Ii ma 21st feb 2011
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Ii ma 21st feb 2011 Ii ma 21st feb 2011 Presentation Transcript

  • 21 st February 4 th Hour IGNOU SEMINAR HALL
  • Recap
    • Multi- Faceted personality- Gibran
    • Born in Lebanon and settled in New York
    • Romantic Mystic
    • Beauty, Truth and Freedom- His works celebrate
    • The Prophet is in the form of Question and answers.
  • The Prophet
    • Set in Orphalese
    • Al Mustafa stays in Orphalese for twelve Years
    • Waiting for the Ship
    • Ship Arrives in the 12 th Year
    • In the seventh day of Ielool
    • The month of reaping
  • The Prophet
    • People of Orphalese Sad over the leaving of Al Mustafa
    • Almitra asks Al Mustafa to give truth to the people of Orphalese before his departure
    • People ask one by one about the different aspects of life
  • Themes in Prophet Include…
    • Love
    • Marriage
    • Children
    • Giving
    • Eating and Drinking
    • Work
    • Joy and Sorrow
    • Houses
    • Clothes
    • Buying and Selling
    • Crime and Punishment
    • Laws
    • Freedom
    • Reason and Passion
    • Pain
    • Self-Knowledge
    • Teaching
    • Friendship
    • Talking
    • Time
    • Good and Evil
    • Prayer
    • Pleasure
    • Beauty
    • Religion
    • Death
  • Characters Include…
    • Al Mustafa
    • Almitra
    • A Woman with a Babe
    • A Rich Man
    • An Old Man- Inn Keeper
    • A Ploughman
    • A Woman
    • A Mason
    • A Weaver
    • A Merchant
    • A Judge
    • A Lawyer
    • An Orator
    • A Priestess
    • Another Woman
    • A Man
    • A Teacher
    • A Youth
    • A Scholar
    • An Astronomer
    • An Elder
    • Another Priestess
    • A Hermit
    • A Poet
    • An Old Priest
  • Structure of The Prophet
    • People from all walks of Life Put question to the Prophet
    • He throws light on the different aspects
    • of life
    • It is in the form of Oration
  • Of Children
    • A Woman with a babe asks to say of Children to Prophet
    • He says the role of Children
    • How should they be treated
    • How they should not be treated
    • Who are they?
  • Of Children
    • Your children are not your children
    • Son’s and Daughter’s of life’s longing itself
    • Come through you not from you
    • They belong not to you
    • You may give them your love
    • Not thoughts
  • Of Children
    • You may house their body not the souls
    • You may strive to be like them
    • Try not to make them like you
    • You are the bows
    • Your children arrows
    • Archer loves the arrow as well as the bow
  • Your Children Are Not Your Children
    • Children are not mere possession of the parents
    • Parents are no the total owners of children
    • Parents should know that children have their individuality
  • Sons and Daughters of Life’s Longing Itself
    • Parents do not long for children
    • Life longs for children
    • Life has got the longing to come in to the world
    • Children are the result of longing for life
    • Life wants to come to the world
  • Come Through You Not From You
    • Parents are only the medium for the birth of the children
    • Parents are not the source of children
    • They help to bring the children to the world
    • They are not sole responsible for the birth
    • But they participate in birth
  • They Belong Not To You
    • Though children are born through parents they do not belong to parents
    • The parents cannot force their will on their children
    • One should not have control over one’s children
    • They cannot be treated as slaves by the parents
  • Give Love
    • Parents are free to love their children
    • They can shower affection
    • Beyond that the parents should not expect anything from their children
  • Don’t Give Your Thoughts
    • Parents should not impose their thoughts on children
    • Children should be allowed to grow on their own
    • Parents should not impose their ideas on children
    • They have their individuality and personality
  • You May House Their Bodies Not the Souls
    • Parents can provide shelter to their children
    • Physically they can provide shelter to children
    • But souls should not be held as a captive by the parents
    • Parents cannot provide spiritual shelter to their children
    • Their souls lie in the future it cannot be visited even in dreams
  • You May Strive to be Like Them
    • Parents can be inspired by their children
    • They can try to imitate children
    • They can be like their children
  • Try Not to Make Them Like You
    • Parents should not expect their children to act or behave like them
    • Parents should not make the children follow their ideals
    • They need not make a copy of them
    • Because life is a forward process
    • Children are for the future
    • So the past of the parents should not haunt them
  • You Are the Bows
    • The image from Archery is used
    • Parents are compared with bows
    • Bows are used to launch arrows
    • Children come through parents
    • As bow shots arrow children are sent through parents
  • Your Children Are the Arrows
    • The children are the arrows
    • They are launched to the path of infinite by the archer
    • It gives the idea that the children are come through parents not from parents
    • The initial idea is emphasized through the image of bow and arrow
  • Archer Loves the Arrow as well as the bow
    • Archer may be the creator
    • He equally loves the bow and the arrow
    • Arrow Flies
    • Bow is stable
  • Summing Up
    • Parents cannot Possess children
    • They cannot force their will on children
    • They are only the medium
    • They can provide shelter
    • But cannot give spiritual wisdom
    • Children are allowed to grow on their own
  • Important Quotes
    • “ Your Children are not your Children.”
    • “They are the sons and daughter’s of life’s longing itself”
    • “ You may house their bodies but not their souls,
    • For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow, which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams.”
  • Important Quotes
    • “The archer sees the mark upon the path of the infinite, and He bends you with His might, that His arrows may go swift and far”
  • To Be Continued