Best search engine optimization tips and tricks


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Today you will be discovering what the search engines look for when determining page ranks. This will help you guys optimize your pages for the best result. In this industry this is called Seo or search engine optimization.

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Best search engine optimization tips and tricks

  1. 1. Best search engine optimization tips and tricks When it comes to free traffic ranking on the search engines is one of the best ways to go about it. The way it works is, you base your work around targeted specified keywords along with some other tools in order to rank on the first page of the search engines. This is a very effective way to market. There are a series of tools that you can use as well as other sources you can get to have this work done for you. You can use great websites like and where you can create projects for freelancers to apply for. Now this does cost you money, but if you have budget money and rather pay someone to do the work than this is a good way to go. Make sure to test, hire, and train the person you choose for your project. Updated information is definitely something they must have, which is curtail because methods constantly change on how to rank. The things that worked, say 7 years ago don’t work today, especially after Google began using its algorithms.
  2. 2. Now for those of you getting started and want to learn some new free-ways and tips to help you than make sure to read this entire post. Today you will be discovering what the search engines look for when determining page ranks. This will help you guys optimize your pages for the best result. In this industry this is called Seo or search engine optimization. Make sure your site is search engine ready Although most search engines are different each has its own way for determining keyword relevancy, so the best way to do it is going the extra mile. We can call this an algorithm. Bank linking can be considered the foundation of ranking well with most search engines. The better and higher quality back-links the better your average rank will be. One huge thing to avoid is link exchanges and buying all sorts of back-link products. Reason for that being that search engines look more into the one way links you have. Places like Google consider these things unnatural linking, because it doesn't allow them to see how popular a site really is. So they want to see that your site has natural quality links. A lot of sites have seen that they get traffic from search engines and then it quickly loose it, and that’s because this is how they got there. Consistent repeated traffic is the way to go if you want to a powerful and working business. Good search engine optimization The best way to rank in the search engines is to do it naturally by writing valuable quality content, and although this may take longer you can receive the best and highest traffic. This also leaves you free from the worry of any algorithm because you will be following all guidelines and rules.
  3. 3. The top 3 list of search engines There are multiple search engines out there that can bring in traffic to your site, but the most traffic always comes from the big 3 which are Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Google authorship is a very important process, and is something you should do as soon as you get or buy a website. This tool in away allows you to work with Google and lets them know what content you own and are associated with. To do this you will use a your name via a Google plus account .After you take care of this process you have the ability to register for an “authors rank” which is your author profile. If you don’t have a Goolgle account get one today.
  4. 4. Keyword research Keyword research plays a huge role in search engine optimization. The trick is to focus and work around high traffic low competition phrases and keywords. You can use the Google/keyword-planner to help you research keywords and phrases, which you will also need a Google account for. For the example let’s use the key-phrase “make money”:  Step 1.Enter your keyword or key-phrase in the search box    
  5. 5.  Step 2. Choose best keywords or key-phrase What this information gives you is:  Best keywords/phrases  The average monthly searches, which tell you the traffic.  It tells you the competition, which is something you need. These are just a few things this tool does for you, so one again if you don’t have an account get one. If you are just getting started, and would like to receive more tips and tricks visits our blog at Register for this blog platform to guide you along the way. This goes more in to detail about Seo as well as the missing pieces of the puzzle.
  6. 6. If you enjoyed this make sure to like and share. P.s People go online to look for services and if you can provide those services than there is a good chance that someone can buy from you, but you have to be there for them to find. Join us tomorrow as we give you 10 easy free ways to make money online. Chase your dreams