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THINQ Web Marketing Solutions



A comprehensive study how businesses leveraged marketing as the determining factor to grow their businesses through recessions. Low cost, low management, with a measurable results to evaluate how ...

A comprehensive study how businesses leveraged marketing as the determining factor to grow their businesses through recessions. Low cost, low management, with a measurable results to evaluate how effective your marketing dollars are producing sales. Learn how more online marketing as traditional marketing channels, such as print ads, direct mail, cold calling, tv, and billboard ads are becoming outdated and ineffective.



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THINQ Web Marketing Solutions THINQ Web Marketing Solutions Presentation Transcript

  • INTERNET MARKETING SOLUTIONS Online Marketing Solutions for SMB’s Strategies for Marketing in a Recession Presented by: THINQ, Inc. January 6, 2010
  • INTERNET MARKETING SOLUTIONS Agenda The importance of the Internet Marketing in tough times How to impact the top line Web Marketing Solutions Summary
  • INTERNET MARKETING SOLUTIONS The importance of the web • Online is no longer a niche channel worthy of investment for the future. • It is a significant channel now and should be actively managed. • Drive high quality traffic to the website • Increase sales lead generation from prospective customers • Build ongoing brand awareness, identity, and recognition online • Competitive differentiator
  • INTERNET MARKETING SOLUTIONS The importance of the web Just the Facts • 54% of Americans use the Internet and local search instead of phone books and directories • 97% of Americans use Internet to shop • 74% of users perform searches for local products and services • 82% of local searches result in an in-store visit, phone call, or purchase
  • The Recession is here – What is your Strategy? Prospecting is changing Global Economies changing Access to information is changing Industries are consolidating & changing Harder to reach targeted customers Sales cycles are getting longer Fewer projects open for bid The Result: Sales & Marketing must change to survive and thrive. Reality check: • In Recessions, most firms pull back marketing • Smart marketers strategically position their companies during boom-and-bust cycles • Conventional Sales techniques won’t work anymore • Dr. Clement Jugular (1819 – 1905) – coined the phrase “Business Cycles” 1. Expansion 2. Prosperity 3. Contraction Best Time to Sell 4. Recession (market is ripe)
  • Marketing Mavericks During the 1930 “Great Depression” 1929 - The Kellogg Company (W.K. Kellogg) Doubled its advertising budget Result: Sales soared, become #1 Cereal W.K. Kellogg 1930 – Kraft Foods (J.L. Kraft) Needed a miracle to save the company Relabeled mayonnaise – “Miracle Whip” Result: Product sales soared J.L. Kraft 1933 – Fortune Magazine (Henry R. Luce) Brazenly launched magazine about Business Sold copy for then-outrageous newsstand price of $1 Henry R. Luce Result: Advertisers climbed on board – magazine thrived
  • INTERNET MARKETING SOLUTIONS How to impact the Top Line? Where are the Opportunities? Three main opportunities that online marketing present: 1. Increased revenues 2. Reduced cost of sale 3. Enhanced brand loyalty and client relationships
  • INTERNET MARKETING SOLUTIONS 1.Increased Revenues – Top Line Focus! • Number 1 Business Pain & Challenge – More Sales, Revenue, Profit • Web is a level playing field in terms of marketing • Anyone can attract new clients through properly targeted marketing • Cost to change marketing material & message is zero cost • Global and national reach is available to all, not just the Big Brands • Brand and message are always “Open” 24 hours each day, each time zone, in each latitude
  • INTERNET MARKETING SOLUTIONS 2. Reduce cost of sales • What is your cost per new sale? Per lead? • A well branded website has the lowest cost of sale • Significantly less expensive than Trade Journal, Newspaper advertising • Moves buyer further down the pipeline in prospect-to-customer cycle • Qualifies prospect with minimal sales team involvement • Ensures the right message is presented consistently every time
  • INTERNET MARKETING SOLUTIONS 3. Enhanced brand loyalty & relationships • Ease of business – easy to find (Number One reason for clients) • Increase Brand awareness (can’t sell unless your Visible) • Increase Brand recognition • Increase Brand top-of-mind (own mental real estate) Result: Brand Loyalty begets Customer Loyalty which begets increased Sales revenue
  • INTERNET MARKETING SOLUTIONS How to drive new revenue to my company? • What are the various marketing opportunities? • Who will manage? • Who will measure the results and how?
  • INTERNET MARKETING SOLUTIONS Web Marketing Opportunities Web Design & Search Engine Paid Search Blogging Optimization Advertising Local Search Email Social Media Directories Marketing
  • INTERNET MARKETING SOLUTIONS Web Design & Blogging Is the House ready for visitors? • Before investing in online marketing channels the site must be “fit for purpose” to convert traffic at the highest rate • Average Buyer spends less that 4.7 seconds to identify the relevance of your site • Audience loves pictures • Audience hates text but loves headlines • Simple, easy to navigate site • “Don’t Make Me THINK” – recognizable links • Concise, relevant information • Is the site attractive, crisp, and clean • Is your Service offering easy to scan • Are your projects fully detailed and Gallery Showcase Ready • How does the site fair against competitor’s sites? • Blogging – Keeps readers (i.e. clients, prospects, partners) informed • Visitor Tracking & Analytics - Once site is optimized, then commence with Marketing activity to drive revenue
  • INTERNET MARKETING SOLUTIONS Search Engine Optimization Why are Search Engines important? • SEO Definition – Improving the quality & traffic of site visitors through natural and “organic” searches (takes up to 4-8 months to impact) • 89% of Internet users regularly use Search engines • In Europe, Google accounts for 76% of total searches • In Asia Pacific, Google accounts for 67% (Baidu the rest) • In United Sates, Google accounts for 49% • Important to know where your customers are researching in order to adjust the approach accordingly
  • INTERNET MARKETING SOLUTIONS Paid Search Advertising PPC Results Natural search results
  • INTERNET MARKETING SOLUTIONS Paid Search Advertising What is most visible and valuable area of the page?
  • INTERNET MARKETING SOLUTIONS Local Search Directories Local Searches & Directories • First, they are FREE. • Listings for your primary markets • Internet searches have replaced the old Yellow pages and Yellow book • Available through all Search Engines
  • INTERNET MARKETING SOLUTIONS Email Marketing Why the postal service is MAD! • Email Marketing (“Drip Marketing”) is a simple, cost-effective solution • Email only your intended target audience and verticals We help you: - Build Landing Pages (per ea. Campaign) - Targeted Distribution - Tailor Messaging - Find Lead Nurturing programs - Locate email delivery systems - Help setup Nurturing and Sales Process (critical) - Setup auto-responses - Build Customer/Prospective database - Training
  • INTERNET MARKETING SOLUTIONS Social Media Is this faddish or a business enabler? The $64 question, how do I connect with people who are still buying? Social Media Intelligence Tools - Google Alerts – client news alerts (Ex: Intercontinental Occupancy Up) - LinkedIn.com – connect with other business peoples networks - Conduct searches by industry, name, company, keyword - Twitter – microblogging platform – get detailed information quickly - Facebook – corporate presence only (becomes too social) - Jigsaw – another corporate search network - MySpace – Not For Business (NFB)
  • INTERNET MARKETING SOLUTIONS Get Digital and get off the Road! • If you are not fully exploiting today’s technology, you are leaving revenue and sales on the table every day. • A strategic, planned, approach to online marketing will produce far better returns than tactical activity • Investing in existing customers, as well as prospecting for new ones, is crucial for overall success during the “boom-and-bust” business cycles • Measuring performance and adjusting campaigns will produce stronger returns
  • INTERNET MARKETING SOLUTIONS Why THINQ? THINQ is your ideal online marketing partner • Offers a full service suite of Internet Marketing solutions • Shared interest in your success – We become stakeholders in your company. • Predictable and cost-controlled marketing budget • Can adjust marketing message without added expense • Manages your Internet Marketing activities – leaving you to focus on clients • No additional staff to hire • No in-sourcing of existing staff • Evaluate Marketing effectiveness periodically • Internet Marketing Solutions offered under a single flat, fixed monthly fee
  • INTERNET MARKETING SOLUTIONS Next Step • Conduct a Marketing Assessment for you. • Establish a Marketing Budget for 2010 • Set a Launch Date • Go Digital!