McDonald's Lebanon Social Media Case Study - Infographic Report


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The following case study was created by Think Media Labs for McDonald's Lebanon after a huge success of their "Tastes of the World" Facebook Competition that increased Facebook Page likes by 300%, +82% posts/Likes growth, +203% comments growth, and 53% shares growth on McDonald's Facebook Page.

"Tastes of the World" campaign introduced to the Lebanese Market three different burgers from three different part of the world. The Mexican Burger, The French Burger, and The Asian Burger.

All content was monitored, assembled, and analyzed by Think Media Labs after 9 weeks of conducting this successful Facebook Competition.

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McDonald's Lebanon Social Media Case Study - Infographic Report

  1. 1. “Tastes of the World”Social Media Case StudyMcDonald’s Lebanon powered by Think Media LabsApril 15 to June 17, 2013
  2. 2. Terms & Conditions Order, Eat, Snap, Upload,Vote3 New Burgers 3 weeks eachWe wanted users not only to smell or taste flavorsfrom other cultures but also to fully experience them!• Order one of our new Tastes of the World meals• Take a picture wearing McDonald’s mustache in front of the “Tastes of the World” backdrop or with the meal.• Upload the picture to the McDonald’s Lebanon Photo Contest Application.• Get at least 10 votes to be qualified.• Every 10 votes you get increases your chances in the draw to win a trip for two to Mexico, France or Malaysia.April 15 May 6 May 27 June 17Mexican French AsianKarim MiknasMcDonald’s Lebanon Managing Partner“ “The Competition1
  3. 3. Social Media Analysis224h300%Growthin 9 weeks25%25%50%Facebook Page Growth (Page Likes)App Activity Coverageof SocialMediaPageActivityGrowthApril15Mar27May6May27June17In-StoreObservationImmediateResponseMobile-friendlyFacebook AppDynamicContentMexicanFrenchAsian+53%shares+203%comments+82%posts/Likes
  4. 4. Case Study A3Expect the Unexpected1. Sold OUTThe Mexican and Asian burgerswere a huge success that theywere sold out in 1 week each.Social Indication2.Customers indicated instantlyon Facebook that the burgerswere sold out.the online community tells youalmost as fast as your internalteam what is happening in yourbusiness.Solution3.The mustache was removed asa must for entering the contest.always have a backup plan incase the business situationchanges.Be transparent when updatingthe Terms and conditions.Lauretta KamelMcDonald’ssss there’s noasian anymore and there is stillone week for the competition....Few seconds agoPaul Eidi am at McDo now, there are nomore mexican burgers :( whatcan i do???5 minutes agoany McDonald’s meal
  5. 5. Case Study B4Joey Audi:The Devoted Fan15-year-oldBoy1. Entrance4. Draw6. Reward8. Gratitude“Vote for Joey”Facebook Page2.“Joey’s Trailer”Video Montage3.Did not winthe competition5.“Sad Joey is now Happier”“Thanks McDonald’s” Video7.“McDonald’s Flight”Video Montage9.Joey entered thecompetition to wina trip to Mexico.1.To gain more votes onhis photo, Joey createda Facebook page andnamed it “Vote for Joey”.2.On his page, he created and shareda video montage to show how badhe wanted to win the trip.3.In the draw, a girl namedJoy won the trip leavingJoey crushed.4 - 5.McDonald’s Lebanon couldn’t leaveJoey sad, so they invited him for aflight over Lebanon.6.Because of McDonalds generosity,Joey renamed his page to: "JoeysDreams come true Fly around Lebanon”.To show his excitement, he then createdand shared a thank you video.Reward usersinitiative, evenif not strictlycompliant withthe terms andconditions.7. Joey shared one last video "McDonald’sFlight" where he expressed his gratitudeand shared his wonderful experience.8 - 9.
  6. 6. Last but Not Least5Enjoy the competition with the usersand the customers.Brief well your employees and involvethem with the fun!
  7. 7. “Tastes of the World”Social Media Case StudyMcDonald’s Lebanon powered by Think Media LabsApril 15 to June 17, 2013Links of’s “Thanks McDonald’s”
  8. 8. Think Media LabsThankYou/ /McDonaldsLebanon/thinkmedialabs/thinkmedialabs/thinkmedialabs.comMcDonald’s Lebanon/McDonaldsLebanon/McDonaldsLeb/