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thinkLA Search 101: adCenter Best Practices
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thinkLA Search 101: adCenter Best Practices


In this introductory course, industry experts and leading publishers will provide valuable tips and guidance on managing search campaigns and maximizing performance.

In this introductory course, industry experts and leading publishers will provide valuable tips and guidance on managing search campaigns and maximizing performance.

Published in Technology , Business
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  • 1. April 24, 2012 p ,adCenter Best Practices –Allan Chuate
  • 2. Agenda g Search Alliance Update adCenter Optimization Tips
  • 3. Unified Search Marketplace| Streamlines Account Team One Account Team Ad Buy One Buy Ads Ads One Platform One Reporting System Helps deliver p better ROI SEARCH USERS SEARCH USERS 3 3
  • 4. Delivering a Strong Market Share1. comScore Core Search, February 2012.2. comScore Core Search (custom), February 2012.
  • 5. Connect with searchers you can’t otherwisereach h1. comScore Core Search (custom), February 2012.
  • 6. Reach searchers who are likely to spend moreSource: comScore Core Search (custom), February 2012
  • 7. What the industry is saying y y g Yahoo! Search & Bing saw a 46.4% Year over year, clients have seen a 60% increase in spend YoY compared to increase in impressions and a 43% increase Google’s l G l ’ less expansive 26 6% i 26.6% in click volume growth YoY Online Marketing Ignition One Global Online Quarterly Benchmarking report – Advertising Report, Q1 2012 February 2012 Yahoo! Search and Bing clicks are 14% better performing than Google with a 9% better ROI. Global Q4 Digital Marketing Performance Report
  • 8. Optimization Tips 8
  • 9. Ad Serving Logic g gadCenter’s relevance and quality mechanisms focus on: Landing CTR Min Bid Page Threshold Relevance
  • 10. Capture y p your missed impressions pEffectively prioritize optimization efforts with data available in theCampaign, Account and Ad Group Performance reports including: Overall impression share Impression share lost to bid, budget, rank and relevance
  • 11. Leverage Share of Voice InsightsImpression share lost to b d t budget Increase daily or monthly campaign budgets – leverage opportunity tab for budget recommendationsImpression share lost to rank/bid k/bid Increase bids – use MAI for bid guidance You guidance. can leverage the opportunity tab for bid recommendationsImpression share lost to keyword Revise ad group structure and/or create better ad copy (utilize param2 or keywordrelevance insertion)Impression share lost to landing Implement direct landing pages relevant to keywords and/or add relevant content topage relevance existing landing pages
  • 12. Insights to Optimize Bids g pMaximize traffic by optimizing bids for first page placement usinginsights from the UI or the Desktop.
  • 13. Avoid Negative Keyword Conflicts g y
  • 14. Negative Keyword Conflict Report g y pCampaign name Ad group Keyword Negative Keyword Conflict Level Fashion TablewareTableware Search buy fashion dining table accessories table Ad group Accessories Fashion TablewareTableware Search fashion dining table accessories table Ad group Accessories Shoes Search Boys Wholesale Shoes boys wholesale shoe wholesale Ad group Shoes Search Boys Wholesale Shoes boy s boys wholesale shoe wholesale Ad group Shoes Search Boys Wholesale Shoes wholesale shoes for boys wholesale Ad group Hats Designer Ladies Hats hats designer ladies hats Ad group Hats Designer Ladies Hats hat designer ladies hat Ad group Hats Designer Ladies Hats designer ladies hats hats Ad groupApparel General Girls Cheap Clothing discounted teen girls clothes teen Ad groupApparel GA l General l Kids Ch Kid Cheap Clothing Cl hi clothes f kid on sell l h for kids ll sell ll Ad group Brands Search Beauty and Fragrance Sale calvin klein home sale home Ad group 15
  • 15. Ad Delivery StatusMore quickly identify issuesat the campaign, ad groupand keyword levels. On theDelivery column, select newoptions: Budget depletion Pending editorial review P di dit i l i Negative keyword conflict Below Belo first page bidReleased
  • 16. Leverage Broad MatchRecent Enhancements to Broad Match Enhanced matching ability Bidded keyword remembranceImproved selection of phrase/broad Makes it easier to restructure your accountmatch ads. without losing your performance history. Identified conceptually similar Landing page relevancekeywords Decreases filtration for phrase and broadReduced less relevant mappings. match. Continue to focus on improving landing page relevance to avoid higher CPCs. CPCs Relevance of query to ad copy Consistency of keyword, query, adQuery should be contained within the copy and landing pagecomponents of the ad copy to improve Ensure consistency of these elements toad quality. improve relevance
  • 17. Broad Match ModifierWith Broad Match modifier, advertisers will have moregranular control on their broad matching including: matching, Finer brand term management Improved click-through rate Significant improvement in ad positionReleased New!
  • 18. Expand Keyword Set with MAI p yMicrosoft Advertising Intelligence is an Excel based keywordresearch and optimization tool that provides keyword expansion,research, pricing and KPI d h i i d data Easily Build New Keyword Lists • Build out lists of suggested keywords • Develop strategies based on actual query data Tailor Bidding Strategy •Using keyword specific metrics such as clicks impressions position click keyword-specific clicks, impressions, position, click- through rate and cost per click Gather Pricing KPIs • Filter by specific businesses Filt b ifi b i • Determine the monetization benchmark of a vertical
  • 19. Expand Keyword Set with MAI p ySeed Terms: mother’s day, flowers for mom, gifts for mothers 20
  • 20. Launching New Keywords 1 Don’t launch new terms in ad groups and campaigns with high volume, low QS (<5) keywords 2 Avoid training bid management tools until adCenter has collected enough impressions to rank and price correctly 3 Set S t explicit bids by match type li it bid b t ht 4 Apply phrase and exact negatives as needed 5 Keyword remembrance 6 Ensure consistency between keyword, search query, ad, and E i t b t k d h d d landing page 21
  • 21. What Determines Quality Score? yLanding Page Relevance Indicates whether the KW to landing page relationship is recognized as relevant Assessed at the Account Level for sitesLanding Page User Experience using excessive links. The most heavily weighted factorKeyword Relevance determining your overall Quality Score.
  • 22. 3 Big Quality Score Tips g y p Explicitly Bid on each Match Type to see accurate Quality Scores • If you are bidding only on Broad, you won’t see the Quality Scores for Exact and Phrase even in the Keyword Report. Broad and Phrase Match do not always have lower Quality Scores • Many times these have high quality scores which can point to incredible optimization opportunities. Use adCenter UI reporting • Don’t simply rely on your third-party reporting as adCenter can display D ’t i l l thi d t ti dC t di l Quality Scores at the keyword, ad group, and campaign levels. 24
  • 23. What would you do? yWhat can be done to improve Quality Score? Monitor and analyze Quality Score reports Improve keyword relevance • by adding negatives • by customizing ad copy Improve landing page relevance • By adding custom keyword URLs • By optimizing the landing page content 25
  • 24. s3 Leveraging Quality Score Reports g g y p
  • 25. Slide 26s3 Does this need to be updated for historical or aggregate QS? sweeneyl, 2/18/2012
  • 26. Historic Quality Score Available in KW level through KW Performance Report Help advertisers track performance in the KW level Help advertisers observe marketplace dynamic 27
  • 27. Aggregated Quality Score Available in ad group and campaign l i level th l through h Performance Reports Compare keyword QS performance more easily and f il d decide if keywords are in the right place for optimal performance Helps advertisers prioritize campaign improvement opportunities 28
  • 28. Search Query Performance Report y pPull a SearchQueryPerformanceReport from the pReports tab tosee whichqueries weremapped to yourkeywords.
  • 29. Analyzing Search Query Reports y g y p Campaign Ad Group These are relevant Search Query KeywordCategory ‐ Tents Tents_Shelter_General Bomb sheltersearch queries,shelter thatCategory ‐ Tents Tents_Shelter_General you might want to add emergency shelter shelter to your campaign asCategory ‐ Tents Tents_Shelter_General homeless shelter shelter keywords on exactCategory ‐ Tents Tents_Shelter_General horse shelter shelter match.Category ‐ T tC t Tents Tents_Shelter_General T t Sh lt G l porta potty shelter t tt h lt shelter h ltCategory ‐ Tents Tents_Shelter_General woman shelter shelterCategory ‐Add these search Tents Tents_Shelter_General womans shelter shelterCategoryqueries as negative ‐ Tents Tents_Shelter_General Tents Shelter General women shelter shelterCategory ‐keywords to avoid Tents Tents_Shelter_General outdoor shelter shelter getting this traffic that isCategory ‐ Tents Tents_Shelter_General camping shelter shelter irrelevant to yourCategory ‐ Tents Tents_Shelter_General Tents Shelter General shelters for backpacking shelter business. b i 30
  • 30. Improving Landing Page Relevance p g g gUsing the most relevant landing page will help drive performance, and improveQuality Scores General Landing Page g g Better Landing Page ette a d g age Keyword: Nike Red Shoes Keyword: Nike Red Shoes
  • 31. Landing Page Relevance - Tips g g p 1 Include the query frequently throughout the page (title, description and body tags) 2 Include the words that are prevalent in Bing’s top 20 organic results 3 Avoid using e te s e Flash a d images a d include su c e t o d us g extensive as and ages and c ude sufficient text 4 Only visible html text is crawled 5 Query and important related terms from Bing organic results should be in the same order, close to one another, unaltered 6 Query is included in the ad copy and destination URL 32
  • 32. GET ADCENTER CERTIFIED SHOW THEM STAND OUT AS A PRO IN THE INDUSTRY Through the Microsoft Advertising Accredited Professional YOU’RE program, learn how to work more efficiently, take advantage of advanced features and maximize campaign performance across Yahoo! Search & Bing. A CUT ABOVE PREPARE AND TAKE THE TEST FOR FREE THE REST Brush up on your skills with a series of brief training videos. Or skip the training and go right to the test if you’re ready to prove your adCenter knowledge 1. Train with 32 free videos. 2. Take one exam, free now for a limited time using this promotion code: PQMJVLJS85 3. Enjoy the benefits! 4. Renew after one year. y SOAK UP THE SPOTLIGHT As an Accredited Professional, you’ll get access to an Accredited Professional logo, listed in the Find a Pro and Membership directories and exposure to regular training Get t t d t d G t started today at t updates for the latest enhancements.www.microsoftadvertisingpros.com/yahoo
  • 33. Thank you!