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Social Media took over our lives in most different aspects. Even health care providers are becoming more aware of how the digital world and services, i.e. Apps, social Networks,... can be of benefit for them and for their visitors and patients.

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mHealth - The Mobile App Strategy Healthcare

  1. 1. • Assimilate Digital andSocial Media at the core ofyour business model• Integrate your offlinemarketing efforts• Empower sales activities• Build your
  2. 2. • The founder and CEOAyman Itani is the mostquoted Digital and SocialMedia expert in theMiddle East withappearances on BBC,CNBC, CNN, Al Arabiya,Daily Star, LBCI,…
  3. 3.• Most sought afterpublic speaker atSocial Mediaevents in theMENA region
  4. 4.• Teaches DigitalMedia at theLebanese AmericanUniversity• Guest lecture at theAmerican Universityof Dubai (AUD)
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  9. 9. If you Work in a Health Sector andDon’t Have a Mobile Strategy,Consider
  10. 10. • Global sales ofsmartphones areexpected to hit 1.5 billionunits by 2016 (ForbesMagazine)• Almost half the populationof the earth now usesmobile communications(GSMA).thinkmedialabs.com
  11. 11. • A billion mobile subscribers were added inthe last 4 years to leave the total standing at3.2 billion (GSMA)• The next few years will see continuedgrowth with a further 700 millionsubscribers expected to be added by 2017and the 4 billion mark to be passed in 2018(GSMA)
  12. 12. • 10 years fromnow, everyonefrom teens to theelderly will carry asmartphone(Forbes Magazine)thinkmedialabs.com
  13. 13. • 80% of the doctors use smart-phones, tablets, &mobile apps• 40% of them believe mobileapps can reduce office visits• 78% consumers are interestedin mobile healthcare solutions• 88% of doctors would like theirpatients to monitor their healthat homes, including weight,blood sugar, and vital signsthinkmedialabs.com
  14. 14. • The US market for mobile healthapps is expected to quadruple to$400 million by 2016, according toABI Research (Forbes Magazine)• Health and wellbeingapplications are estimated to makeup approximately 40% of newsmartphone apps currently beingdeveloped (The Guardian)thinkmedialabs.com
  15. 15. • A recent study by the Brookings Institution hasfound that patient monitoring technology has thepotential to save US$197 billion in the UShealthcare system over the next 25 years (GSMA2013)• The global mobile health market isprojected to be worth betweenUS$30 billion and US$60 billion by2015(GSMA 2013)thinkmedialabs.com
  16. 16. • In 2011, a company called VESAG launched aMobile-based Personal Emergency ResponseSystem (MPERS)• Functionality built into a watch can remindthe wearer to take medicines andinterfaces wirelessly with other VESAGproducts that monitor 17
  17. 17. • The watch allows the user to speak withemergency responders or a helpdesk at a singlepress of a button• It can even detect a fall and automaticallycontact the helpdesk and can give the patient’slocation via GPS.• The watch is now available in at least 18 countriesincluding Brazil, Russia, India, China, USA, Lebanon,Jamaica and Dubai(VESAG 2013)
  18. 18. • The World Health Organizationestimates that almost 300,000women die each year due topregnancy or pregnancy-relatedcomplicationsthinkmedialabs.com• Mobile technology can be used to educate andinform mothers and those who deliver children,especially in many developing countries where themajority of births are performed without a healthprofessional present
  19. 19. • For healthcare professionals, mobile or tablet appsalso have enormous potential for training andprofessional development• Apps are available to assist midwives and juniordoctors with their annual mandatory trainingrequirements.• Apps include several learning elements for quickreference such as recommended reading, aglossary of terms and multiple choice
  20. 20. • It has a built-in test area allowing knowledge to betested and providing instant feedback to users.• To provide a deeper level of training, the app hadvideo and audio lectures and detailed illustrationsand animations.(The Guardian)
  21. 21. • In 2012, one of the largest US medical organizationKaiser Permanente made its entire electronichealthcare system available to its 9 millionmembers via an Android app• Kaiser patients now make appointments, check labtests, order medicines, and communicate withtheir physicians from the palm of their hands• The app garnered more than 95,000 downloadsshortly after Magazine)
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  23. 23. Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Step 6SetBusinessGoalsEstablishWorkflowProcessesContentBuilding ExecuteandLaunchMeasure& Refinethinkmedialabs.comDefineStakeholders&OperationalGrounds
  24. 24. • Marketing apps: are most common, they provideinformation like ER wait times, directions tohospital, selecting a physician, etc…• Internal apps: for hospitals internal needs, likeproviding physicians access to patient’s records• Apps with medical functionality: providespatients and their families track of theirmedications, physicians available , and medicalnews.thinkmedialabs.com
  25. 25. • Involve patients, doctors,paramedics, pharmacists,government authorities,insurance companies andother stake-holders• Integrate your existingrecords and applicationsinto your Mobile healthcarestrategythinkmedialabs.com
  26. 26. • Keep your strategylong-term, spanningover the next 5 to 10years• Keep your strategyflexible, with room toincorporate new ideasand technologythinkmedialabs.com
  27. 27. • If by now, you feel somewhatconvinced about theessentiality of a Mobile AppStrategy for your hospital,pharmacy, clinic, or healthservice, you might bewondering where to startthinkmedialabs.com• Here are some tips to get you started:
  28. 28. • If you already offer health services throughthe Internet, get used to the idea of offeringthem through a small screen• Optimize your healthcare services for mobile• If your website, blog, Social Media profiles,newsletter, and email are not updated for themobile age, it’s time to upgrade or
  29. 29. • Hospitals are using online andmobile technology tocommunicate with variouspublics to learn what featurespatients want on thehealthcare system• Survey your masses and knowwhat you need to add now orin the futurethinkmedialabs.com
  30. 30. • There are many healthcare appsalready available for you to use• The need for developing a customApp arises if you want to offerspecialized services for which noApp is available• The cost of creating Apps may notbe practical for small audiences orlocalized purposesthinkmedialabs.com
  31. 31. • Some of the services can be:–Website and text messaging of hospital ERand department waiting times–Text reminders about medications–Exercise or smoking cessation support–Mother and family (neonatal) programs–Medical appointment and
  32. 32.• Technology is a mean to an end. It enablespeople to get the better of their lifestyles• Mobile users who know how that apps areused to make their lives better withoutgetting overwhelmed by technology use,will get better results.
  33. 33. • Researchers used mHealth technology tomonitor patients who live in poor urbanneighborhoods and found it can helpincreasing the access thatthose individuals have tohealthcare services withoutincreasing the amount ofspending required to provide that care.thinkmedialabs.com
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  35. 35. • Patients suffering from chronicdiseases will be able to“visit”withprimary care physicians orspecialists located far away• Patients and physicians willdecide together when a visit isbest done live and whenhealthcare services can bedelivered virtuallythinkmedialabs.com
  36. 36. Features include:• HDF Doctors list & Hospital Directory• HDF Events and News• Manage My Medications• Hospital Floor Maps | Locate us• Health tips• Interactive Feedback Interface• All you need to Know about HDF: website,contact numbers, history...thinkmedialabs.com
  37. 37. • Patients can interact withtheir physicians via Apps• For personal visits, Appscan tell patients when thephysician is running latethinkmedialabs.com
  38. 38. • Apps can also monitor intakeof medicine and remindpatients if they miss a dose• Apps can even guide patientsto the nearest pharmacywhen they are running lowon pillsthinkmedialabs.com
  39. 39. • The huge amount of incoming data willneed large call centers, that will housenurses, doctors, pharmacists and otherhealthcare professionals who watch,manage and respond to this inbound datathinkmedialabs.com
  40. 40. • Digital health apps willallow providers toeffectively manage andcoordinate patient carein a complexenvironmentthinkmedialabs.com
  41. 41. • Mobile Apps willcreate new jobopportunities forhealth professionalsand new ways ofproviding servicesthinkmedialabs.com
  42. 42. • Digital apps will make healthcare safer bygiving patients tools to manage their ownhealth• For example, patients are handed all data fora safe and healthy recovery an app instead ofa stack of
  43. 43. • Apps can remind the patient to take pills,monitor side effects and transfer theknowledge to their provider• The patient could tend to the most urgenttasks and the one or two items mostimportant to remember – and the app wouldtake care of the
  44. 44. Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Step 6SetBusinessGoalsEstablishWorkflowProcessesContentBuilding ExecuteandLaunchMeasure& Refinethinkmedialabs.comDefineStakeholders&OperationalGrounds
  45. 45. Think Media Labs specializes instrategizing for Mobile Healthcare.Give us a call or contact us online tolearn
  46. 46.
  47. 47. • Digital MediaConsulting• Complexanimation of data• Mobile AppDevelopment forgovernmententities
  48. 48. • Digital MediaConsulting.• Creating unifiedDigital front forall Schools.• Improved theirOnline presence.
  49. 49. • We built the onlinecommunity forHarvard Arab Alumniin KSA, UAE, Jordan,Egypt, Qatar, Oman, &Lebanon.• Coordinated withHarvard University inCambridge and AbuDhabi• Promoted HAAA eventof 600 attendees
  50. 50. • Unified digitalstorefront across 30branches nationwide• Complied with globaland local brandrequirements• Integrated SocialMedia in businessprocess (marketing,sales, operations,…)
  51. 51. • Quadrupled theironline community(Facebook, Twitter,Youtube,…)• Nurtured communityacross KSA, UAE,Egypt, Jordan, andLebanon• Finalists for InternetAwards Show MiddleEast 2012
  52. 52. • Strategically introduceddigital processes intheir 27 year-oldbusiness workflows• Integrated digital teamwith the departmentsof news, editing,production, and livecoverage• Worked with the topregional shows fordigital enablement
  53. 53. • Created direct-to-customer selling• Integrated SocialMedia in businessprocesses(commerce,production,performances,…)• Improved onlinesales of music andtickets for live shows
  54. 54. • Launched theSocial Mediapresence• Created aninteractive photoapplication forValentine• Finalist for InternetAwards ShowMiddle East 2012
  55. 55. • Integrated B2BSocial Media(international andlocal franchise)• Social Mediabusiness strategyfor annual retailindustryconference
  56. 56. thinkmedialabs.comPresentations of TML can be found at: Think Media our App: