Module 08 computer ethics


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Module 08 computer ethics

  1. 1. Alpha Tech Program
  2. 2. Recap Module 7
  3. 3. Module : E-ethics Johnson’s 3 P’s of Technology Ethics: Privacy - I will protect my privacy and respect the privacy of others. Property - I will protect my property and respect the property of others. a(P)propriate Use - I will use technology in constructive ways and in ways which do not break the rules of my family, church, school, or government. Doug Johnson, Director of Media and Technology for the Mankato (MN) Public Schools Explain intellectual property and copyright as they apply to computing. Identify acts of copyright violation and the measures to prevent those acts.
  4. 4. Intellectual Property Owner has exclusive rights to control the use of the material to: Copy, reproduce, or distribute the property. Share or sell the rights to the property. Give away the rights to the property for free.
  5. 5. Copyright Violation Plagiarism Inappropriate-use and piracy Music Software Logo Unauthorized access
  6. 6. Copyright Prevention Legal use Using copyrighted material for educational purposes Sharing links instead of downloaded material Using copyrighted material with the copyright owner's permission
  7. 7. Summary
  8. 8. Statement True False 1 Unauthorized use of intellectual property is ILLEGAL. 2 Unauthorized use of intellectual property is LEGAL. 3 A painting IS NOT legally owned by its painter. 4 A painting IS legally owned by its painter. 5 The author of a book CANNOT control the use of the book. 6 The author of a book CAN control the use of the book. 7 A copyright owner CAN sell the copyrights. 8 A copyright owner CANNOT sell the copyrights. 9 Copyright violation CANNOT lead to legal problems. 10 Copyright violation CAN lead to legal problems. 11 Sharing a copyrighted song IS copyright violation. 12 Sharing a copyrighted song IS NOT copyright violation. 13 Libel is VERBAL defamation. 14 Libel is WRITTEN defamation. 15 Slander is VERBAL defamation. 16 Slander is WRITTEN defamation. 17 Online gambling CAN cause legal problems. 18 Online gambling CANNOT cause legal problems.
  9. 9. Question 1 Which of the following is a legitimate use of copyrighted material? Select the one best answer. Copying some content from a Web site and using it as is in your own Web site Creating copies of CDs purchased online and selling them Using paragraphs from an online article and citing the source Creating copies of licensed software and distributing them to your friends Question 2 You are very angry with your supervisor. While still upset, you post a message in an online forum stating that your supervisor is a dishonest person. What kind of offense have you committed? Select the one best answer. Libel Copyright violation Slander Plagiarism
  10. 10. Copyright Crossword
  11. 11. Note: For the next session, please bring your: mobile phone with cable, software Portable media player with cable, software