Digital Products & Services Are at the Heart of a Brand now.


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Digital Products & Services are at the heart of a brand now – presentation by Marco Spies at the Service Experience Camp Berlin, September 14th 2013.

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Digital Products & Services Are at the Heart of a Brand now.

  1. 1. Digital Products & Services Are at the Heart of a Brand now. Marco Spies, Managing Partner @ think moto Service Experience Camp Berlin, September 14th 2013. #SXC13
  2. 2. ➜
  3. 3. What I‘ll be talking about... ➜ The experience has become the brand ➜ A human centered service design approach ➜ Branded interactions as a key element of brand management
  4. 4. Not so long ago.
  5. 5. Interactive advertising.
  6. 6. Anderes Bild? Interactive products.
  7. 7. Interactive service systems.
  8. 8. Peter Skillman VP Mobile Phones UX Design @Nokia „So we went from Grotesque to Humanist and basically the UI font Nokia Pure became the brand font. So the brand is evolving and simplifying in a very human way from the UI to a complete shift in product making including a massive change in the industrial design language and several other aspects, such as the service interaction. The UI is becoming the brand. The experience is becoming the brand.“
  9. 9. From Grotesque...
  10. 10. Humanist.
  11. 11. Good service experiences are transformational – Brands that deliver such experiences will be connected with their audiences deeper than ever before.
  12. 12. Our life is post-digital – brands should be too.
  13. 13. Sometimes I‘m in situations like this. Marketing Manager: "We need a Facebook app!"  Service Designer: "Fair enough, go and find a digital marketing agency. And what do your customers need?"
  14. 14. Let‘s change the perspective! ➜ We want to find out about the human behaviour of our users ➜ We think of the interface as „humane“ ➜ We define brands as personalities with a distinct behaviour We call this Branded Interaction Design (BIxD).
  15. 15. understanding the product: its content and functionality, devices, life cycle, underlying business case understanding the brand: its meaning, behaviour, story, image and offering understanding the users: their behaviour, tasks, activities, context, culture, life styles... PRODUCTUSER BRAND Discovery: three sources of information.
  16. 16. digital native = always online context of use = everywhere Purchase decisions based on information, product comparison, recommendations, credibility!
  17. 17. Understanding users? A good idea is like the trojan horse: it is attractively packaged, so people like to let it in. But in fact, it has only one objective: conquest.!/image/2272723946.jpg_gen/derivatives/width610x580/2272723946.jpg
  18. 18. Understanding users.
  19. 19. Borahm Cho, aka the humane interface. Understanding the product.
  20. 20. Understanding the brand as a person. cool casual friendly stylish easy-going (innovative)
  21. 21. Brand Filters bring a brand‘s personality into the product. Look & Feel, Tonalität Inspirierend. (frischer urbaner, zielgruppengerechter Look) Plakativ. (schnelle Erfassbarkeit der visu- ellen Elemente u. Kernaussagen) Einladend. (Nähe und Erreichbarkeit zeigen, Social Media integrieren) Informations- architektur Nutzerzentriert. (statt Produkt- oder Unternehmenszentriert) Modular. (Modularität im Seitenaufbau und klare Zonierung der Inhalte) Digital einfach. (Verwendung zeitgemäßer Bedienparadigmen, z.B. swipe) Nutzerführung & Navigation Joy of Use. (einen Flow in der Navigation erzeugen, das gewisse Etwas) Reduziert auf das Wesentliche. (Dreiklang, kurze Wege, eindeutige Call-to-Actions) Zielführend. (Orientierung an urbanen Leitsystemen) Bewegung & Interaktion Spielerisch. (Spielerische Eleganz, nicht Verspieltheit) Präzise. (performante, flüssige und präzise Umsetzung von Animationen) Mediengerecht. (spielerisch und präzise auf dem iPad ist anders als auf dem PC) INNOVATIV MENSCHLICH. EINFACH FLEXIBEL. ONLINE KUNDENNAH.
  22. 22. The Brand is in the details of the interface.
  23. 23. The brand is in the details of the interface.
  24. 24. The brand is in the details of the interface.
  25. 25. Bringing Joy-of-Use to a digital product or service needs more than design-thinking. We actually need to do things.
  26. 26. Brian Gillespie Service Designer & Principal @Continuum „Business managers are being encouraged to expand their business thinking and become design thinkers. Schools and courses teach managers the methods. However the non– designer design thinkers still face the challenge of design doing, and here must rely on the design agencies to do the doing.“
  27. 27. Getting it done means getting the story across.
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