Cinder: The new kids on the block


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This is an overview Cinder as of the Grizzly release. These slides were presented at the OpenStack Atlanta Meetup. Thanks to Avishay Traegar for letting me steal bullet points from his slides.

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Cinder: The new kids on the block

  1. 1. KIDSONTHEBLOCKNEWTHEpresented by mike perez
  2. 2. MIKEPEREZsenior developer for DreamHostcinder core developer
  3. 3. WHAT• project exists since Folsomrelease, spun off Nova-volume• cinder manages block storage• not object storage• not file level storage• volumes attach toVM Instances• boot from volume• volumes have a lifecycleindependent ofVM instance
  4. 4. VOLUMETYPES•Admin can create tiers of storage. e.g. two LVMbackends, one with SSD’s and the other with HDD’s.•Users can specify a tier they want when creating avolume.
  5. 5. ARCHITECTURALOVERVIEWCinder ClientCinder APICinderVolume Cinder BackupCinder SchedulerSQL DBAMPQAMPQAMPQ
  6. 6. CINDERAPI•Volume create/delete/list/show•Create from image, snapshot•Snapshot create/delete/list/show•Backups create/restore/list/delete/show•Volume attach/detach (called by Nova)•Volume types (more later)•Quotas
  7. 7. CINDERSCHEDULER•Chooses which back-end to place a new volume on•Configurable plugins for schedulers•Filter scheduler has plugins for filters and weights: chance, simple and filter.•Filter scheduler Flow Example:•Starts with list of all back-ends•Filters according to capabilities•Drivers report capabilities and state (e.g., free space)•Default filters•Volume types•Sorts according to weights e.g., available free space•Returns best candidate
  8. 8. CINDERVOLUME•Drivers: Called by Manager, contains back-end-specific codeto communicate with various storage types (e.g., Linux LVM,storage controllers from various vendors, distributed filesystems, etc.)•Admin can run multiple cinder-volume instances, each withits own configuration file describing settings and the storageback-end•As of Grizzly, one cinder-volume instance can managemultiple back-ends•Each back-end driver is generally configured to interact withone storage pool•Multi-threading
  9. 9. CINDERBACKUP•A backup is an archived copy of aVolume stored in aobject store.•A backup is just the data that was written, unlike asnapshot which is the entire block.
  10. 10. HIGHLEVELNova CinderVM InstanceLinuxVolumeManagerKVMISCSIInitiatorLegendPersistent Volume DataPersistent Volume Control/dev/hda/dev/vdaISCSIInitiator
  11. 11. ATTACHTHAT• Nova calls Cinder via its API, passing connection information.e.g., host name, iSCSI initiator name, FC WWPNs• Cinder API passes message to Cinder Volume.• Manager does initial error checking and calls volume driver.• Volume driver does any necessary preparation to allow the connection.e.g., give the nova host permissions to access the volume.• Volume driver returns connection information, which is passed to Nova.e.g., iSCSI iqn and portal, FC WWPN.• Nova creates the connection to the storage using the returned information.• Nova passes the volume device/file to the hypervisor.VOLUME
  12. 12. THEGRID
  13. 13. DRIVERREQUIREMENTS•Volume Create/Delete•Volume Attach/Detach•Snapshot Create/Delete•CreateVolume from Snapshot•GetVolume Stats•Copy Image toVolume•CopyVolume to Image•CloneVolume
  14. 14. CURRENTDRIVERS•Coraid (AoE)•EMCVMAX/VNX (iSCSI)•GlusterFS (GlusterFS)•HP 3PAR (iSCSI/FC)•HP LeftHand (iSCSI)•Huawei T-series/Dorado (iSCSI)•IBM Storwize family/SVC(iSCSI/FC)•IBM XIV (iSCSI), LVM (iSCSI)•NetApp (iSCSI/NFS)•Nexenta (iSCSI)•NFS (NFS)•RBD (Ceph)•Scality SOFS (scality)•Sheepdog (sheepdog)•Solaris (iSCSI)•SolidFire (iSCSI)•Windows Server 2012 (iSCSI)•Zadara (iSCSI)
  15. 15. HAVANABOUNDGeneral Features•Code cleanup and reorganization•Attach volume to multiple hosts•Read-only volumes•Disk encryption•FC SAN Zone / Access Controlmanagement•Transfer volume ownership•Volume Migration•Work towards locality betweeninstances and volumes•State machine•Volume rate limitingNew Drivers:•IBM GPFS•IBM zVM•EMC Isilon (iSCSI)•Local disk partitions•Hitachi HUS (DF850) (iSCSI)•Dell Equalogic•Violin Memory v6000 (iSCSI)
  16. 16. THANKYOU!•Get started with Cinder:••Source Code:••REST API Docs:••Thanks Avishay Traeger from IBM for letting mecopy things out of his slides.Twitter: @thingeeIRC: thingeeemail: