WordPress Development Services- Caters Sophisticated Content Needs


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Word Press Development Services allows the developers and users to extend their functionalities. It provides a variety of services ranging from social media integration to community development.

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WordPress Development Services- Caters Sophisticated Content Needs

  1. 1. WordPress Development Services Word Press is a multiuser, open source content managementsystem and has a rich plug-in architecture which is suitable to evenlatest World Wide Web standards such as XHTML. With a 22,000data base, Word Press Development Services allows thedevelopers and users to extend their functionalities. It provides avariety of services ranging from social media integration tocommunity development.
  2. 2. Word Press Development Services has revolutionized contentmanagement and blog publishing by providing powerful and flexiblecontent management system. Since, it is an open software so it is free forpersonal as well as professional use. This service also incorporates SEO services thereby making the website more search engine friendly. Word Press Development Services caters to sophisticated content needs of the content owners and helps them to control and manage their website in a manner that suits them the best.
  3. 3. With the help of this service one can also create a database for wordpress and install advance ping list as well as themes of one’s choice.Besides configuring spam protection it is also involved in creating RSSfeed to promote the site as well as let the users subscribeupdates. Word Press Development Services also include securityaudits, domain and server migration and MU installation. Through itsgraphic design service, Word Press Development Services createan attractive website which not only attract the visitors but alsoengages them.
  4. 4. This service handles cross-blog communication function, robust blogcommenting and blog-roll link management very efficiently. Themesin Word Press can be installed and swapped which encourages theusers to change the look and utility of a Word Press website withoutchanging its information content.
  5. 5. Another service provided by Word Press Development Services iswidgets. These are small modules that help users in theimplementation of many plug-ins and drag-and-drop sidebar content.Widgets allow Word Press developers to add functionalities such asslideshow, news sliders, Facebook etc. It also features a search engine friendly environment, ability to assign multiple categories to articles and provides support to tag articles. The facility of automatic filters is also included which facilitates styling and formatting text articles. It also provides links to other sites which have linked themselves to a particular article.
  6. 6. These services not only reduce cost of operation but also enhancesolution efficiency to the clients. With the help of Word PressDevelopment Service, menu of a website along with its theme,header, footer and side bar can also be customized. At times onehas to face very awkward situation when the website is not up todate. After hiring this service one can easily overcome this problemas WPDS not only offers weekly maintenance but also promisesdaily server backups and restoration from the backups.
  7. 7. Although in earlier days, simultaneously many copies could runfrom different directories if configured to use separate databasetables but then also Word Press supported only one blog perinstallation. Now Word Press Multi-User has come into existencewhich allows multiple blogs to exist within one installation whichenables the host to have one’s own blogging community where onecan control and moderate all the blogs from a singledashboard. has proved to be a very efficient medium to Word PressDevelopment Servicemake an impression on the World Wide Webportal.
  8. 8. Thank you!
  9. 9. Contact Us At :-Third Generation Resources Pvt. Ltd.208, Circle P BuildingNr. Prahladnagar Garden,100 Feet Ring Road,S.G. Highway,Ahmedabad – 380015,Gujarat – India.E-mail: info@tgrpl.comPhone: +91 079 40063989, 40323343Website : www.tgrpl.com
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