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Harsan's Birthday PPT

Harsan's Birthday PPT



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Harsan Harsan Presentation Transcript

  • குழு வழங்கும்…Thillu Mullu Gang Presents…
  • The terror of G-Spot Name: Harsan SP Roles of Responsibilty: 5 Cards POC & Carts SR Interests: Video Games, Horror Hollywood movies, NOKIA fan, FIFA, ManU Profession: Advocate(like to argue), Operations puli and finally Ashok Leyland lorry driver. Favorite Cuisine: Andhra Style Favorite Dish: Gongura chutney Aim in life: Get a life partner whom he can booze along with…. P.S.: Don’t miss his mustache
  • The Sheldon Cooper of IIMB Favorite phrase: shitra…(Bazzinga…) In Mess after taking food: Medical condition: Mysophobia (fear of Ajith: Dei where are you going? germs) (He has 3 types of hand-washes Harsan: To wash my hands. and washes his hands 24 times a day) Ajith: why now? You didn’t wash Habits: Brushes with drinking water, earlier? gargles his mouth after coming from Harsan: You know, the spoon we mess in drinking water. used to take food is touched by Never allows others to sit in his spot. everyone.. Ajith:????!!!@@@???
  • The Sheldon Cooper of IIMB Sam : Harsan, come to play cricket Harsan: No da, I got hurt in my finger. I will not do any physical activity anymore in IIMB And here it is…..!!!???Scenario: Harsan got INJURED while moving a table. After that he cleaned inantiseptic, got bandaged and research completely about Tetanus (inspite ofbeing himself vaccinated for Tetanus just before coming to IIMB
  • But on the other side …
  • His views about DML…. Aiyasamy(vadivelu) : idhan da naan sonna ponnu Harsan(Sachin): Ennamo soniye College Beautyyo dream girlo … appidi ippidinu... Enakku onnum perusa theriyala… Harsan(Sachin): Enna vita naan naal puravum paathutu irupaen.. aana adhukunu ivala poi... lolP.S.: This dialogue is intended to be in Tamil. Pls check with your Tamilbuddies for translation
  • Merry-go Ride …… in lines with the legendary Kamal Hassan …. Kidnapped an IIMB girl taking her on a jolly ride on a rainy day in the pretext of not knowing the route …Recent update …Harsan : This is old News da.. Things have changed during my internship.. 
  • Enna oru romantic looku….. Harsan: innaiku naan profile pic change pannunaen. Enna aachinu theriyuma?? Harsan: Machi nee kelaen? Machi nee kalaen? Dinku : ????? Harsan: Figura madikaradhu oru kala machi.. First avanga akkava correct pannanum.. Appuram ava thane vazhiki varuva da.. (Translation: Harsan explains his strategy for FIGURE PULLING..!!)
  • Harsan’s wingmen  After travelling to half of Europe Harsan found his wingmen in IIMB.
  • இன்று பிறந்தநாள் காணும்"ஹர்சன்"க்கு “தில்லு முல்லு” குழுவின் நல்வாழ்த்துக்கள!!!Thillu Mullu Gang wishes Harsan a very happy birthday!!!
  • Come to A-Base @ 12:00 AM. Lets Hoosh the hell out of him…