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thinkLA Trends Breakfast 2012 - Ciaran Bossom
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thinkLA Trends Breakfast 2012 - Ciaran Bossom


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  • 1. #thinkTrends
  • 2. thinkLA Trends Breakfast #thinkTrends
  • 3. The architecture of engagement: The pleasure and pain of multi-channel /multi-platform / multi-screen ciaran212 November, 28, 2012#ThinkTrends
  • 4. Agenda⠋ Tectonic Shifts in the Multi-Platform World: Then & Now⠋ Native Content Surfers Bring New Storytelling Challenges⠋ Multi-Screen Behaviors Evolved⠋ The Preoccupation with Participation⠋ Social TV and the Collaborative Media Experience⠋ Crafting Deeper, Smarter Digital Analytics – Hope/Hype/Reality⠋ How SSLA Sources Insights to Fuel Creative, Media & Technology⠋ From Insight to Architecture⠋ A Blueprint for Multi-Platform Storytelling⠋ Case Studies⠋ Key Take Aways
  • 5. What’s Driving The Focus on MultiplatformCable TV ratings over the past year have dropped sharply ⠋ The percent of people worldwide who watch TV at least once a month dropped from 90% to 83% over the past year. ⠋ The percentage of people who watch video on a computer once a month-- 84%--is now higher than the percentage who watch TV. Source: Nielsen Global Survey of Multi- Screen Media Q3 2011SOURCE:
  • 6. What’s Driving The Focus on MultiplatformKey points of this shift in user behavior for the traditional TV business?⠋ Audiences dont know/care which network owns the rights to a show or where it was broadcast. All thats relevant is whether its available on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon or iTunes. This means that one of the key traditional businesses of TV, The Network is at risk⠋ The majority of what we pay our cable company is wasted. We get broadband Internet from our cable company, and we use that constantly. But we also get 500 channels that we almost never watch, along with a couple (HBO, Tennis Channel) that we pay extra for and do watch occasionally.⠋ We rarely watch TV ads, and when we do, were usually doing something else at the same time--like typing. Also, the ads seem startlingly intrusive, because were not used to them.SOURCE:
  • 7. The World as We Knew ItSOURCE: Gary P Hayes Product Development Manager ABCTV Multi Platform & Director
  • 8. Today’s Multiplatform DiasporaSOURCE: Gary P Hayes Product Development Manager ABCTV Multi Platform & Director
  • 9. Surfing Across ScreensIn todays world of seamless connectivity, we have become socomfortable with media technology that weshift from one platform to the next effortlessly.
  • 10. Oops, We Forgot to Deliver the StoryThe problem is that our content is not always shifting with us
  • 11. Where’s The Connected Experience?Consumers want all their media, all their content, all their experiencesto be consistent across the entire digital ecosystem
  • 12. Bueller?.....Bueller? They also want it instantly. delay = disappointment, then brand abandonment
  • 13. Who’s The Problem Child?…And this issue is not just about kids, or their tech savvy millennialparents
  • 14. The Numbers Tell The Story Close to 40% of While watching TV Americans now 36% of P35-54 and use their 44% of P55-64 use tablets or their tablets to dive smartphones while deeper into the TV watching TV at program they are least once watching. a day, and twice as many do it at least once a monthSource: Nielsen, Cross Platform Report Q2 2012
  • 15. Understanding Cross-Platform BehaviorSource: Google/Ipsos The New Multiscreen World, Aug 2012
  • 16. Involve Me! …And consumers want organic ways to participate in the story
  • 17. So Many Platforms! For consumers, the flow of engagement tends to follow the path of least resistance
  • 18. So We Fish Where the Fish Are, Right?No surprise then that social media commands an increasing share of agency and brand attention and budgets. And as for SocialTV?......
  • 19. Social TV isExploding!
  • 20. Biggest, Record-Setting Social TV Moments of 2012During SuperBowl XLVII, Bluefin Labs says it counted 12.2million social media comments, surpassing the previous all-timerecord high of 3 million held by the MTV VMAs. Trendrr said thisyear’s Super Bowl had approximately 5X the social activity overlast year.
  • 21. Where Do I Invest My Resources?Many agencies and brands focus on social media at the expense ofdeveloping skill with other platforms, mainly mobileOdd perhaps, as mobile is a key delivery vehicle for Social TV activitySOURCE: GOOGLE/Ipsos – THE NEW MULTISCREEN WORLD AUG 2012
  • 22. Short-Term Benefits, Long-Term RiskThis means agencies and brands are jumping in to support a slew ofnew social/participatory marketing channels and platforms, at theexpense of others - sacrificing long-term leadership and creation ofinstitutional knowledge and IP
  • 23. Am I Doing This Right?And then there’s the issue of what constitutes social media and social TV success?
  • 24. Business Analytics Not Spoken Here What the F#@k do I measure?
  • 25. “Multi-Platform Success Isn’t Sold in a Can”In the rush to solve for this measurement question, brands investheavily in analytics software and tools, yet often fail to understandhow to use them effectively.
  • 26. In Emergency, Break Glass Pull Lever It’s easier to buy technology than to invest in talent
  • 27. Disconnected Experience …It’s not all an agency/brand issue
  • 28. Social Media Platforms Create Walled GardensConsumers generate amazing amounts of useful data through socialengagement. But that data isn’t shared by social networks
  • 29. There’s yet another challenge for Multi-Channel / Multi-Platform /Multi-Screen marketing
  • 30. From Insight to Application How do we unearth the complex narrative that details what drives people to participate (connect, co-create, comment, share, curate, etc.) …and in which context that participation takes place?
  • 31. Designing for Multi-Channel Participation
  • 32. Great Connected Experiences…but a quicklook at anexecutionalroadmap andit’s clear whythis ISinherentlycomplex
  • 33. Great Connected ExperiencesWhen done right, multi-channeloffers a foundation for the development,production and roll-out of immersive stories and participatoryexperiences for consumer brands across platforms
  • 34. Case Study: Lion’s Gate & Ignition Agency Hunger Games
  • 35. The Right Way to Launch a Franchise⠋ Focus on creating social media groundswell months ahead of release⠋ Invest in rich media and storytelling content far beyond simple games & collateral⠋ Deliver content appropriate to the platform⠋ “Inclusive Exclusivity”: Invite deep participation among core fans, then offer a variety of ways to engage - build interest among casual fans⠋ Appreciate the devotion and intelligence of your audience (don’t skimp on the details)⠋ Listen to your audience for their response and amp up what’s working.
  • 36. Case Study: Happiness in a BottleWhen Coca-Cola Europe (with W&K Amsterdam) decided to extendits original 2006 brand campaign for Happiness Factory, “the focuswas placed on the concept of liquid content, which Coke defines as"the creation of stories that are expressed through every possibleconnection ... each story must add value and significance to people’slives.”- Business Insider, June 2012
  • 37. Case Study: Coke With W&K “Happiness Factory”
  • 38. Case Study: Coke “Happiness Lives On”
  • 39. Why Happiness Continues to Grow⠋ Happiness avoids "creating noise" through dynamic storytelling⠋ Spreads content across a wide assortment of participatory platforms (and creates a few too) and yet still delivers a unified and coordinated brand experience”⠋ Uses storytelling channels appropriately ⠋Formats - serial, multi-faceted (transmedia), spreadable, immersion and discovery, and engagement⠋ Participation is lightweight, organic and meaningful
  • 40. Key Take-Aways⠋ Make stuff people want > Make people want stuff - Ian Fitzpatrick
  • 41. Key Take-Aways⠋Move from creative excellence to content excellence; learning to craft stories that are contagious and organically linked to spur conversation and participation
  • 42. Key Take-Aways⠋ Lead the charge from one-way to dynamic, multi-platform storytelling.
  • 43. Key Take-Aways⠋ Develop incremental aspects of your program or brand idea/story, to be dispersed systematically across platforms of conversation yield: unified & coordinated experiences
  • 44. Key Take-Aways⠋ Experimentation (a volume of small ideas launched quickly, allow some to fail, prepare for others to be successful - Social Listening is a key resource here
  • 45. Key Take-Aways⠋ Develop a response plan to support your multi-platform strategy. You’ll need to listen, act and react to an engaged audience 24/7/365
  • 46. Key Take-Aways⠋ Invest in 2nd screen platforms to experiment & learn. This imvestment sector is due for a market shake-out in 2013
  • 47. Key Take-Aways⠋ Technology can enable brilliant creativity. Make sure your agency knows how to generate ideas where you cannot separate message from technology…In fact, make sure to integrate technologists into your core creative team.
  • 48. Key Take-Aways⠋ Invest in advanced measurement talent. Multi-platform analytics in the era of big data is only going to get more lucrative and thus more valuable to build as an in-house capability
  • 49. Thank YouContributors: nguyen duong kayla green danielle betras hailey marsh@ ciaran212e:
  • 50. thinkLA Trends Breakfast PRESENTING SPONSOR SUPPORTING SPONSOR #thinkTrends