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  • Since 2004 2005 itunes, oxford dictionary Definition of podcast: Definition, difference between normal audio download and podcast Where you want, When you want Types: Audio, Video Teacher can play podcast of recorded lectures
  • Glossary
  • Software: Players, RSS aggregator, Hardware: Computer, MP3 Player, Speakers Internet connection: Stable connectivity
  • Recorded lectures Supervised access, choose appropriate content Start creating your own and upload them
  • Examples: Creating Year book Tell Stories with Podcasts  Have your language arts class practice the art of storytelling. Break your students into groups of three or four, and make up and record a ghost story. Have them edit the stories to include sound effects or music, and then turn the recordings into podcasts for the class Web site. Play a new podcast for the class each week.  Create Video Memories of a Field Trip  Take your science class on a field trip to a local park. Explore plants, trees, flowers, bugs, and wildlife. Have the students take turns shooting video footage of the things that they see and experience. Turn the footage into a vodcast and load it to the class Web site so that your students remember the trip.
  • Record all your class and upload them, upload all the files with them Buddy system, student will record and upload
  • They can see what child is doing in school. Record PTM and upload Parent can also contribute Share link of web url with them
  • It would be easy if substitute teacher know what is already done. You can use ST to enhance your education Show procedure (hand raising, calling names) Show role-call procedure Show sitting arrangement
  • Explore ready to use lessonplans reate a Math Vodcast  Make a vodcast of math equations that include addition, subtraction, and basic multiplication and division. Have the video be a slideshow of images that serve as flashcards, offering problems and helping with answers. Use the vodcast as a visual aid to accompany class practice time with math equations.  Create a History Podcast  Have your group of second graders record a podcast that tells the story of Lewis and Clark and Sacajawea. Make the podcast episodic, and have them add a new chapter each week. Have them each play a different character, reading the story with varying voices, and adding sound effects. Help them post the podcast to the school Web site so that it can be shared with other students and parents.  Poetry Podcasts Work with your fourth graders to write some poetry. Teach them the principles of assonance, dissonance, alliteration, and onomatopoeia. Have them read and record their poetry to make it a podcast. Post the podcasts to the class Web site so that the students can share their work with their parents.
  • They will explore some of the sites according to their subjects
  • They will have audacity training practically
  • Real life examples from EPG, Unconference
  • Apply Effective Podcast Tips and Tricks - Unconference PDF: podcasterchecklist
  • Some web site where they can post: eg Practical: upload 1 file
  • Teach how to set RSS, Give them various name of aggregator
  • Transcript

    • 1. Podcasting Digital Audio in Classroom
    • 2.  
    • 3. Overview
      • Look at Podcasts
      • Learning Common Podcast Terms
      • Accessing Podcast
      • Consider Podcasts in Lesson Planning
    • 4. Look at Podcasts
      • What podcasts are and where to find them.
      • Some different types of podcasts.
      • Purposes of podcasts, and who uses them.
    • 5. Quiz
      • Which of the following are examples of content that can be found as a podcast? (Select all that apply.)
      • news report
      • football game
      • song
      • video game
    • 6. Activity
      • Which types of podcasts do you think would be most useful to you?
      • Write a list of possible ways you might use podcasting in your classroom.
    • 7. Learning Common Podcast Terms
      • Some common words and phrases used in podcasting.
        • Aggregators
        • MP3
        • RSS
    • 8. Quiz
      • Which of the following examples are digital audio players? (Select all that apply.)
      • iPod 
      • Microphone
      • MP3 player
      • Walkman
    • 9. Activity
      • List some podcasting terms and definitions that you may not have known before going through this lesson.
    • 10. Accessing Podcast
      • Get familiar with various devices and programs that catch, manage, store, and play podcasts.
      • Examine various podcast Web sites:
      • click here
    • 11. Quiz
      • Podcasts are primarily made available on the _________.
      • Radio
      • Internet 
      • Television 
      • Telephone
    • 12. Quiz
      • A software program that reads podcast feeds and manages your podcast preferences is called a podcatcher, or aggregator.
      • True 
      • False
    • 13. Activity
      • List some of the podcast mediums and types that you'd find useful in your classroom.
    • 14. Consider Podcasts in Lesson Planning
      • Explore some ways that teachers can include podcasts
      • Discussion the teacher’s role in student podcasting, including monitoring content, acceptable use, and safety.
      • Exploring creating podcasts for use in classroom learning.
    • 15. Activity
      • List some ways that podcasts could be included in lesson plans.
      • List some of the considerations you will need to make to incorporate podcasts in your classroom lessons.
    • 16. Using podcast in classroom
      • Use Podcasts in Collaborative Assignments
      • Set Up Podcasts for Absent Students
      • Engage Parents with Podcasts
      • Prepare Substitute Teachers via Podcasts
      • Integrate Podcasts in Elementary Education
      • Integrate Podcasts in subjects
    • 17. Use Podcasts in Collaborative Assignments
      • Some examples of how podcasts can be used in collaborative assignments.
      • Discuss: how to plan lessons with group projects incorporating audio or video podcasts into a variety of subjects.
    • 18. Activity
      • List some ways that you might incorporate podcasts into group projects or presentations for a variety of subjects.
      • List some ways you've thought of using podcasts in your own collaborative lessons.
    • 19. Set Up Podcasts for Absent Students
      • Some of the ways that podcasts can benefit absent students.
      • Some types of podcasts that can be made for absent students.
    • 20. Activity
      • Write down some of your own ideas for employing podcasts for absent students.
    • 21. Engage Parents with Podcasts
      • Learn how to use podcasts to communicate with parents.
      • Describe ways that podcasts can be used to share students’ work with their parents.
      • Explore few platforms for sharing podcasts with parents.
    • 22. Activity
      • Write down some ways you could use podcasts to communicate with parents.
    • 23. Prepare Substitute Teachers via Podcasts
      • Suggestion of some ways that substitute teachers can be given class subject matter information via podcasts.
      • Learn how podcasts can be used to demonstrate a class period for a substitute teacher.
      • Explain how to use podcasts to give a substitute teacher instructions for a class.
    • 24. Activity
      • What are some different ways you could help prepare substitutes for your class? Write them in the space below.
    • 25. Integrate Podcasts in Elementary Education
      • Explain some ways that syndicated podcasts can be incorporated into elementary school lesson plans.
      • Offering ideas for creating podcasts for elementary lesson plans.
      • Explore helping students learn by creating their own podcasts.
    • 26. Activity
      • List any challenges you foresee in using podcasts in elementary school, and then list possible solutions to those.
      • List a few podcast topics that you would like to find and play for elementary school students.
    • 27. Integrate Podcasts in subjects
    • 28. Audacity
      • Look at Audacity
      • Record Audio Tracks
      • Import Audio Tracks
      • Work with Multiple Tracks
      • Edit an Audio Track
      • Save Projects and Files
      • Understand MP3 Conversion
    • 29. Real life Examples
    • 30. Tips
    • 31. Post Podcasts to the Web
    • 32. Employ RSS Feeds of Podcasts
    • 33. Find Podcast Resource Materials
    • 34.