Social Media Management - Third Team Media Pitch Deck


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Social Media Management - Third Team Media Pitch Deck

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Social Media Management - Third Team Media Pitch Deck

  2. 2. WHY SOCIAL MEDIAMANAGEMENTSOCIAL  MEDIA  MARKETING  IS  THE  NAME  OF  A  SOLUTION  A   cost   effec)ve   marke)ng   solu)on   that   helps   businesses   reach  prospects  and  customers  in  any  part  of  the  world  and  generate  qualified  sales  leads.  It  puts  a  business  in  touch  with  the  whole  wide  world.       500 MILLION ACTIVE 600 MILLION USERSThere   are   over   a   billion   users   on   Facebook   out   of   which   nearly   600   USERSmillion  users  visit  the  website  each  month,  and  over  500  million  acPve  users  on  TwiQer,  this  gives  businesses  a  huge  opportunity  to  raise  brand  awareness   on   a   global   scale   without   having   to   spend   thousands   and  millions  of  dollars  on  it.    Social   Media   plaRorms   such   as   Pinterest,   LinkedIn,   Digg,   Stumbleupon  and  many  more  have  also  changed  the  way  businesses  interact  with  not  just  consumers  but  other  businesses  as  well.     FACEBOOK   TWITTER     1
  3. 3. WHY SOCIAL MEDIAMANAGEMENTAnother  reason  why  any  business,  small  or   wants   to   see   results   of   its   investments   going   to   help   you   with   Social   Media  big   needs   to   be   acPve   on   social   media   whether  they  be  in  Social  Media  MarkePng   Management.    channels  in  the  current  day  and  age  is  that   or   any   other   form   of   promoPon   and    it  allows  the  customers  as  well  as  potenPal   campaigns   it   must   hire   the   best   in   the   You   need   skilled   and   trained   professionals   -­‐  customers   to   interact   with   the   brand   and   business  –  the  experts  who  know  what  they   professionals   who   live   and   breathe   Social  share   informaPon   about   it   instantly.   It   is   are   doing   and   are   capable   of   generaPng   Media  and  who  can  actually  “manage”  your  simpler   and   quicker   than   any   other   results   based   on   their   knowledge   and   Social  Media  MarkePng  from  A  -­‐  Z.  markePng  technique.   experPse.         Y o u   n e e d   p e o p l e   w h o   k n o w   t h e  Social  Media  Pla;orms  allow  businesses  to     terminologies,   the   do’s   from   donts,   the  be   more   creaPve   and   in   Pmes   of   fierce   As   a   business   owner   you   may   have   been   tools  and  applicaPon,  who  know  markePng  compePPon   it   allows   businesses   to   draw   using  Social  Networks  to  keep  in  touch  with   and   who   know   what   needs   to   be   done   to  aQenPon   to   their   brand.   But,   if   a   business   your   high   school   buddies   but   thats   not   get  you  from  1000th  to  the  top  100  in  your   industry  and  that  is  where  we  step  in.     2
  4. 4. HOW WE USESOCIAL  MEDIA  TO  HELP  YOU  ACCOMPLISH  YOUR  OBJECTIVES:   It  can  be  very  expensive  for  a  business  to  hire  and  train  an  enPre   in-­‐house   social   media   markePng   staff.   Outsourcing   your   Social   Media   MarkePng   to   a   team   like   ours   can   help   you   engage   your   staff   where   they   are   needed   within   your   business.   Our   team   of   experts  can  help  you  build  your  brand  and  and  capture  authenPc   and   qualified   sales   leads   while   allowing   you   to   tend   to   your   core   business  and  processes.     We  are  expert  at  building  business  relaPonships  between  brands   and  their  customers  by  leveraging  and  aQracPng  them  with   content  valuable  to  the  business,  engaging  them  with  social  media   and  over  Pme,  converPng  them  to  leads  as  they  get  to  know  and   trust  the  brand,  the  products  or  services.       3
  5. 5. WHAT TO EXPECT FROM  SOCIAL  MEDIA   ENHANCE  BRANDING  AND   PROTECT  BRAND  REPUTATION:   ENHANCE  PUBLIC  RELATIONS   AWARENESS:   AND  BUILD  COMMUNITY:  The   customer’s   percep)on   of   your   brand   is   far   Social  Media  Marke)ng  has  great  power  which  can   Our  team  of  highly  qualified  Social  Media  Managers  more   accurate   and   indicaPve   of   your   companys   help  you  protect  your  brand’s  image.  By  creaPng  a   have  the  capabiliPes  to  use  social  media  to  enhance  value   and   effecPveness   than   your   own.   Social   posiPve   image   for   your   brand   on   Social   Networks   public   relaPons,   crisis   communicaPons   and  media  markePng  can  help  you  increase  the  publics   you  can  protect  your  brand  reputaPon.   community  relaPons  of  your  brand.  They  will  work  awareness   of   your   brand   by   increasing   the   reach   of   We   can   use   Social   Media   MarkePng   to   increase   to   help   your   brand   build   direct   relaPonships   with  your  brand  messaging  to  a  global  scale….   posiPve  online  menPons  and  senPments...   customers  and  other  …   ENHANCE  CUSTOMER  SERVICE:   DRIVE  LEADS  AND  SALES:  We   can   help   you   provide   beQer   customer   service   We  follow  a  foolproof  method  of  prescribing  goals  through   social   media   while   lowering   your   call   and   objecPves   around   sales   and   defining   relevant  center   costs   and   boosPng   word-­‐of-­‐mouth   KPI’s   to   measure   the   success   of   Social   Media  markePng   for   your   brand.   Our   team   can   help   MarkePng  for  our  customers.      increase  your  customer  saPsfacPon  level  by  prompt   We  can  use  Social  Media  in  following  ways  to  help  and   posiPve   responses   to   complaints   and   drive  leads  and  even  sales  for  your  brand:    answering  any  and  all  quesPons.     4
  6. 6. DESCRIPTION OF SERVICESOUR  SOCIAL  MEDIA  MANAGEMENT  SERVICES  ARE  CUSTOMIZED  TO  FIT  YOUR  NEEDS  AND  SUIT  YOUR  BRAND.         We   help   you   manage   your   updates   and   create   We   will   make   sure   that   we   keep   your   fans   and   snippets  and  blurbs  based  on  your  exisPng  content  to   customers   engaged   and   that   underlying   issues   and   feed   into   your   social   networks.   Through   this,   we   will   senPments  are  addressed  and  what  acPons  to  take  as   help   make   sure   that   you   have   ongoing   updates   on   a  result.  We  will  keep  track  of  influencers  driving  the   your   channels   to   spark   conversaPon   and   ignite   conversaPons   and   disseminate   presence   of   your   awareness  on  your  offerings.   channel  for  community  building.     5
  7. 7. DESCRIPTION OF SERVICES CONTENT  CREATION   AND  CURATION  §  PosiPon   your   brand   as   the   thought   leader   of   your   §  Publishing   relevant   invitaPons   to   related   Facebook   industry   through   relevant,   Pmely   blog   posts   or   arPcles   Pages   will   help   other   page   admins   and   their   fan   base   that  give  helpful  informaPon  to  your  loyal  blog  readers.   gain  knowledge  about  you  and  your  brand.  §  But  content  does  not  end  on  just  your  blog  alone,  brief   §  Social   bookmarking,   if   added   to   your   package,   can   be   text   and   short   content   pushed   to   your   social   media   integrated   into   campaigns.   The   SEO   opportuniPes   and   channels  to  either  engage  your  readers  in  a  dialogue  or   findability  support  makes  them  just  as  useful  for  brands.   give   teasers   for   your   product   launch   through   rich   mulPmedia  content  like  arPcles,  images  and  videos..   §  Go   further   and   add   arPcle   directory   submissions   to   your   package   for   more   SEO   benefits   through   building   one-­‐§  Aside   from   that,   we   will   make   sure   that   your   readers   way  links  to  your  site.   and  followers  get  the  best  piece  of  news  via  email.  We   will  take  care  of  the  monthly  newsleQer  for  you.   6
  8. 8. DESCRIPTION OF SERVICES CHANNEL  AND  COMMUNITY   BUILDING  §  Create   a   social   media   plan   that   brings   out   the   value   of   §  Package   that   includes   blog   management   is   good   for   engaging   in   social   media.   Because   social   games   and   busy  business  owners  who  prefer  to  have  someone  else   gossip   are   not   the   only   reasons   why   you   should   log   in   take   care   of   the   nits   and   grits   of   manually   updaPng   your  channel.   plugins  and  monitoring  a  business  blog.  §  A   visually   engaging   and   eye-­‐catching   page   is   already   a   §  The  rest  of  the  benefits  of  these  packages  would  include   winner  in  your  fans’  eyes.  Catch  their  aQenPon  and  they   constant   and   consistent   monitoring,   updaPng   and   will  listen  and  talk  to  you.   tracking  of  your  channels  to  make  sure  your  customers   needs  are  met  once  aired  out  via  these  channels.  §  What’s   a   social   media   campaign   without   monitoring   the   efforts?   We’ll   provide   you   with   monthly   analyPcs   from     your   channels   to   get   an   idea   of   what   needs   more   aQenPon  or  what  deserves  a  pat  on  your  back.   7
  10. 10. CONTACT US Mobile:   USA  (347)  480-­‐1696   PH  (063)  918-­‐265-­‐6696     Skype:   likke13     E-­‐mail:   Facebook:   12