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Published in: Entertainment & Humor

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  • 1. 13 to the gallows
    • press kit
  • 2. 13 to the gallows 1-band bios 2-audio & lyrics 3-pics
  • 3. band bios Luke Thomas - Drums Branden Pyle - lead guitar, lead vocals Jon James Staton - rhythm guitar, backup vocals Yonatan Miller - fiddle, mandolin, harmonica Ruben Garcia - low tones home
  • 4. Branden Pyle home band bios Born and raised in Phoenix Arizona, and music has always been the greatest influence in my life. My grandfather was a huge inspiration to my love and respect for folk, bluegrass and old time finger-picking mountain music. Some of my fondest memories are of my grandfather picking away at his old Gretch. I started playing instruments at a young age, playing piano on and off and singing in the school music programs. Around the age of 13 I picked up my first guitar and played for hours every day. Shortly after that, I tried all the instruments I could possibly get my hands on, learning everything from banjo, bass, drums and piano to imported flutes, doghouse, cello, harmonica, accordion, and a few more. After playing in a number of different bands, with all different types of music, I was seeking a different type of project that would keep my interest. That is when 13 to the gallows was put together in the summer of 2006. I wanted to write music that would make my grandfather proud and a great style that would appeal to a diverse audience. The set was created with the best of our written material. The lyrics are real, meaningful, and powerful, and words that everyone should be able to relate to from one point of there life to another.
  • 5. Ruben Garcia Well i grew up in Phoenix Az in the infamous west-side Maryvale area. I was brought up listing to all different types music courtesy of my family and friends. Some of the most influential artist in my life include Sublime, Steve Ray Vaughn, Paul Simon, George Strait, and Bob Marley. Being exposed to such a wide range of music i learned to always keep an open mind and open ear for a good tune. I Have been playing bass guitar for 8 years and during that eight years i spent countless hours studying and practicing musical theory. I now spend my time teaching /giving lessons, practicing and playing with the most awesome professional act 13 to the Gallows. I now follow my heart and pursue musical endevor! home band bios
  • 6. Jon James Staton I have lived in Arizona since I was about 5 years old. While in seventh grade a music teacher I had took it upon herself to teach me how to play guitar. She even set me up with my first band. It was terrifying playing with seventeen year olds when you are thirteen. From then on it has been as random as the start. From punk and metal bands (including a metal band with Brandon when we were 16) to lettering in choir and jazz band. After high school I pretty much ditched the whole rock thing to play acoustic originals with a good friend of mine Eric Vanausdale. We played a number of small gigs and that is when my love affair with acoustic guitar and alt. country music really started. After exposure to bands like Uncle Tupelo, the Old 97's, and the Supersuckers I realized that there was a whole other style of music I had been neglecting. Fast forward a few years to the summer of 06 when I ran into brandon at a hole in the wall bar after not seeing each other for a few years. We both quickly realized that we actually had the same taste in music which came as a surprise to both of us. Needless to say we started playing together soon after and have had more fun just playing the music that we have written more than anything other project we have ever been a part of. home band bios
  • 7. Yonatan Miller I grew up in New York City and studied classical violin (12 yrs.) and clarinet. (3 yrs.) I played in the band, Old no. 7 in Binghamton New York (78-80 but continuously there have been reunions most recently the summer of 2004 a series of weekly shows at the Marina Grille in Brick, NJ) In 1981 I was the fiddle player for the Bob Fitzgerald Band in Binghamton. At the end of the year i moved to Israel and immediately wound up joining THE TAVERNERS of Jerusalem (The Tavern on Rivlin Street). I continued to play around Israel and once in Turkey for the next 22 years. The most recent reunion was with David Deckelbaum in Montreal jamming with some of the members of Corteo and whistler Sean Lomax. I entered the Israeli pop scene at that time, appearing in a Hanukah Children's festival with Arik Lavie. I met at that time Uzi Hitman who later invited me to perform his song in the Pre-Eurovision contest of 1984 with the singer Yigal Bashan. I wound up playing with them for five years as Kmo Tso'ani (Like a Gypsy) and then as Hoppa Hey with our own TV show and four albums including a gold record and several tours abroad. I continued to do many educational programs in the Israeli school systems, while continuing to perform for a variety of famous Israeli singers and actors, recordings and cabaret style shows including playing in trees, at rodeos, on cruise boats, on trains & planes, playing for the general of the US sixth fleet on his flagship, playing for US marines in bomb shelters during the first gulf war, playing for Ben of Ben and Jerry's at the opening of one of his stores (and being fed ice cream at the same time), opening many other well known chains in that country, and many others too numerous to mention In 2003 I decided to head back to the USA after so many years and for two years performed in Theatrical productions, with various events bands (club dates) and especially with the Vanavaer Caravan production of their show Pastures of Plenty (featuring choreographed dancing to the songs and sayings of Woodie Guthrie) performing throughout the United States and in Woodie's former hometown, Pampa TX. Since January 2005 I have been playing violin clarinet recorders penny-whistle singing and other nonsense dressed as a clown in the cirque du soleil original production, Corteo. home band bios
  • 8. Luke Thomas I started my musical career when I was twelve years old, and I never looked back. The first instrument I learned how to play was the bass guitar, soon after that I picked up a six string, and realized I could sing, sort of. My roots from my childhood are in classic rock, i.e. the Beatles, CCR, Jim Croche, ect., but my real roots are in punk rock/rock n roll. About sophmore year of high school is when I started playing the drums. Along with the numerous punk bands, I was in a few experimental rock bands, which made me grow leaps and bounds as a drummer, and broadened my horizons as a musician. I met Branden in a junior collage music class, and he sang briefly for one of my bands, then we sort of lost touch. By this time, seeing that punk was taking a turn for the worse, and not being able to stomach anything on the radio, I turned to the classics for inspiration. I had always loved REAL rockabilly( carl perkins, johnny horton, jerry lee lewis, hank williams, elvis, johnny cash) and was really into outlaw country(willie nelson, merl hagerd, waylne jennings, johnny cash), so I knew the next band I was in would be a combination of these. So by a chance meeting in our local bar, Branden and I started playing music again. I like to think that our music is a great combination of old and new. Sharing the lyrical duties was our plan from the beginning, and has worked out well. Being that we are both blue collar, average joe, working man type of people, we write the kind of lyrics that everyone can enjoy. I feel that having such a diverse group of musicians has been a huge benefit to our music, and lord only knows where it will take our band, but where ever it does, we’ll have a blast going there. home band bios
  • 9. audio & lyrics home Desert screams Thank the lord Never alone Bowline Dusty roads
  • 10. Dusty roads home audio vs. 1 it's the the end of my rope and ramblin' on and on don't know where or who will take me know I'll be there by dawn- is soon approaching and I'm thankful for the breeze those troubles seem so far away chorus heats stabbin in, it's summer again and I'll be ok drive a thousand miles down that dusty dirt road for you and you don't care vs. 2 headed north for reno gotta make up some lost time stop for a spell in vegas get those worries off my mind- is racing destination come into sight white crosses from the road side chorus heats stabbin in, it's summer again and I'll be ok drive a thousand miles down that dusty dirt road for you and you don't care breakdown falling, snow flakes freeze my back wile the sun burns my face vs. 3 A new life and new hope still a need to ramble on no direction the road leads me to sing the same old songs- of mine they are singing all I hear is a please take the troubles off my back chorus heats stabbin in, it's summer again and I'll be ok drive a thousand miles down that dusty dirt road for you and you don't care
  • 11. Bowline audio vs. 1 I met up with you at a distant coffee shop, your eyes and your smile made my heart stop a few months together then it began to rain, poured like my whiskey down the drain. chorus I'm not the only one who sees right through your shit, now baby your gone Bowline in my belly thoughts of you make me sick, now baby I'm gone vs. 2 The change I see in you is making my head spin, now my only comforts in a bottle on gin you came home so late, tried to start a fight, lay back I can go all night chorus I'm not the only one who sees right through your shit, now baby your gone Bowline in my belly thoughts of you make me sick, now baby I'm gone vs. 3 Tired of your emptiness and comfort with the pain, my sanity drove you insane I'm on the 60 leaving you one last time, just me the road and my moonshine chorus I'm not the only one who sees right through your shit, now baby your gone Bowline in my belly thoughts of you make me sick, now baby I'm gone home
  • 12. Never alone audio vs. 1 One step forward, a thousand steps back. I don't wanna be here with my feet stuck in the tracks And the doc gave me pills to keep the demons away now there locked up in my head and all they do is play chorus In this darkness I can't breath and I don't wanna be In this silence I can't see and I don't wanna be alone, never alone, never alone vs. 2 One step forward a thousand steps back, I'm just lying here in the middle of the tracks and I'm Chasing the voices that are running through my head, If this what's in store for me I might as well be dead chorus. In this bitterness I can't feel and I don't wanna be and the stench is much too real I don't wanna be alone, alone 2nd chorus never alone, never alone, never alone, never alone chorus In this darkness I can see and I will never be Now I know the demon is me, I will never be, alone home
  • 13. Thank the lord audio vs. wake in the morning, I heard those songs play played all the happy chords, but i let my mind astray chorus but I thank the lord for yesterday ll I wanna know is why you left me to stay 2nd chorus all my life I been lucky not to die now that it has come and gone I sit and wonder why home
  • 14. Desert screams audio vs. 1 wasted again don't wanna call no friends to find a place to rest my bones wasted away don't think i would like to stay for that fathers calling me back home chorus heavens not comin for a while and that black smoke is rollin through the trees out here in the desert there's no one to hear your screams vs. 2 got some cloths and different color hair why are you coming to this bar I'll follow you out your drunk there's no doubt I gotta shovel in the back of my ca chorus heavens not comin for a while and that black smoke is rollin through the trees out here in the desert there's no one to hear your screams chorus 2. some poor fools gunna save my soul and I'll repent for the day i die there I'll be swinging from a tree and in the end you'll see me smile vs. 3 see it in your eyes still the same old lies adios and fare the well go on and cry for me there’s no one to see and I know that you’ll burn in hell chorus heavens not comin for a while and that black smoke is rollin through the trees out here in the desert there's no one to hear your screams home
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  • 16. Branden Pyle
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