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Bts13 14

  1. 1. Welcome to Back-to-School Night Third Grade – Room 3 Mrs. Z Ms. Daleo
  2. 2. Back to School Night Prayer Lord, you are so wonderful! Thank you for bringing us together tonight to celebrate a new school year. Thank you for the gift of children and for the gift of education. We ask you, Lord, to watch over us this year. Help us to follow in your footsteps by being kind, generous, understanding, and patient people. Give us the strength to be the best parents and teachers that we can be. Keep us healthy throughout the year. We ask all of this in your loving name. Amen
  3. 3. Shared Responsibilities The child’s responsibilities are… ♦Arrive at school ready to learn ♦Work cooperatively with others ♦Listen to and accept ideas from others ♦Ask questions and seek information and strategies too answer those questions ♦To express their own ideas ♦Follow all classroom rules
  4. 4. Shared Responsibilities The Parent’s responsibilities are… To make the child responsible for daily tasks To keep the school-home relationship open and positive To spend time reading and listening to your child every day To see that your child gets adequate sleep, exercise, and nutritious meals Be aware of what your child is learning at school Be aware of study strategies that will best help your child
  5. 5. Shared Responsibilities The teacher’s responsibilities are…. To create a loving, nurturing environment for students To make encouraging comments which instill a “can do” attitude in students To help keep parents informed and involved in classroom happenings To help students express their difficulties and suggest possible solutions To provide conference time for parents after school To incorporate various modalities of learning to suit all my students’ needs To communicate assignment due dates to parents and students To follow the school curriculum set forth by the California State Standards and the Diocese of San Diego
  6. 6. Specials Monday- Spanish & Art Tuesday – Computers & PE Wednesday – Spanish Thursday – Music & PE Friday- Computers Students must wear PE Uniforms on Tuesdays and Thursdays Mass on Tuesdays
  7. 7. Homework Remedial Drill Unfinished Work Review Reading Math Facts
  8. 8. Homework Students have daily homework Assignments are posted on my website but students are expected to write it down daily Math Homework is always due the next day. Spelling Contract, Math and Reading Logs are due on Fridays
  9. 9. 8 Book Reports • Each book project must be different. Book Projects
  10. 10. Reporters News Weather Life Poetry Vocab Fun
  11. 11. Zacarias Bucks $150 ~ Third Grade Salary Zacarias Store ~ Open twice a month
  12. 12. Go to: