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The Government of India, Nepal & Bangladesh is laying more stress on schools in rural areas and is trying hard to raise their level of education. Measures like midday meals, free text books and uniforms along with Computer education etc, are also motivating and drawing more children to schools in India. But, there is no facility of light for studying in the night time since incessant power cuts & large numbers of off-gird villages are still a harsh reality.
Every child in India between the ages of 6 and 14 years (40% of 1 billion+ Indian Population) has the right to free and compulsory education, as per RTE Act 2009 from. This act seems to be difficult to realize without the presence of clean & bright light which most of the students in India are deprived of. Light is the single largest barrier towards un-interrupted study in remote villages. Lack of light is an urgent and preventable problem, and never before has there been a viable solution.

d.light S1-solar lantern will be offered to all the rural students under Project “Light for Education”[LiFE]. They will receive light free of cost on a trial basis for few weeks, post trial period, they would either return the light or purchase the same at an extremely affordable cost of $8 a unit.
d.light S1 -solar lanterns do not have detachable parts, including an integrated solar panel that makes recharging simple and easy. The product shape, portability, and handle with various settings give the students many options for use.

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Project LiFE

  1. 1. Light for Education [LiFE] Project Reporta d.light Initiative
  2. 2. “Light for Education” A Brighter Future for Students in IndiaBackgroundRight to Education is the primary right of every citizen of India, whether a child resides in a high profile society or ina far away not so developed secluded village. Schools in rural areas are promoted to raise the level of educationand literacy in rural India. According to Just Indian Schools the conditions of rural education in India, is improvingsteadily and the government is also providing full support and providing with many initiatives. The fee structure inthese schools is also very low so that every child can study and afford it.Children have to walk miles to reach their school. Rural schools pay special attention to children in these locationsso that each child gets an equal and important opportunity: A) They promote reading and writing and enhanced basic education. B) They provide study material to every student. C) These schools also provide meals during school hours, uniforms etc. D) They implement library system, which provide books, newspapers & magazine to children. E) They provide science kits and equipment for hands-on-learning. F) They also give scholarships to deserving students regularly, who wish to study ahead.BUT they do not provide light for studying in the night during frequent power cuts Every child between the ages of 6 and 14 years has the right to free and compulsory education, as per RTE Act 2009. This act seems incomplete without the presence of clean & bright light which most of the students in India do not have. Tomaximize their potential , students must study to excel in todays education system. Light is the single largest barrier to studying. Lack of light is an urgent and preventable education problem, yet never before has there been a viable solution. Until now! d.light has partnered with UP Govt schools to create the “Light for Education” campaign across the state Light for Education
  3. 3. About d.light Energy
  4. 4. d.light energy is an Indian consumer products company serving people without access to reliable electricity. Today, d.light serves customers in multiple states around the country and has impacted the life of lacs of people though solar lighting products. A Brighter Future d.light IntroductionHighlights Our MissionWe are a new Social We aim to enable households without reliable electricity to attain the sameEnterprise focused on quality of life as those with electricity. We will begin by replacing every keroseneimpacting lives at the lantern with clean, safe and bright light. Our goal is to impact 100 million lives byBottom of Pyramid the end of 2020.We are high growth companyfinanced by Draper FisherJurvetson, Garage TechnologyVentures, Mahindra Group,Nexus Venture Partners,Acumen Fund, Gray MattersCapital and Omidyar Network.We currently offer portablesolar lighting products thatare built on the 4 pillars viz.Design, Technology,Affordability and Durability. sWe have high volume ive c+L dproduction capacity with La he 10 toucrigorous testing procedures tocreate world-class products. d.light Offices d.light SalesWe use world-class designprinciples to increase Our Customersaffordability of our products In India over 125 million people who live with un-reliable access to electricityglobally without compromising Currently, kerosene is their primary source of lighting.on quality.We regularly conduct in-depth Our Partnersresearch and understand We take pride in our partners and work along withconsumer needs to build and them to ensure success at every end. Our keyadapt our products. partners include, FINO, Bharat Petroleum, Educomp wind energy major Suzlon, World Vision,We work closely with our SKS Microfinance, Shell Foundation, Dharmaalliance partners to ensurelast mile reach of our products. network, ITC e-Choupal, SEWA network etc.
  5. 5. Benefits of d.light solar lightingMillions of households in India, do not have access to reliable electricity. These households usedangerous, dim, smoky kerosene lanterns to complete their daily work like studying, cooking, andother household tasks. Our products improve the quality of life in many important ways: Improve Improve Improve Improve Education Productivity Savings Health Children of all ages, Household Customers save d.light is safe and study better and for productivity and money on kerosene improves health from longer periods with income increases as consumption and reduced indoor air solar light d.light enables extra time on kerosene pollution (IAP). -A scientific study1 hours of light purchase. everyday. d.light offers free - A high profile example conducted in Gujarat last year occurred in found that theaverage light everyday. Tanzania when 12 female studyhours increased -88% of d.light customers secondary students were from 1.47 hours to 2.71 surveyed3cited - 27% of the customers burned to death in a hoursper day (84.3% additional income reported ZERO liters of dormitory after one increase). generation with the help kerosene usage post students mosquito net -Another Study2done in of d.light products. d.light, while 62% caught fire as she Rajasthan indicates the reported decrease in accidently dozed off while average study hours kerosene consumption studying. increased to 1.5 hours upto 1 litre per month per day 4 since d.light purchase.1 Agoramoorthy, Govindasamy and Hsu, Minna (2009); Lighting the Lives of the Impoverished in Indias Rural & Tribal Drylands; Human Ecology2 Madan, Dave & Singh, Kartikeya (2007). "Rural Solar Lighting Assessment". p. 1-12 Dabkan, Rajasthan in 20093 Income boosting activities include less kerosene, longer work hours and field work Source: SKS customer survey (Customer N = 392)4 d.research data base, Oct 2009 (Internal research & evaluation team)
  6. 6. d.light Quality Assurance Our Commitment to Quality d.light integrates Quality throughout every stage of our product design, production, shipping and delivery:Recognitions Our design teams make sure our products can withstand tough Ashden Awards for Sustainable Energy - Gold and rugged conditions including environments with extreme Award 2010 heat, humidity, dust, rain , and impact from accidental drops or The BBC revealed their selection of a solar-powered rough transportation conditions. lamp and charger (D.LIGHT S200) as the 100th object in Our products undertake severe stress testing in these their highly successful radio series. conditions to simulate potential customer environments Best Consumer Product All our factories and suppliers undergo regular audits to ensure Design - The Kiran, Design Week Awards 2010 compliance with d.lights quality, labor and environmental standards Social Venture Network We also carry out regular and rigorous quality reviews, with a Innovation Award commitment to achieve above industry average pass rates in mass production. This allows our team of Quality Engineers to ensure every shipment is of excellent quality. Global Cleantech 100 List in 2009 & 2010 Our products have passed a variety of certification standards listed GoingGreen Top 100 below, as well as CE certification: IEC 60598-2-4 IEC 60598-1: 2003 +AMD1 Global 250 List IEC 61347-2-13: 2006 IEC 61347-1: 2007 Nigeria - SONCAP Kenya - PVoC “Our defect rate has been less than 0.3% till date.”
  7. 7. d.light S1 Introduction
  8. 8. d.light S1: Introduction The Ultra-Affordable Light for Ambitious Students P MR 9 9 `3d.light S1 is a high-brightness solar LED light combining a very attractive price point with afunctional design, which strengthens d.light ’s tradition of quality and durability.d.light S1 can be charged in one day with its integrated solar panel, or in a few hoursthrough an AC adaptor. Its chrome-plated handle allows d.light S1 to easily orienttowards the sun during the day, and to point its direct light as your eyes require at night,making it the perfect solution for studying and reading.
  9. 9. d.light S1: Benefits
  10. 10. LiFE - Proof of Concept
  11. 11. Proof of Concept - the pilot processPurpose: Education is the key to individual and community growth. Without access to light, hundreds of millions ofstudents across India are unable to realize their full potential. Light is the single largest barrier to studying. d.light &UP Govt Schools have completed a pilot for a high-quality, clean, bright, affordable solar study light, d.light S1 with thestudents in UP Govt Schools to understand the demand and potential and to improve their ability to perform in school.Pilot Terms: d.light did a pilot to test the d.light s1 solar light in 4 schools in UP. Purpose of the pilot was to test thedemand & usage of S1 lights among students in government schools. If the students demonstrated a strong liking forthe product, through purchase or intent to purchase, the pilot would be scaled up for a nation-wide rollout. The aimwas to improve education in India by increasing the productivity of students and teachers. Students were providedd.light S1 free of cost to use for preparation of their Final Exams. Students, Teachers & Headmasters were personallyexplained the purpose of the pilot, benefit of solar lights, and a live demonstration was conducted to showcase thebest use of lights. Students were strictly advised to either return or purchase the lights after the exams when admitcards would be collected. Impact and demand for the lights was measured to determine the value of a nationwide“Light for Education” campaign.Process: 1. 4 schools for Class 8 & 10 were identified for the pilot based on electrification status and willingness to participate in the lighting project. 2. d.light educated, demonstrated, and distributed the lights to all Class 8 & 10 students (lights delivered to each school location) 3. d.light seeded other models of solar lanterns (d.light S10 & S200) to all class teachers and Headmasters for their cooperation and their benefit 4. d.light recorded the data of each student participating in the project 5. d.light periodically monitored the usage of the lights and was available for any questions and feedback a. d.light employed one person full time to work in the pilot locations b. Feedback on Excitement, Usage, Number of Hours, and other users of the lights were taken 6. d.light conducted a detailed sample study (40 nos student households) about the performance of d.light S1 and its impact on kids education 7. Between May-June 2011, students either returned the lights to the Headmaster or purchased the lights 8. Students feedback was recorded and presented with videos 9. Data from the pilot is compiled and presented by d.light d.light S1 d.light S1 Quantities Quantities for S.N. District for Class viii Class x Schools students students 1 Deoria 80 144 2 Aurriya 85 135 3 Pilibhit 75 123 4 Lakhimpur 95 312 335 714
  12. 12. LiFE - Proof of Delivery
  13. 13. The Pilot ResultsStudents who bought the light* 8% 13% 2% 4% 3% 9% 7% 16% Returned the light 81% Intent to buy light 61% 58% 89% Bought the light * excludes students which are not reachable Aurriya (220) Deoria (224) Pilibhit(198) Lakhimpur Area (No. of Lights distributed) (407)Hypothesis of the pilot:“Pilot will be termed as success, If after the exams >50% students of Class VIII & Class X have a liking for the product andinstead of returning the light they opt for buying the light in cash. This also includes students who wish to purchase butdo not have ample money to buy the product”Result of the Pilot:The maiden education pilot was super successful in all the four districts of Uttar Pradesh. The above graph portraysthat an average 75% of the students bought light and gave the cash to the collecting authorities. An additional 8% ofthe students despite liking the product couldn’t buy the light to shortage of money. While the rest (not shown in thegraph) are the students which are not reachable ) a) There is a BIG demand of lights around the school area as stated by the school staff, school peons, adjacent retailers, student parents etc. b) Other students of the school were also very keen to purchase the lights as reported by the school staffThe success of this pilot can be attributed to tremendous support and enthusiasm displayed by all theGovernment Schools, and wards of each students.
  14. 14. The Pilot ResultsPerformance in the Final Exams [150 students surveyed] Results Current Year (CY) 100% LY = Last Year Results Last Year (LY) LY 1st Div CY = Current Year (9 Students scored) 35% 57% LY 2nd Div (23 Students 4% scored) 4% 10% LY Just Pass 52% (113 Students 23% scored) 15% 40% LY Fail (5 Students 20% scored) 40% CY 1st Div CY 2nd Div CY Just Pass CY FailThere was a significant increase in students results this year and most of the parents attribute this success to d.lightS1. Above mentioned graph highlights the following performance a) 35%students who received 2nd division last year, improved their grades and scored 1st div b) More than 60% students improved their grades who last year just managed to pass their exams. c) An equivalent 60% students scored good marks after being failed in exams during last year.These results are clear indications of the use and benefit of d.light S1 for the students community in the un-reliable Grid areas. Nearly all the parents who had either returned the light or have not bought it, post exam results have shown their inclination towards buying the light. Here are some of the verbatim: “I return the light because I have no money but I really like the like.”“Without light no one reads seriously, so full credit goes to d.light, I want to purchase one more S1.” “I can read at any time with this light” “This is a new system, so children love this product”
  15. 15. Other Key Results from PilotIncrease in Study time due to d.light : Increase in study hours due to d.light 57%Students of Class X & VII, during the preparationperiod, revealed* that there is an average increase instudy hours of 2-3 Hours because of d.light S1.Students who earlier use to study in the twilight dueto absence of gird said that they are very happy withd.light S1, as it enables them to study inside their 21% 19%homes and also during the night.*Based on the telephonic survey of 250+ students 1-2 Hr 2-3 Hr 3-4 Hr Perception of d.light S1 by parents: All the parents were very pleased to receive the light from the school and post exams shared following statements: a) My son now studies very hard because of d.light but I have seen him taking larger responsibilities in the house b) Ever since my child has got this light he keeps it always close to him. I feel this light is his best friend c) Ever since my son got this light his time to study has increased considerably and he now study from 8 PM- 10 PM and in the morning from 4 AM to 6 AM.
  16. 16. Other Key Results from PilotChanges in Students behavior :Students when contacted along with their wards “Studious”greeted us very well. Their wards were very pleasedwith d.light S1, as it was instrumental in changingtheir children’s behavior. “Maturity”Many parents reported* marked changes in theirchildren’s- discipline towards studying hours,maturity levels, responsiveness towards householdtasks etc.The teachers of few school also recalled a change inthe response time from the students who had “Discipline”receive d.light S1. *Based on the Personal Interviews
  17. 17. Success Testimonials The Solar light given by d.light and Educomp to my students is equivalent to a “Eye Donation” as their eyes will be protected from the dirt and pollution of Kerosene Lanterns. I want this light to be made available for purchase for all the students. Principal, Govt Inter College, Khampur Tola, DeoriaThe local demand for this light is huge. Everyone from in andaround school area comes to us as ask where can they purchasethis light in the market? Class Teacher, Govt Inter College, Dulhapur Kisan, Lakhimpur Students are very pleased with this light. They are regularly using this light for study. I honestly feel that “with d.light their future is Bright” Computer Faculty, Govt Inter College, Khampur Tola, DeoriaMy child is studying more as compared to the past. She is veryhappy with the performance.I now feel the the burden of Kerosene Oil has completelyreduced after my daughter got this d.light S1. Parent of girl child, Govt Inter College, Deoria
  18. 18. LETS JOIN HANDS and wear our mission“Light for Education[LiFE]” on our sleeves