HTM2121 SEM005 Group B Chocolatier (4)


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HTM2121 SEM005 Group B Chocolatier (4)

  1. 1. Fantaisie au chocolat
  2. 2. Objectives Run a median-class chocolate shopEmphasize on providing high quality and healthy organic chocolate to customers.Develop a new milestone of choco- cosmetology.
  3. 3. Mission
  4. 4. Opportunities and ThreatsOpportunities Threats• Not well developed organic chocolate • Chocolates are not necessities market in Hong Kong- Occupied a relatively high market • Limited knowledge about organic share in local organic market chocolate of public- Low competition of raw materials • The concept ‘chocolate is fat and• Traditions of eating chocolates during unhealthy’ is deep-rooted in public’s special festivals mind- Valentine’s Day- Easter • Gradually increase of price of raw materials• High purchasing power of target customer • Insufficient supply of organic cocoa• Strong desire of skincare products • Old famous chocolate brands(Godiva, Lucullus, Leonidas, etc.• Development of technology and media ) have share of mind when people talk about chocolate
  5. 5. Analyze of ourtarget customers
  6. 6. The needs of our company serving• Customers nowadays pay more attention to issue of healthProduce healthy and organic chocolate• Market of healthy and organic chocolate is not well-developed and competitive in Hong Kong occupy large market share in the organicchocolate market
  7. 7. Our target customers• Middle to upper class • Upper to middle Females class households• Aged 20-40 • 1-2 children with• Interested in and willing their parents or to spend on beauty and single parent healthy product • Interested in healthy and organic food
  8. 8. When, where, how and how often do our customers buy and why?Where• High purchasing power interested in shopping on some mega shopping mall• Majority of our target customers work on the Wan Chai and central• Go to our shop and purchase some products after getting off their work
  9. 9. How• Walk in• Order chocolate via the phone, email or our official website• Pay by paypal, credit card or other e-payment methods
  10. 10. 4P
  11. 11. Products
  12. 12. Chocolates• Fresh and healthy• Handmade• Low saturated fat and low sugar• Raw materials from Europe and cocoa from Ghana
  13. 13. Types of chocolatesThree types of packages: gifts, snacks andhampersSpecial flavor: flower tea and swallow’s nestLimited edition: Fresh Strawberries filled withdark chocolate butter cream
  14. 14. Chocolate masks• two types of mask• beautiful skin: suitable for youngsters , it incorporates milk chocolate, vitamin C and honey• women wonder: suitable for women, it incorporates cranberry seed oil and black raspberry• Masks are needed to purchase in two days advance
  15. 15. Workshops provision of high quality of chocolate melt, fruits and nuts, customers can enjoy the process of mixing the flavor chocolates according to their preference. The type of chocolates we teach will be matched with the seasons. $120 per lesson 1 lesson per week.
  16. 16. Price
  17. 17. Chocolate treats-$12 for one piece of chocolate-$15 for special flavor of chocolates-Strawberry limited edition: $50 per packagesChocolate small gift: $120A larger size of gift box: $240Hamper: $350Chocolate mask:$200 per 2oog of mask
  18. 18. Price• A bit higher than the medium level• Reasons behind such price setting -high production cost -high promotion cost -price represents our image -saturated market of luxurious chocolate*To gain a balance between these factors
  19. 19. Place• Locates on 32 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central.• Reasons of choosing this place• High number of our targeted customers• Near Lan Kwai Fong
  20. 20. Promotion• Purchase up to $100 chocolate masks testers will be given• Develop VIP system• (a) enjoy a 10% off of all the products in our shop. (b) enjoy an extra 20% off discount during their birthday month (c) join our ‘Stamp collection scheme’
  21. 21. Promotion• Mega sale on two days before the expiry date of the chocolate• -let our customers to enjoy a low-price chocolate -to sell all our stocks out.
  22. 22. Promotion• Give out chocolates to orphans in Christmas ,Children’s Day and Easter• To fulfill our social responsibility and to make them feel they are being loved
  23. 23. Sales forecastAt the beginning(Jan-Mar): low sales due to newly operationContinue to increase as it gains more recognitionDrop sharply on June : no festival workshops, no festival to boostthe consumers’ demand
  24. 24. • Increase sharply on July: People have more spare time to join the workshop• Continued to increase from Nov to Dec:• Dry weather increase the demand of mask and• The coming of Christmas increase the demand of chocolates