Iris murdoch’sThe Bell 15th feb I MA


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On 15th Feb 2011 presented to I MA students of VOC COLLEGE

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Iris murdoch’sThe Bell 15th feb I MA

  1. 1. Iris Murdoch’s The Bell
  2. 2. Irish MurdochAn Introduction
  3. 3. Birth• Date of Birth 15-07-1919• Dublin, Ireland• Daughter of William John Hughes and Irene Alex Richardson
  4. 4. Education• Froebel Demonstration School• Badminton School Bristol• Somerville College Oxford, Read Classics• Newnham College, Cambridge studied Philosophy• Fellow of St. Anne’s College
  5. 5. Marriage and After• She married teacher and critic John Bayley in 1956• She had no children• She suffered from Alzheimer’s disease• Died on 8th February 1999• Ashes scattered in the garden of Oxford Crematorium
  6. 6. Profession• Assistant Principal at the Treasury, during war• Worked with UNRRA in London Belgium and Austria• Egan her writing career with an evaluation of Jean Paul Sartre• Became a novelist with the Publication of Under the Net in 1954
  7. 7. Awards and Honours• Awarded CBE in 1976• Made a DBE in 1987 New Year’s Honours List• Gold Pen in the 1997 PEN Awards for Distinguished Service to Literature
  8. 8. Literary Prizes• James Tait Black Memorial Prize for her The Black Prince published in 1973• Whitbread Literary Award for Fiction for her work The Sacred and Profane Love Machine published in 1974• Booker Prize for The Sea, The Sea published in 1978
  9. 9. Her Writing Career• In 1954 Under the Net was published• It was typical of its time in giving a richly amusing view of the Angry Young Man rushing after affluence and seeking truth where no truth exists.• In 1956 The Flight from the Enchanter was published.• It was a study in cruelty and power, the sufferings of a man who allows others to cause the suffering which he himself cannot bear to inflict.
  10. 10. Her Writing Career• Her works tightly constructed studies of human relations under stress.• Her The Sandcastle was published in 1957 and The Bell in 1958.• Her approach is rather intellectual than passionate• She depends on the symbolisms of actions and situations
  11. 11. Her Writing Career• Juxtaposition of the sombre and the comic• Presents unbalanced characters incapable of dealing with normality• A Severed Head[1961] is the triumph of militant woman, highly intelligent and cruel.• The characters move and interchange relationships in a way related to human emotions
  12. 12. Her Writing Career• Sex and sexual symbolism, even horror, become more apparent in further convolutions of love desire in her later novels.• Some of her contemporaries are Muriel Sarah Spark, Doris Lessing, Brigid Antonia Brophy, Edna O’Brien et al.
  13. 13. List of Her Works• Under the Net [1954] • The Time of the Angels• The Flight from the [1966] Enchanter [1956] • The Nice and the Good• The Sandcastle [1957] [1968]• The Bell [1958] • Bruno’s Dream [1969]• A Severed Head [1961] • A Fairly Honourable Defeat• An Unofficial Rose [1962] [1970]• The Unicorn [1963] • An Accidental Man [1971]• The Italian Girl [1964] • The Black Prince [1973]• The Red and the Green • The Sacred and Profane [1965] Love Machine [1974]
  14. 14. Under the Net• Set in London, it is the story of a struggling young writer, Jake Donaghue. Its mixture of the philosophical and the picaresque has made it one of Murdochs most popular works.
  15. 15. The Flight from the Enchanter• Murdoch brings to life a circle of friends and acquaintances each of whom has a somewhat obsessive connection to one man, Mischa Fox, an enigmatic, wealthy, and powerful mover and shaker in London. Murdoch was brilliant at interweaving the lives of her characters, and describing the world in which they lived somewhat disconnected from everyday existence.
  16. 16. The Sandcastle• It is the story of a middle-aged schoolmaster Bill Mor, with political ambitions who meets a young painter Rain Carter, come to paint the Headmaster Demoyte’s portrait. The plot deals with immaterialized love between Bill and Carter.
  17. 17. A Severed Head• Set in and around London, it depicts a power struggle between grown-up middle class people who are lucky to be free of real problems.• A satire involving adultery and incest
  18. 18. An Unofficial Rose• Iris Murdochs novel deploys her gift of high comedy in a family.• It dwells deep on the complex life of a family.• Filled with wit and irony.• It is a traditional family novel
  19. 19. The Unicorn• A gothic romance• When Marion Taylor takes a post as governess at Gaze Castle, a remote house upon a coast, she finds herself confronted with weird mysteries.• Some crime or catastrophe in the past still keeps the house under a spell, whose magic also touches the neighbouring house of Riders, inhabited by a recluse.
  20. 20. The Italian Girl• Edmund has escaped from his family into a lonely life. Returning for his mothers funeral he finds himself involved in the same awful problems, together with some new ones. He also rediscovers the eternal family servant, the ever- changing "Italian girl".
  21. 21. The Red and the Green• An extended Anglo-Irish family living in the vicinity of Dublin on the eve of the Easter Rebellion of 1916 reflects the attitudes and pressures that lead eventually to the cataclysmic events at the Dublin Post Office.
  22. 22. The Time of the Angels• Carel is rector of a non-existent City church (it was destroyed in the war). In the rectory live his daughter, Muriel, his beautiful invalid ward, Elizabeth, and their West Indian servant, Patti. Here too are Eugene, a Russian emigre, and his delinquent son, Leo. Carels brother, Marcus, co-guardian with him of Elizabeth, tires to make contact with Carel but is constantly rebuffed. These seven characters go through a dance of attraction and repulsion, misunderstanding and revelation, the centre of which is the enigmatic Carel himself - a priest who believes that, God being dead, His angels are released. At the end, Muriel finds herself with the power of life and death over her father.
  23. 23. List of Her Works• A Word Child [1975] • The Good Apprentice• Henry and Cato [1976] [1985]• The Sea, The Sea [1978] • The Book and the• Nuns and Soldiers [1980] Brotherhood [1987]• The Philosopher’s Pupil • The Message to the [1983] Planet [1989] • The Greek Knight [1993] • Jackson’s Dilemma [1995]
  24. 24. List of Her Works Non-Fiction• Sartre: Romantic Rationalist [1953]• Acastos: Two Platonic Dialogues [1986]• Metaphysics as a Guide to Morals [1992]• Existentialists and Mystics [1997]
  25. 25. The Bell- An Introduction• A story of lay community outside Imber Abbey• Dora Greenfield returns to live with her husband• Imber Court is a haven for lost souls seeking tranquility• Lost Abbey bell is rediscovered• It is the legendary symbol of religion and magic• Hidden truths and desires are forced in to light.
  26. 26. List of Characters• Dora Greenfield- art student • Nick Fawley- member of the• Paul Greenfield- art teacher abbey• Noel Spens- a boyfriend of Dora • Catherine Fawley- nun aspirant• Sally- Dora’s friend • James Tayper Pace- religious• Michael Meade- Owner of Court member outside abbey • Father Bob Joyce• Toby Gashe- a young boy • Mother Clare• Mark Stafford- member of Imber • Sister Ursula community • The Bishop• Margaret Stafford- member of • The Abbess Imber community • Peter Topglass- a member • Patchway- gardener
  27. 27. To Be Continued…