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thinkLA Trends Breakfast 2012 - Jonah Peretti

thinkLA Trends Breakfast 2012 - Jonah Peretti






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    thinkLA Trends Breakfast 2012 - Jonah Peretti thinkLA Trends Breakfast 2012 - Jonah Peretti Presentation Transcript

    • #thinkTrends
    • thinkLA Trends Breakfast #thinkTrends
    • Mormons in Paris
    • News and Entertainment You Love To Share 30 Million Unique Visitors Google Analytics | comScore Global 17M
    • the viral web in realtime The Big Question• How can you spread your ideas and make them “go viral” on the web?• I have been answering this question by creating media, working on political campaigns, starting companies, and collaborating on research• I will share some of what I’ve learned in the past 10 years
    • Key Concept: The Bored At Work Network• Millions of bored office workers blog, Tweet, Facebook, and IM all day• The BWN is bigger than the BBC, CNN, or any traditional media network• A decentralized network that enables media to “go viral” if ordinary people enjoy sharing it
    • The Bored In Line Network• I used to hate mobile• Now I love it• Over a third of BuzzFeed traffic is mobile• You can’t go viral if you content can’t be viewed and shared on the mobile web
    • Early Viral MediaExperiments
    • 2001:Nike ID Launches
    • the viral web in realtime
    • the viral web in realtime
    • the viral web in realtime
    • hanging out with close friends! OMG! Good Morning America with Chelsea
    • The biggest misconception about viralQuality is all that matters • Quality content automatically goes viral on its own • The best content is the most viral • The “best” ideas always win • Quality matters, but isn’t enough
    • the viral web in realtimeWhich Is Higher Quality:Judaism or Mormonism?
    • the viral web in realtimePerformance Metrics
    • The Mormons realize that success is... The Idea + A Way To Spread ItThe viral distribution strategy is as important as the idea itself!
    • The Science Behind BuzzFeed R=ßz• ViralRank measures the “social reproduction rate” of media• It is the key metric to show what is getting shared and linked on the social, realtime web• Organize site to maximize how content spreads
    • Viral Optimization Viral R = 0.8 Content Viral Promotion Content R = 0.3 Viral R = 0.1 Content• We test R values in realtime and promote content with a higher rank• BuzzFeed editors, users, and advertisers can try lots of ideas and the platform maximizes distribution for Viral Lift
    • We Use Machine Learning To Predict Social Hits• We know what’s viral before it’s viral• Regression analysis and machine learning approaches• Data assets provide economies of scale and moats
    • Dashboard Technology Built For Social• Measure Social Lift and Earned Media• Scalable and measuring billions of events per month• Used by 300M UVs of top publishers like: Time, Huffington Post, Daily Mail• And all our brand advertisers
    • What SpreadsDepends on thePlatformGoogle vs. Facebook
    • Google World View:The key is connecting people with information they need
    • Facebook World View: The key is helping you express yourfeelings and connect with your friends!
    • Emotional Reactions
    • Social Takes Over The World• As social media matures, the basset hounds, memes, and personal updates were joined by breaking news, original content, and substantive articles• People are already getting everything they want, all mixed together, in their Facebook and Twitter feeds• BuzzFeed is maturing along with the social web
    • BuzzFeed Needed To Evolve With Social
    • BuzzFeed’s First Scoop
    • Women
    • Sports
    • Animals
    • Sneak Peek:BuzzFeed LA
    • Do on Youtube What We’ve Done on Facebookand Twitter • Lightweight, low cost, social-native content just like BuzzFeed.com • Youtube Grants ($300K Q1), more in 2013 • LA Bureau
    • Do with Entertainment reporting in 2013 what we did in Politics in 2012• Richard Rushfield and Kate Arthur, LA reporting heavyweights• Start with a team of 12• Scoops and entertaining content for the social web, Special Operations team• Digital journalism no longer a sideshow in Hollywood
    • Aggregating workedfor Search
    • Scoopsand Quality Reportingwork for Social
    • How Can The Same Site Publish This...
    • ...And This???
    • Edit was first,but now the big shift toSocial is comingto Advertising
    • 100% of our Revenue is Social Content Marketing• No banners• “Story Units” have 1%-2% CTRs, Over 10x industry average• Programmed by viral rank
    • Social advertising is Word-of-Mouth marketing at Internet scale“What comes to mind when you think about General Electric (GE)?” Control Group Control Group Via Social Media Via Social Media “We see social branded content as a great way to engage.” — Paul Marcum, Director of Global Digital Programming & Marketing, GE
    • We’re Already Doing This With Brands In Every Vertical That Cares About Social
    • Virgin MobileBuzzFeedCase Study
    • 64
    • Source: Vizu/BuzzFeed
    • ...And A Few OtherExamples
    • Social Can Make Ads Great Again
    • Cheatsheet:13 Ways To GoViral
    • …make content YOU would share yourself …don’t focus on tricks …be yourself …try lots of ideas …don’t ignore mobile
    • …have a heart
    • …content is about identity
    • …capture the moment
    • …cute animals deserve respect
    • …humor is inherently social
    • ...nostalgia is inherently social
    • …human rights are inherently social
    • …don’t post things people are embarrassed to share
    • ConcludingThoughts...
    • Takeaways• Learn from the Mormons — have an idea and a way to spread it• Understand your platform — different content spreads on Google vs Facebook• The big shift to social content is coming — get ready for it• People love the Paris Cafes — stay close to what makes us human• Use the “13 Ways To Go Viral” — they really work!
    • thinkLA Trends Breakfast PRESENTING SPONSOR SUPPORTING SPONSOR #thinkTrends