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Diamondback terrapin board_game_(final)
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Diamondback terrapin board_game_(final)


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor

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  • 1. Diamondback Terrapins: Living on the Edge “In nature there are for neither rewards nor ut s ko n punishments; there are loo ccoo ra consequences.” rab be car ef in c RDs exit t ul as you Robert Green Ingersoll ned B he wa (1833-1899) ow th no dr wi ter f per ound pot iwi m (mo nkle arsh 2) r ve s four-wheele ahe to ea (move ahead hea dogs avoided a ad t ) 2) d2 (mo d from ve a You are an adult female diamondback terrapin ape and it is nesting season. You will travel from (move back 2) disturbed by esc fishermen the creek where you normally live to an island where you nest each summer. Along the way ea l u s you will meet many challenges. Can you safely you have e b raw og ch p th u c r d make it there and back home again? successfully yo foma (mtid nested wat cars as tch for de ove e ch o ill ba wa by ck ut re 3) d avo ide (m att d sh ov a e a ack rk f he ad found dwar t ski 2) surf clams to eat avoided a je d an d 2) (move ahea d 3) encountere (move ahea oil sli ck alm ove b 3) (move back loca witho (m ost site ants te a hit k 3) Instructions fire ac by nest t (2-4 players) car u ing Each player should roll the die. from The person that rolls the highest stay away for number goes first, followed by the lert ots ay a ng crab p out inj 2) player to their right. The first i m u wel ’re do tch ats (m red b escaped fro wa bo (move ahead player to make it to the children ov e b y sh l, st ac ark nesting beach wins. you k2 ) e cra xclud bp ed (mo ot wi from t you’re ve t boa ahe h BRD d by k 3) almo ad s re there st 3) inju e bac v (mo Developed by George L. Heinrich and Timothy J. Walsh for the Florida Turtle Conservation Trust. Illustrations by Charles H. Miller. Funding provided by the Tampa Bay Estuary Program. (2010)