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Presentation of the ThinkYoung think tank, Brussels based non-profit organisation that lobby for young people in Europe.

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ThinkYoung Presentation

  1. 1. We lobby for young people There are 69 million Europeans under the age of 30 – that is 15% of the total EU population. We are the next European generation. But what do young people think about the future of their Europe? Nobody ever asks this question. Policy-makers are used to answering it for us. That is why ThinkYoung exists.
  2. 2. ThinkYoung was Ourcreated in 2007, as a platform to provide aim…to make Brussels aware …is opportunities foryoung Europeans to of what young people think. meet, talk, share their thoughts and experiences; in order to be a thinktank to make young Our voices heard in the world of EU affairs. vision… to make Europe ThinkYoung! …is
  3. 3. SURVEYS PUBLICATIONS We periodically run pan- We are constantly on the European surveys about lookout for young peoples critical issues faced by essays/articles/researchpoliticians and governments papers about Europe to in Europe affecting the publish on our website and young generation. The present at our conferences.survey results are presented Check out online and at conferences for with the purpose of voicing some examples! young European opinions. CONFERENCES DOCUMENTARIES ThinkYoung works as To deepen and spread knowledge partners for knowledge and understanding of conferences all around different European youth Europe, holding panel cultures, and to highlightdiscussions, presenting our traditions, issues and events, surveys and organizing ThinkYoung portrays exciting workshops. and moving stories in short documentaries shot by young professional filmmakers.
  4. 4. ThinkYoung’s latest survey was carried outwith the support of the European BusinessSummit and in collaboration with InseadBusiness School, the Federation of BelgianEnterprises and Accenture on a select group ofyoung promising future leaders concerningtheir view on the future of Europe. The aimwas to provide concrete recommendations toEuropean decision makers and to be able tocompare the opinions of the young and theolder generation.
  5. 5. Recent publicationsinclude:Federalists andFederalism inContemporary Europe,by Anna Fawdry,University CollegeLondon (June 2010)Germany, Greece andIntergovernmentalism,by Simone Disegni,Université Libre deBruxelles, (May 2010)Economic vs socialintegration in Europe, byMaria Holmblad,University CollegeLondon (February 2010)
  6. 6. ThinkYoung is the knowledge partner of the Junior Enterprise WorldConference (JEWC) which is hosted by Bocconi University in Milan, from22nd of July to 25th of July 2010. The conference brings together over 400students from all over the world in order to encourage dialogue, strengthenglobal citizenship and exchange knowledge. Past conferences:• European Business Summit, 30th June - 1st July 2010•The Youth as Promoter of the EU Integration of Kosovo" – 19th of May 2010
  7. 7. We recently shot our firstdocumentary about young people in Kosovo. Thefilm premiered on the 19th of May 2010 as part of our project ‘Advocacy forYoung People of Kosovo’. Wepartnered with Soros Foundation,Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports of Kosovo and Google.
  8. 8. ThinkYoung aisbl6 Rond Point Schuman1040 – Bruxelles+32 2 669 07