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This documents describes the sponsor opportunities at the Ventilation 2009 International Conference in Zurich.

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Sponsoring Ventilation2009 2009 05 26

  1. 1. Clean Industrial Air Technology Systems for Improved Products and Healthy Environments October 18-21, 2009 ETH Zurich, Switzerland Hosted by the Chair of Building Systems, Institute for Building Technology (HBT), Department of Architecture.
  2. 2. Information for potential Sponsors  This document describes the sponsor opportunities at the Ventilation 2009 conference.  It outlines your benefits, your options, and cost.  We offer two levels of sponsorship: - Platinum and Gold.  In addition, there are some other ways of supporting this international conference. We are happy to work out a sponsoring agreement, tailored to your needs and preferences.  For further information, please contact : - AFC Air Flow Consulting AG - Dr. Daniel Gubler, Conference Co-Chairman Weinbergstrasse 72 CH-8006 Zürich Switzerland - Phone +41 58 450 00 00 Fax +41 58 450 00 05 E-mail info@afc.ch URL: www.afc.ch  May 26, 2009 2
  3. 3. Contents  Interactions at Ventilation 2009 Conference 4  Aim & Scope 5  Conference Program 6  Audience 7  Your appearance at Ventilation 2009 Conference 8  Summary of options and benefits 9  Conference Scope 10  Investors Event and Workshop 12  Institutional Sponsors 13  Platinum Sponsors / Exhibition 14  Ventilation 2009 Partner: Your Benefit 15  Why become a Platinum Sponsor? 16  Why become a Gold Sponsor? 17  Why become a Media Partner? 18  Overview: Benefits and costs 19  The Ventilation 2009 Organising Committee 20  Contact 21 3
  4. 4. Interactions at Ventilation 2009 Conference Economy Technology Conference Networking Exhibition Sessions 4
  5. 5. Aim & Scope Aim & Scope The tasks and aims of industrial ventilation are to guarantee high product quality, to protect human health, and to prevent environmental pollution. These must be achieved in an energy-efficient way with minimal environmental impact and greenhouse gas emissions. Papers are invited for the following topics: - Industrial working place, emission and exposure control, target values, and energy efficiency, - Clean room environments, - Exhaust gas treatment, - Indoor/Outdoor environmental air quality related to industrial production, - Occupational health, standards, and policies, - Innovative sensors for ventilation applications, - Specialized ventilation technologies (data centres, mining, tunnelling, commercial kitchens, ships, hospital OP). Other topics directly related to the aims of industrial ventilation are also welcome. Focus on future trends The Ventilation 2009 Conference in Zurich will focus on future trends. A new concept with interactive participant involvement will be introduced. Besides plenary and parallel technical sessions with presented papers and posters, Interactive Forums will be held where the specialists have an opportunity to discuss technology-specific problems, solutions, and future trends. 5
  6. 6. Conference Program 6
  7. 7. Audience  Technology experts: Technical and industrial companies, architects and planners, energy providing industry (utilities), as well as researchers, scientists, professional associations, and investors.  Occupational health and medical professionals, Safety-at-work insurances, SME, students.  Enterprisers of technical industrial businesses, industrial decision makers, and engineers of the power generation industry.  Specialists of related industries: Hospital hygiene, clean room technology, data centre HVAC and safety, pharmaceutical and bio-medical production, road and rail tunnel engineering, commercial kitchen, control of smoke and toxic fumes, and CBRN threads (chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear hazards).  Software developers and researchers in computational fluid dynamics (CFD), software companies.  Service companies for numerical simulation, such as CFD, system simulation, and numerical energy analysis.  Companies providing system solutions, design tools, HVAC control systems, as well as software and hardware.  Individuals interested in new technology in industrial ventilation, occupational safety, and improved product quality. 7
  8. 8. Your appearance at Ventilation 2009 Your Commitment As Platinum or Gold Sponsor Conference Investors‘ Event participation as Contact with clients speaker or audience and other companies Your Sponsoring Opportunities at Ventilation 2009 Exhibition Media and commercial Product presentation, contact with Appearance in leading daily potential clients, experts, decision newspapers and professional journals. makers, and in general exposure to a Extended publicity and advertising in high-level international professional commercials community 8
  9. 9. Summary of options and benefits  Conference: Participation as a speaker or visitor in an extraordinary conference, which is also supported by ASHRAE, SHASE of Japan, AIVC, SWKI and many other international organizations  Exhibition: Product presentation and contact with decision makers, experts, and knowhow bearers  Social Event: Opportunity to sponsor part or all of the Welcome Reception or Banquet Dinner  Partnership: Appearance as Platinum sponsor, Gold sponsor, or media partner of Ventilation 2009  Media and Commercials: Due to excellent media coverage you get an effective media exposure in leading professional journals and magazines in Switzerland, like: - The International Journal of Ventilation IJV - Contaminant Control Report 9
  10. 10. Conference Scope The Ventilation 2009 addresses practical problems and novel solutions of the following applications:  (A1) Industrial working place emission and exposure control, target values  (A2) Exhaust gas treatment  (A3) Air Quality indoor/outdoor and environmental air quality related to industrial production  (A4) Occupational health and work place safety  (A5) Specialized applications - Data centres - Clean room environments - Mining - Tunnelling - Commercial kitchen - Ships - Hospitals, operating theatre - Others 10
  11. 11. Conference Scope Continued… The Ventilation 2009 Scientific Committee has asked the authors to categorize their contributions according to the following types of methods:  (M1) Computational tools Computational Fluid Dynamics CFD, Energy simulation  (M2) Experiments, measurements, testing, and monitoring  (M3) HVAC Design innovative solutions and future trends  (M4) Innovative sensors for ventilation applications and HVAC automatic control  (M5) Energy efficiency energy auditing, barriers to energy-saving measures, life-cycle analysis, sustainable development  (M6) Standards, codes, and policies  (M7) Economic issues cost analysis and optimization  (M8) Training and education  (M9) Case studies success stories 11
  12. 12. Investors’ Event and Workshop  The Investors' Event offers a platform to companies to get in direct contact with financial institutions and potential investors.  Company presentations related to a financing over the capital market, presentations on tailor-made investments by banks and investment funds.  Examples of investment funds that issue long-term certificates.  Parallel to presentations, companies and investors find time for networking.  Industrial as well as private investors, public relations agencies, communicators, and especially media are invited to the Investors' Event 12
  13. 13. Institutional Sponsors AIHA – the premier association for occupational and environmental health and safety professionals. Educating, training and advancing the careers of OEHS professionals globally. Visit us online at www.aiha.org The American Industrial Hygiene Association The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Inc. SHASE - The Society of Heating, Air-Conditioning and Sanitary Engineers of Japan Federation of European Heating and Air conditioning Associations Air Infiltration and Ventilation Centre – IEA ECBES Annex 5 International Network for Information on Ventilation and Energy Performance Swiss Society of Building Technology Engineers Energy Conservation in Buildings and Community Systems Programme OCETA is a private not-for-profit corporation that supports the commercialization and market acceptance of innovative technologies and environmentally sustainable solutions through stakeholder consultation and the provision of business and technical services. Ontario Centre for Environmental Technology Advancement 13
  14. 14. Platinum Sponsors Hewlett-Packard (Schweiz) GmbH Technology Solutions Group APC by Schneider Electric, Critical Power & Cooling Services (CPCS) APC develops innovative products that are engineered for ease of use through standardized and modular components. 14
  15. 15. Exhibition  If you get an exhibition booth in the display area in front of the conference lecture halls you can present your company profile, products, documentation, sales video, and handouts. It is an effective opportunity to tie personal relationships with key persons and future clients.  We welcome commercial exhibitors, professional associations, and publishers of conference-related journals and literature to rent floor space in our display area. 15
  16. 16. Ventilation 2009 Partner: Your benefits  Attractive environment at the top-ranking Technical University ETH, Zurich, with excellent international reputation  Ideal platform to present your company  Opportunity for an innovative appearance of your company with potential to promote and confirm your image.  Networking among exponents from economy, science, and politics.  Contact with clients, investors, building owners, and media  Efficient exposure to media and conference participants in the following categories: - Platinum sponsor (with exhibition booth) - Gold sponsor (with exhibition booth) - Media partner 16
  17. 17. Why become a Platinum Sponsor? What we can offer you as a Platinum Sponsor:  Participation in Ventilation 2009 (entrance to conference and Investors' Event) for 1 person  Presentation at the conference (10 minutes)  Presentation at Investors' Event  Display stand „DeLuxe“ at prominent location (including electrical power, poster panels on request)  Logo on the cover of the program flyer  Logo on conference web site  Mention in exhibitor list  Mention as Platinum Sponsor on the sponsors and exhibitor bulletin board  Preferred integration in commercials and media work,  Cost: CHF 4‘500.00 17
  18. 18. Why become a Gold Sponsor? What we can offer you as a Gold Sponsor:  Display stand „Premium“ (including electrical power, poster panels on request)  Logo in program flyer  Logo on conference web site  Mention in exhibitor list  Mention as Gold Sponsor on the sponsors and exhibitor bulletin board  Integration in commercials and media work,  Cost: CHF 1‘500.00 18
  19. 19. Why become a Media Partner? What we can offer you as a Media Partner:  Official media partner before, during, and after the Ventilation 2009 Conference,  Logo on cover of program booklet,  Logo on conference web site,  Mention as media partner on the sponsors and exhibitor bulletin board,  Cost: Free publication of articles and ads reporting on the conference. 19
  20. 20. Overview: Benefits and costs Categories Platinum Sponsor Gold Sponsor Media Partner Cost CHF 4‘500 1‘500 - Entrance to Conference 1 person - - Participation in Investors' Event 1 person - - Display stand „DeLuxe“ ca. 10m2 x - - Display stand „Premium“ ca. 5m2 - x - Presentation at conference x (10min) - - Presentation at Investors' Event x - - Logo on conference web site x x x Logo on cover of program booklet x - x Logo in program booklet x x x 20
  21. 21. The Ventilation 2009 Organising Committee  Howard D. Goodfellow, Conference Chairman, howard.goodfellow@ca.tenovagroup.com  Daniel Gubler, Conference Co-Chairman, daniel.gubler@afc.ch  Alfred Moser, Local Conference Organizer, moser@scienceservices.ch  AFC Air Flow Consulting AG was founded in 1995 as a spin-off of the ETH Zurich, AFC provides comprehensive consulting in airflow-related engineering and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for Fire Safety, Building Climate Control, Contaminant Control and Engineering. With more than 20 years of experience, AFC is known as a pioneer in numerical simulation for the built environment (CAE) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD). Simulation methods are therefore applied in the most efficient way. - http://www.afc.ch/english/  Science Services Alfred Moser provides technical support in the fields of indoor climate, human comfort, IAQ, hygiene, health and safety in buildings, and fluid dynamics. In addition it supports you with international project management, congress organization, final editing and reviewing of scientific articles, translations, web contents management (CMS), and database design and maintenance. Science Services Alfred Moser is an individually owned firm founded in 2007. - http://www.scienceservices.ch  Tenova Goodfellow Inc., - is a world leader in providing Cleantech process control technology, focusing on improving energy efficiency in combustion intensive processes by using its proprietary extractive & optical sensor technology developed in co-operation with its strategic partners. It is Tenova Goodfellow’s efforts for continuous improvement which is the driving force behind our pursuit of excellence to develop the next generation of “intelligent” furnaces. With our EFSOP Holistic Optimization® system we offer our clients a competitive advantage for cost savings, energy efficiency and cleaner environmental performance. - http://www.tenovagroup.com 21
  22. 22. Contact Responsible for the concept and realization of the Ventilation 2009 Conference is the Organising Committee: AFC Air Flow Consulting AG Dr. Daniel Gubler, Conference Co-Chairman Weinbergstrasse 72 CH-8006 Zürich Switzerland Phone +41 58 450 00 00 Fax +41 58 450 00 05 E-mail info@afc.ch URL: www.afc.ch Tenova Goodfellow The Industrial Ventilation Academy, IVA, Represented by Dr. Howard D. Goodfellow, Conference Chairman and Adjunct Professor, University of Toronto, Dept. of Chemical Engineering and President, Tenova Goodfellow Inc. E-mail howard.goodfellow@ca.tenovagroup.com URL: www.tenovagroup.com/Science Services Alfred Moser Sc.S. Science Services, Alfred Moser Dr. Alfred Moser, Local Conference Organizer Moettelistrasse 63 CH-8400 Winterthur Switzerland Phone +41 76 345 6444 E-mail info@scienceservices.ch> URL: www.scienceservices.ch/ 22