Diabetes Care


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Information on diabetes mellitus and its care to maintain blood glucose level near normal. This help to avoid diabetes complication due to high blood glucose levels.

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Diabetes Care

  1. 1. Diabetes Care | Diabetes Management Care your diabetes with proper food, physically active, monitor glucose level, have medicines, control pressure-cholesterol, quit smoking and regular doctor visit. Food Pyramid | Diabetes diet What you eat directly impacts your blood glucose levels. Follow diabetes food pyramid for effective diabetes control and blood glucose management. Don’t over eat or skip a mean or delayed food. Never have alcohol drink without food. Diabetes exercise | Diabetic exercise Diabetes exercise - increase physical exercise in your daily activity lower your blood glucose level and you feel pleasant physical and mental well being. Increased physical activity burn extra calories and thus lower blood glucose level, physically body feel flexible and strong and mentally feel relaxed and more alert than before. Physical activity also helps to stop or at-least postpone diabetes complications. Monitor blood glucose level Research shows that keeping blood glucose close to normal reduces diabetes complications. For better diabetes care, need to maintain glucose level at target. Keep your blood glucose at near normal is a must for efficient diabetes care. Thus ever one with diabetes should learn to test their blood glucose level without error using glucose monitor. Monitoring blood glucose helps to plan proper diabetes treatment and supports to avoid hypoglycemia or ketoacidosis. In long run it helps to stop or postpone diabetes complications.
  2. 2. Diabetes care when sick or illness Take care of yourself when you are sick, being sick can make your blood glucose go too high. If sick follow certain guidelines helps to avoid complications  If needed it is advised to have some extra insulin when sugar levels appear uncontrolled,  Have small and frequent easily digestible diet rich in salt and carbohydrates,  Proper treatment is a must to suppress fever and treat infection. Diabetes care at School Inform to all staff in school that your child has diabetes and educate them how to handle your child in normal and in emergency situations. Educate about diabetes treatment to the child and school nurse  Educate about diabetes medication/insulin and diabetes products such as glucose monitor, insulin pen and insulin pump.  Educate the symptoms of hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia and ketoacidosis.  Child should get glucose rich snacks in case of hypoglycemia.  Stock of insulin in case of hyperglycemia.  Educate school nurse and staffs about emergency situations and how to handle the situation safely. Follow author’s links for detail information on diabetes symptoms, diabetes causes, diabetes risk factors, carbohydrate metabolism, diabetes organs, diabetes diagnosis test, diabetes help, hypoglycemia, ketoacidosis and diabetes lifestyle changes or diabetes care. Also browse through the site for detailed diabetes information and its treatment by conventional medicine (diabetes medication & Insulin diabetes treatment) and natural diabetes treatments. If diabetes is not treated properly then in long run may cause many diabetes complications.