Twitter Finance Social Media & Mobile Mobile (SMS) Other numero is fast moving, agile and quick thinking transformational solution provider that can revolutionise businesses in record time© 2012 numero - Commercial In Confidence Page 7
    8. 8. Transformational solutions Stores & Depots Offshore Data centres Contact centres Retail - CC telephony Front - CTI Logistics office - (SAD) Single Agent Desktop Financial - Complaints - Claims Telecoms Back - Billing/ Customer numero office Payments Inbound Markets Utilities contacts interactive - Case mangnt Subscriptions - Deflection Online - Self service - Dynamic FAQ - My account Health Social - Facebook Government Media - Twitter & - Text & Reserve Blue Light Mobile - Mobile apps All All Integrates all elements of a modern Proven verticaldemographics channels multi-channel business expertise numero act numero pro © 2012 numero - Commercial In Confidence Page 8
    9. 9. numero around the globe The numero platform is designed and Global delivery areas of numero solution developed to be truly international application with proven global appeal© 2012 numero - Commercial In Confidence Page 9
    10. 10. 2011 Deliveries Major new Large US UK Global Large UK International bank power logistics telecoms catalog IT services company company provider retailer company New multichannel, Complete contact Complete contact New web self New web self New multi back office and centre, back office centre and back service and new service & social channel contact web self service and web self office platform social platform media platform centre and back mortgage platform service platform Full contact centre office platform / back office Created high quality, class leading references in multiple industry sectors in record time© 2012 numero - Commercial In Confidence Page 10
    11. 11. Committed for 2012 Major UK Renowned Leading UK Global Eminent UK Large UK high street European supermarket telecoms outsourcer insurance retailer travel provider provider company New contact Revolutionary new New channels for Global roll out of Multiple new Revolutionizing centre, back contact centre contact centre web self service platforms and re online self service office and web self platform & new platform and social platform platform solutions offering and service retail SOA layer transforming the platform contact centre Committed to transformational and mission critical solutions delivery to give our clients competitive edge© 2012 numero - Commercial In Confidence Page 11
    12. 12. Multi-channel service model Single view of customer Experience History Story • Place orders Web Promote offer • Open an Web chat Promote account service Email • Make payments Update on Social media orders • Returns SMS Update on • Request returns information Telephony Account • Notify a defect Document update Self Service Consistent Service Proactive Service© 2012 numero - Commercial In Confidence Page 12
    13. 13. Find out more© 2012 numero - Commercial In Confidence Page 13