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  • 1. Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server
  • 2. What is Microsoft share point?
    • It is a collection of products includes growing selection of components, internet explorer based collaboration functions, process management modules, search modules and a document management platform
    • Sharepoint can be used to host web sites that access shared workspaces, information stores and documents
    • It is aimed at empowering the collaboration within the organization to empower the productivity to end user
  • 3. The products of MS share point
    • Windows share point service (WSS)
    • Search Server Express
    • Forms Server
    • Microsoft office sharepoint designer
    • Microsoft office sharepoint server (MOSS)
  • 4. Windows share point service (WSS)
    • It is used for
      • Creating web pages
      • Web based collaboration
      • Document Management
      • Content publishing
    It is a supporting tool for the Microsoft office sharepoint technology. It is provided as a free download from Microsoft for Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 or later and is added to the Microsoft .NET Framework
  • 5. Search Server Express (MSS)
    • It is an enterprise platform from Microsoft based on the search needs of Microsoft Office sharepoint server
    • MSS presents a search center interface to present the user for querying. The interface is available as a web application, accessed using a web browser
  • 6.  
  • 7. Microsoft Office Forms Server
    • It allows Microsoft InfoPath forms to be accessed and filled out any web browser. This also available to mobile browser.
    • It also supports using a database or a data source to connect as a backend to the form
    • It is available only within Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007 Enterprise Edition.
  • 8. Microsoft Office Sharepoint Designer
    • It is a WYSIWUG HTML editor and web design program for the sharepoint family products
    • it does not include non-Sharepoint site templates. It only includes local website templates for Sharepoint
    • It only includes local website templates for Sharepoint
  • 9. Sharepoint Designer
  • 10. Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server
    • It is a part of Microsoft Sharepoint
    • It runs on top of the Window sharepoint service (WSS)
    • It helps an organization to aggregate and organize it’s information in one central web based application
    • It integrates closely with Microsoft Office
  • 12.
    • Hierarchical organization of contents
    • Single sign on
    • Indexed search
    • Business Data catalog
    • Editing Microsoft Office documents
    • Sharing and reusing power point presentations and excel tables
  • 13.
    • Hierarchical organization:- Contents are arranged in a hierarchical manner
    • Single Sign On:-a user logs in once and gains access to all systems without being prompted to log in again at each of them.
    • Indexed Search:-Searched results are indexed
    • Editing Microsoft Office documents:-It integrates closely with Microsoft Office applications and give provisions for editing
    Features of MOSS
  • 14.
    • Editing of document-specific libraries:- By using Office PowerPoint 2007, you can share and reuse slide content by storing individual slide files in a centrally located Slide Library on a server running Office Sharepoint Server 2007
    • Business data catalog:-It enables presenting business data from user backend such as a database and viewed by a web based interface
    Features of MOSS
  • 15. Architecture WSS+MOSS Web Server Storage Database Front End Back End
  • 16. Architecture……
    • The front end of the architecture is composed of a web browser running with WSS and MOSS and the back end is a database
    • Share point allows administrators to create web applications to its port. It also sets a site collector through these site web application talks to the database
  • 17. About Microsoft Office Sharepoint server 2007
    • Integration with Microsoft Office
    • Enterprise content management system
    • Web content management
    • Record management
    • Web 2.0 collaboration
    • Ability to take contents from MS Outlook and MS Access
    • Mysite
  • 18. The First look…..
  • 19. What it does ?
  • 20. Integration with Microsoft Office
    • Microsoft Office applications can directly edit the document in the document library. This feature is available for Microsoft Excel and Microsoft InfoPath and power point slides.
    • Microsoft Outlook also can be connected to the sharepoint also.
  • 21. Excel Sheet editing using sharepoint
  • 22. Connecting sharepoint to Outlook
  • 23. Enterprise content management
    • Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007 gives the option for searching people, enterprises
    • It can search from Sharepoint user groups, as well as Active Directory
    • The document management capabilities in the Microsoft integrated ECM solution can help organizations collect diverse content from multiple file shares and personal drives into a centrally managed repository with consistent categorization
  • 24. Web content management
    • Author can publish documents easily
    • Helps to maintain a consistent look on your web pages by providing master webpage contents and layouts
    • It gives us an infrastructure that can manage the cost of the web pages
  • 25. Record Management
    • It maintains information gathering, protection, and auditing policies to business records to help ensure these records are appropriately retained.
    • It has a storage area where records are stored in a most secure manner.
    • It also assures that legal records can be retrieved cost effectively
  • 26. Web 2.0 collaboration
    • It functionality like blogs and wikis
    • Delivery of information stored in SharePoint via RSS, and the ability to take content and lists offline with Outlook 2007 and Microsoft Access.
    • A MOSS application can abstract multiple WSS sites under the covers.
  • 27. Mysite
    • In Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007 you have a special site that is dedicated to individual users.
    • My Site is a personal site that gives you a central location to manage and store your documents, content, links, and contacts
    • My Site presents lists of memberships, such as distribution lists, and shows you how you can share those lists with other people
  • 28.  
  • 29. Advantages
    • Provides a single platform
    • Accelerates business process
    • Simplifies the organization
    • Effective management of records
    • Boost the employee productivity
    • Effective sharing of data across the network
    • Web environment helps us to interact lively through blogs and RSS feeds
    • Connect people with information and expertise
  • 30. To get this…
    • This particular product can be installed only in a server operating system.
    • The server operating system should contain the windows sharepoint service3.0
    • Also you need a web browser to run this
    • You can download a trial version of this from the Microsoft website
  • 31. THANK YOU